How to Spot Fake Ray Bans: Find Out the Difference Here!

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You walked through a store, and then you found people selling Ray-Bans.

As much as you are tempted to purchase that eyewear, you also have a second thought because you wonder, what if they are not authentic Ray-Ban eyewear?

Now you bought them; you felt something was different with the glasses. What can it be?

Ray-Ban imitation glasses are common everywhere globally, and those fakes are almost coming close to the original build of Ray-Ban.

Are you wondering if you own a fake Ray-Ban and want to learn how it looks?

It will all come together because this guide will be tips on how to spot fake Ray-Bans, and you will know how to differentiate real ones from the copy.

spot fake ray bans

How to Spot Fake Ray Bans

Authentic and fake Ray-Ban eyewear is found everywhere, and you need to know which one is legitimate and not.

Ray-Ban Box

Let’s start with the packaging. Before you get to the actual eyewear, you are going to receive its container first.

The authentic and counterfeit Ray-Ban boxes are very similar to each other to the point that it is tough to tell which one is different from which. 

Both real and fake Ray-Bans do not differ on the color, in which both are color grey. Still, you will feel something is off with the fake ones.

An original Ray-Ban box has a metallic-like finish outside with a sturdy material, while the fake box has a matte finish.

Ray-Ban Case

Counterfeit Ray-Bans are now doing an outstanding job with imitating the original. A Ray-Ban glasses has a leather case, and usually, the colors are between black or brown.

An authentic Ray-Ban case has a Ray-Bans stamp or logo on the left portion of the front part, and the fake ones can either have the stamp or not.

They differ from the logo’s texture: the original case has a matte finish with the logo in which it feels smooth when you run your finger through the leather case passing through the logo part.

A fake Ray-Bans case has a shiny finish, and when you look closely, the stamp does not fully cover its desired coverage.

There are tiny spaces and gaps in the logo where you can see the case’s leather, which means the fake Ray-Ban manufacturers did not apply the stamp well enough on the leather case.

There is also paperwork that comes with the case, and if there’s a Chinese tag with it, that will definitely concern the fact that the eyewear should be made in Italy: it is fake!

spot fake ray bans

There are some special edition Ray-Bans cases where the stamp is engraved or carved on the left part. Usually, the fake Ray-Bans has an ugly carve or difference with the “Ray-Ban” spelling.

If the fake ones made it so well done, let’s proceed to the actual eyewear to know the actual difference.

Lens Type

Most of the original Ray-Bans have glass lenses, but not all of them.

An authentic Ray-Ban glasses sound expensive and fragile when you tap on your finger or your ring, while a fake Ray-Bans sounds plastic, light, and cheap when you do the same.

If it produces a loud sound, that’s probably a fake Ray-Bans. An authentic Ray-Ban’s sound is much compact and glassy and much more noiseless.

You will also feel the weight proportion of the lens to the frame where it is evenly distributed, and the lens does not weigh lesser than the frame.

It will be hard to distinguish fake from real ones, but once you can hold an original Ray-Bans, you will feel the quality of the eyewear you are holding.

Lens Sticker and Emblem

An original Ray-Ban sticker is metallic, while a fake Ray-Ban sticker is matted.

When you wear the glasses, there is also a prominent “Ray-Ban” emblem on the right lens’ upper right, where it is evident to the eyes of the people that you are wearing a Ray-Ban.

This prominent emblem is applied very well that it does not come off the lens. People can just scratch fake ones, and the emblem can tear off easily.

There is also a subtle etching on the left lens found on the mid-left portion, and it does not hinder your vision when worn.

If you spot fake Ray-Bans, you’ll see that their glasses are blurry on the etched part when worn, and it is very noticeable since it is made of low quality and cheap.

An original Ray-Ban is hard to notice unless it is directed on a light.


An authentic Ray-Bans has a clear nose pad, while a fake one has a foggy, jelly-like, and translucent nose pad.

A fake Ray-Ban sunglasses may or may not have an etching behind the nose pad or the pad arms, while an original Ray-Ban has an etching on the pad arms where the RB’s font is the same as the RB on the Ray-Ban emblem on the lens. 

The frame’s hinges make a sound when you open a fake Ray-Bans, and you will feel a low quality while holding one.

The hinges do not feel like they are original, and the sunglasses’ temples are hard to open and close and feel tight when worn.

The whole Ray-Ban frame is entirely made of durable and high-quality materials, and if you sense that one part of the sunglasses are off, then probably that is a fake one.

The emblems and etchings do not come off the sunglasses; only the model number has the chance to come off.

The manufacturing and serial numbers on the left temple should be the same as the packaging. If they are different, then that is a fake Ray-Ban.

Final Words

Keep in mind that if one product is so cheap and too good to be true, something fishy is behind it.

Some of you may think that buying fake sunglasses is okay, but there will always be something that hinders its effectiveness on your eyes at the end of the day.

They may be appealing physically, but they can harm you internally.

Invest in authentic eyewear and avoid spending your money on cheap sunglasses.

Not only are you wasting your money, but you are also compromising your eyes’ chance to wear a reliable pair of eyewear that will not hurt both your eyes and head.

We recommend you count Ray-Ban in your choices and choose according to your preferred style!

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