Shady Rays vs Costa vs Ray Bans vs Oakley & Maui Jim

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Today, I’ll compare Shady Rays with big brands like Costa Del Mar, Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Maui Jim.

So, it’ll be interesting to see how a small company competes with these giants.


Probably, you have seen ads for Shady Rays on Facebook, Instagram, or maybe on other websites, and now you’re thinking, about whether these affordable sunglasses are good or bad.

Well, based on my experience, considering the price, the sunglasses are not that good. I mean, they’re decent, but you can get better sunglasses than them at a similar price range, or maybe better sunglasses by spending less money.

Like, Blenders Eyewear is a close competitor of Shady Rays, but Blenders Eyewear makes one of the best affordable sunglasses. If you need sunglasses for less than $50, then you can go for Knockaround, Tifosi, and Goodr sunglasses. They’re truly the best bang for your buck.

So, if you compare Shady Rays with big brands like Costa, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, and Oakley, then Shady Rays don’t stand a chance.

Yeah, you’ll say, these brands make a lot of expensive sunglasses, so it’s obvious that their sunglasses will be much better than Shady Rays. Yes, that’s true, but I’m not a big fan of Shady Rays, because my experience with them was not good. The same thing happened with my friends.

If you look at the Goodr OG Sunglasses, Knockaround Premium, and Oakley Holbrook, you’ll see that Oakley Holbrook is the most expensive one, but the Goodr OG and Knockaround Premium are good enough that you can compare the style of these three.

The Maui Jim and Costa Del Mar are in their own league. They’re stylish, expensive, and really good. They are like style icons, they look and feel premium. You just can’t compare these two with Shady Rays and with other affordable brands.

If you look at Costa Half Moon or Maui Jim Onshore sunglasses, you may think they look ordinary in the images. But, trust me, they’re nothing like ordinary $50 sunglasses. The quality of the lenses, durability of the frames, clarity of the glasses, and finishing is top-notch. And, if you’re into fishing or sailing, then no doubt, Costa is the best.

If you compare the Shady Rays with Ray-Ban or Oakley, the same thing happened. But, wait a minute, I must admit, Costa and Maui Jim are better than Ray-Ban, but, it’s still much better than Shady Rays.

The Ray-Ban Metal Aviators, Ray-Ban Clubmasters, or Oakley Sutro, will look & feel premium when you hold them, but if you hold their plastic frame sunglasses like Ray-Ban Wayfarer or Ray-Ban Square Sunglasses, you may feel like they’re nothing fancy. That’s why, I’m not a huge fan of Ray-Ban Wayfarer, but I like Ray-Ban Clubmasters.

So, if you’re confused between Shady Rays and other big brands like Costa, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, or Oakley, then go with the big brands.

About Shady Rays

Many of us have this annoying habit of misplacing our shades and then completely forgetting about it or worse, some of us are too clumsy to even wear sunglasses without struggling to drop them! Chris Rattergam, CEO of the Shady Rays brand picked up on this issue of “losing and breaking” high-quality sunglasses. And in 2012 from his home basement, he started what in a decade would collect numerous fans, the Shady Rays. 

The one thing I love about this brand is its determination to forge ahead. From a home base to their position in e-commerce and then finally their retail branches in Kentucky and Denver, it’s been a journey well traveled!

Another great thing about them is their will to bring out real-life changes through a business venture. They are known for their 10 meals per order policy in 2017 that donated a total of 1 million meals! Joining such social causes and partnering with groups like Feeding America, California Fire Foundation, and 100 Black Men of America, gives them a different fan name altogether!

Specifically known for polarized sunglasses, in general, this brand has a lot in its bag to offer its customer!

Shady Rays vs Costa Del Mar

Shady Rays vs Costa

When it comes to comparing Shady Rays and Costa sunglasses, my personal experience and preference lean heavily towards Costa Del Mar. While Shady Rays sunglasses may have the advantage in style and affordability, they simply don’t compete with Costa’s superior quality and performance.

Costa sunglasses gives a premium look and feel that immediately sets them apart. They are designed with utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship, making them perfect for activities like fishing and water sports. In contrast, Shady Rays sunglasses often come across as cheap and lacking the same level of refinement. My personal experience with Shady Rays has not been favorable, leaving me feeling dissatisfied with their overall performance.

One aspect where Costa sunglasses truly shine is their durability. They are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures and are known for their resilience and long-lasting quality. On the other hand, Shady Rays sunglasses may not hold up as well over time, leaving you with a less satisfactory product.

Additionally, the availability of Costa sunglasses is a notable advantage. They can be found in various retail outlets, including popular online platforms like Amazon, ensuring easy accessibility for customers. In contrast, Shady Rays sunglasses may be more limited in terms of where they can be purchased, making it less convenient to obtain a pair.

While it is true that Shady Rays sunglasses are cheaper than Costa, it is important to remember that quality should not be compromised solely based on price. If you want to try affordable fishing sunglasses, then instead of Shady Rays, I’ll suggest KastKing FlatRock Sunglasses, HUK Outdoor Sunglasses, and TOREGE Fishing Sunglasses. These are tried & tested by hundreds & thousands of people, and they’re affordable too.

Shady Rays Vs Maui Jim

Shady Rays Vs Maui Jim

When it comes to price, there’s no denying that Maui Jim sunglasses lean towards the higher end of the spectrum. In fact, they often surpass even renowned brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley in terms of cost. This premium price tag is reflective of the exceptional craftsmanship and materials used in Maui Jim sunglasses.

In terms of style and design, Maui Jim clearly beats Shady Rays. Their sunglasses are often hailed as fashion statements, with elegant frames and a wide range of options to suit different tastes. The attention to detail in their designs is remarkable, offering a sophisticated and polished aesthetic that appeals to those seeking a luxurious and distinctive look.

