Shady Rays vs. Costa Del Mar: An Updated Comparison for 2022

With summer right around the corner, the days are bound to be longer while the nights are shorter.

And long days mean you can squeeze in a bunch of fun activities under the sun!

What better way to spend days like these on a beach?

There’s a lot you can do at a beach, and the entire time, the sun will be right there to remind you of its radiant presence.

But, with the best pair of sunglasses from either Shady Rays or Costa Del Mar, you’ll be set to go!

About Shady Rays

An Idea for the World

As a business graduate, you can tell Chris Ratterman already has a plan cooking up in his mind when he created Shady Rays in 2012 from a side bedroom.

The plan: is to produce pairs of sunglasses that are affordable AND fashionable with stellar quality.

Not only that, but he has another goal that never left his mind before he even started his venture, and that is to give any amount of good to the world BECAUSE of his creations.

Ever since then, the Shady Rays has been experiencing a spike in popularity once people get to experience what it has to offer: both for the consumers and the rest of the world once Shady Rays managed to go beyond American borders and reach international!

About Costa Del Mar

“Water” Your Goals

A typical “fresh face with fresh dreams” story isn’t what you’ll expect from the start of Costal Del Mar.

Founded by the late Ray Ferguson, Costa Del Mar may have been one of the first companies to produce polarized sunglasses from the year 1983 at Dayton Beach, Florida.

But before all of that, Ray already had a hand in business from the prime age of 18. Only thing is, he was handling automobiles until he came to Dayton Beach many decades later.

There, he made a name through Costa Del Mar, as his sunglasses were especially popular among fishers and beachgoers due to how powerful its sun glare protection is.

To give back to the beaches and every aquatic life there is, Costa Del Mar strives to protect the wonders in the waters by joining with many movements that preserve ocean life through every purchase from Costas.

Shady Rays vs. Costa Del MarDetailed Comparison

Shady Rays vs. Costa Del Mar


As it’s pushing for affordability, Shady Rays got this in the bag already.

But let’s delve deeper into it, shall we?

Compared to other popular brands out there, Shady Rays barely even scrapes the surface when its most expensive pair of sunglasses only reach up to $70. Maybe $100 when you decide to include add-ons to the pair you want to get.

However, at the end of the day, Shady Rays only goes up to $100, which is half the price compared to, say, Ray-Ban.

Also, it’s half the price from Costa Del Mar, but with good reason!

With Costa promoting a more “green approach” in producing its eyewear due to the Kick Plastic Initiative, plastic is non-existent in every pair of glasses they have.

Instead, a bio-based resin is extracted from castor plants to serve as the frame’s base. The reason behind this material is to reduce emissions and overall carbon footprint compared to plastic usage.

Now, with how much though this “green approach” has been put through, of course, the price is probably at par with the popular brands out there when a pair from Costa can go beyond $200.

So, even though its vision is quite ideal, maintaining the cause does cost a lot in the end.


Although both of them are popular for their polarized sunglasses, Costa Del Mar wins this round.

While cheaper, Shady Rays does tend to have deficiencies the longer you use it, be it the lens peeling back or the hinges breaking under too much stress.

But, Shady Rays’ customer service is unfailing in attending to whatever complaints you’ll have as soon as they can.

Meanwhile, you can rely on Costa Del Mar for its durability as it’s “born on the water”, therefore it’s familiar with what you’ll expect out there in the water.

There’s a reason why fishers and surfers favor this one, after all.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. Give it too much pressure; the frames will break. It’s just a bit more durable compared to Shady Rays, is all.

Looking Forward

For the final round, this is a win for Shady Rays and Costa Del Mar for different reasons.

Shady Rays made it a point to give back to the people when each purchase results in 10 meals to fight hunger. It even expanded so much that it can do this internationally!

Also, you automatically receive a lifetime craftsmanship warranty in your purchase while welcoming replacements for broken pairs of eyewear AND lost ones as long as you keep your receipt; hence it’s overly understanding customer service.

Meanwhile, Costa Del Mar does allow repairs, but its warranty promises a limit to it (with a processing fee).

But, you could support its cause in every purchase you make when it’s helping the waters to heal and preserve their beauty for its marine life.

Therefore, they both give back, but for different recipients.

Shady Rays and  Costa Del Mar

Which Brand is Better?

Well, here’s where it gets tricky.

Since it’s a tie for both Shady Rays and Costa Del Mar, let’s see how either one would benefit you.

If you’re in a budget but you’re still wishing to spoil yourself a bit with a bit of glam in your wardrobe, Shady Rays is the place to go.

For a short time, you could experience having a pair of designer-level sunglasses in your style without spending a designer-level cost! And you’re guaranteed for life under Shady Rays’ wing!

On the other hand, Costa Del Mar might be for you if you have money to splurge on, but you’re looking to have meaning behind your purchase additional than to look good.

Knowing how the sunglasses you bought from Costa can help an unfortunate turtle will definitely be more meaningful rather than spending your money for brag points to whoever wants to listen to you.

Therefore, it’s totally up to you on which one you think is better for yourself!

Final Thoughts

Both of these brands have noble intent behind their businesses, which makes them all the more deserving in their win!

By this logic, you earn a win, too, if you’re supporting one of them!

All you need to do is choose which one fits your style (and your budget, especially).

Once you do, be sure to strut the entire way as you both helped someone in your purchase while looking sharp and on fleek!

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