When it comes to quality and durability, Maui Jim once again sets the bar high. Their sunglasses are built to last, utilizing high-quality materials that withstand the test of time. From the lenses to the frames, every component is meticulously crafted to ensure durability and longevity. The clarity and protection provided by their lenses are exceptional, making for a superior visual experience.

On the other hand, Shady Rays position itself as a brand that provides affordable sunglasses without compromising on quality. While they may not reach the same level of luxury as Maui Jim, Shady Rays offer a more accessible option for those who are budget-conscious. Their sunglasses are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, catering to a broader audience.

Shady Rays certainly has its advantages, and affordability is one of them. Many people appreciate the ability to purchase reliable sunglasses at a lower price point, without sacrificing too much in terms of quality. It allows individuals to own multiple pairs or easily replace them if needed.

So, comparing Shady Rays and Maui Jim is like comparing apples to oranges. Maui Jim is better than Shady Rays in everything, but they cost a lot more than Shady Rays. But, if you’re thinking about buying awesome quality sunglasses at a good affordable price, then you should try Blenders Eyewear.

The quality of Blenders Sunglasses is better than Shady Rays, and they also come in the same price range. If you buy them once, you’ll forget Shady Rays. Take a look at these Blenders Aviator Sunglasses, and see the reaction of customers after purchasing them. Clearly, these Blenders Aviators can’t compete with Maui Jim Mavericks Aviators, but they’re better than Shady Rays.

Shady Rays Vs Oakley 

Shady Rays Vs Oakley 

Oakley has long established itself as a leader in the world of performance eyewear. When it comes to athletic pursuits, Oakley is unrivaled. Their sunglasses are specifically designed to meet the demands of high-intensity sports activities, whether it’s running, cycling, or engaging in any other rigorous physical endeavor. Oakley has earned its reputation as the go-to brand for athletes seeking eyewear that combines exceptional functionality with style.

They constantly push boundaries and introduce cutting-edge features to enhance both performance and comfort. Oakley’s lens technologies, such as the renowned Prizm, are engineered to optimize vision for specific environments, allowing athletes to see and react with enhanced precision. Furthermore, their frames are built using durable yet lightweight materials, ensuring long-lasting wearability without sacrificing comfort.

In sports sunglasses, Shady Rays simply cannot compete with Oakley’s level of expertise and specialization. Oakley has invested years of research and development to create sunglasses that cater to the unique needs of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it’s providing glare reduction, impact resistance, or enhanced clarity, Oakley consistently delivers top-notch performance sunglasses that give wearers a competitive edge.

Shady Rays sunglasses may be stylish, but they’re not as durable as Oakleys. We can say, Shady Rays falls short in terms of performance, versatility, and specialization. While they may have their own unique style, they simply don’t offer the same level of quality and functionality that Oakley provides.

Oakley also makes good everyday sunglasses like Oakley Holbrook, Frogskin, etc. But, if you’re looking for budget-friendly similar sunglasses, then you can go for Knockaround and Goodr Sunglasses. These two brands are even more affordable than Shady Rays but give better value for money, and the quality is also decent.

If you are into sports, then Blenders Eyewear and Pit Vipers are better choices for you. You can try these Blenders Sunglasses and these Pit Viper Sunglasses. I want to add one thing the Pit Viper website may look like it was designed 20 years ago, but their sunglasses are simply awesome.

Shady Rays Vs Ray-Ban

Shady Rays Vs Ray-Ban

I can’t deny that they offer some solid features. They’re good-looking and stylish, giving off a trendy vibe that many people appreciate. In my opinion, Shady Rays sunglasses may be good, but they pale in comparison to the premium feel and quality of Ray-Ban.

Speaking of Ray-Ban, these sunglasses are in a league of their own. They exude a sense of sophistication and elegance that instantly grabs attention. You can find many celebrities wearing them, and it’s no wonder why. The moment you put on a pair of Ray-Bans, you’ll feel like you’re wearing something truly special. On the other hand, I must admit that Shady Rays sunglasses can sometimes give off a cheaper vibe, making it clear that they don’t quite match the high-end aura of Ray-Ban.

Durability is another aspect where Ray-Ban shines. Just like Costa Del Mar, Ray-Ban sunglasses are built to last. Their sturdy construction ensures that they can withstand the test of time and everyday use. While I can’t say the same about my experience with Shady Rays, Ray-Bans have consistently proven itself to be a reliable choice when it comes to long-lasting eyewear.

One thing that sets Ray-Ban apart is its widespread popularity. They are renowned worldwide and have become an iconic symbol in the realm of sunglasses. It’s not uncommon to spot a pair of Ray-Bans being worn by people from all walks of life. The brand’s recognition is a testament to the timeless appeal and universal admiration they have garnered over the years. On the other hand, Shady Rays may not enjoy the same level of ubiquity and recognition as Ray-Ban.

The Ray-Ban Aviators, Clubmaster, and Wayfarers are one of the most popular sunglasses in the world, and there is a reason for that. Shady Rays can’t compete with them. Blenders Eyewear is becoming my new favorite affordable brand. They also have some amazing sunglasses that you can buy if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to these Ray-Ban iconic sunglasses.


In the end, all I can say is that Shady Rays can be a great alternative to these big brands that sell expensive sunglasses. But, my experience with Shady Rays was not that good, so I avoid them.

I do not recommend Shady Rays to my family, friends, and my readers, but it doesn’t mean Shady Rays sunglasses are bad. My experience was not good with them, maybe they improved their services now. I don’t know.

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