Shady Rays vs Costa vs Ray Bans + Few Other Brands

Today, we’ll compare Shady Rays with Costa Del Mar, Oakley, Ray Bans, and Maui Jim.

No doubt, all of these brands manufacture really good sunglasses. But, which one is the best?


In the past few years, I have tested sunglasses from many different brands including Ray-Ban, Costa, Maui Jim, and Oakley. So, I feel, I can compare these brands and can give you a good comparison.

Customer service is an important factor to consider when we compare brands because sooner or later, you’ll need to contact them for any reason. My experience with all the brands was good, so I can’t pick a winner.

In terms of quality, all these big brands, Costa, Oakley, Ray Bans, and Maui Jim are the clear winners. You can feel the durability, clarity, and premium look of their sunglasses, which I found missing in Shady Rays. I’ll not say their sunglasses are bad, I like Shady Rays, but, you can’t compare the quality of Shady Rays with Ray Bans.

Another thing I noticed is that premium brands offer multiple sunglasses designs based on quality & price. For example, if you’re short on budget, you can buy Ray Ban New Wayfarer Square Sunglasses for less than $100. However, if you can raise the budget, then you can purchase the world-famous Ray Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses. In Shady Rays, there is no such thing. The price of all the sunglasses is the same.

Small brands like Shady Rays give really good sunglasses for general purposes. However, when it comes to specific use cases, then I’ll say, these big brands are better.

For example, if you love fishing, then Costa Del Mar is the best choice. You can buy sunglasses like Costa Fantail or Costa Rinconcito Sunglasses, and you’ll be amazed to see how perfect they’re for fishing.
If you like sporty sunglasses, then perhaps, you’ll like Oakley, because they make good sunglasses with a sporty look like Oakley Holbrook or Oakley Flak 2.0.

In terms of price, Shady Rays simply cost less than these brands. However, there is also a difference in the quality.

So, if you need sunglasses for a general purpose, then Shady Rays can be a really good option. They make good sunglasses that look stylish and don’t break the bank.

However, based on my testing and personal use, I found that if you want to buy budget-friendly sunglasses that cost less than $70, then I’ll recommend Blenders Eyewear instead of Shady Rays. I am using Blenders Eyewear for quite some time, and I found that their sunglasses are better in terms of quality, clarity, and durability. I have also used Shady Rays in the past, and now, I switched to Blenders Eyewear for my general-use sunglasses. You can read my other article, Blenders Eyewear vs Shady Rays, in which I compared these two brands.

Fun Fact: Recently, I gifted these awesome Blenders aviator sunglasses to my brother on his birthday, and he really liked them. However, I also ordered 2 sunglasses for myself: Rose Theater and Pacific Grace.

Information About Shady Rays

Many of us have this annoying habit of misplacing our shades and then completely forgetting about it or worse, some of us are too clumsy to even wear sunglasses without struggling to drop them! Chris Rattergam, CEO of the Shady Rays brand picked up on this issue of “losing and breaking” high-quality sunglasses. And in 2012 from his home basement, he started what in a decade would collect numerous fans, the Shady Rays. 

The one thing I love about this brand is its determination to forge ahead. From a home base to their position in e-commerce and then finally their retail branches in Kentucky and Denver, it’s been a journey well traveled!

Another great thing about them is their will to bring out real-life changes through a business venture. They are known for their 10 meals per order policy in 2017 that donated a total of 1 million meals! Joining such social causes and partnering with groups like Feeding America, California Fire Foundation, and 100 Black Men of America, gives them a different fan name altogether!

Specifically known for polarized sunglasses, in general, this brand has a lot in its bag to offer its customer!

What’s So Special In Shady Rays?

Well, what’s not special about them? Although they are known as one of the biggest brands of sunglasses, one cannot ignore their hands in selling plain reading glasses.

Blue Light: So this is one of the unique and common features among the Shady Rays glasses. The Glasses provide protection and block the harmful blue light emitted especially by digital devices. And people, blue light is quite harmful as continuous exposure to it may cause hindrance in eyesight and may also disrupt your sleep cycle!

Apart from their sunglasses and plain glasses, Shady Rays are also known for their enormous snow goggles.

Snow Goggles: These snow goggles are replete with unique features that include quick lens swap ability, versatile visibility in varying weathers, a triple layer foam frame for comfort and durability, and anti-fog and anti glares double lenses.

A special thing about it is the cylindrical curve of the frame that allows full coverage.

Secondly, there is also the spherical frame designed to provide wider peripheral vision.

When talking about sunglasses, they have quite a lot of special features.


The number and types of variety provided by Shady Rays in their sunglasses department are vast. From the vintage style that features wood-designed finishes, to short frames with wide peripheral vision, to sunglasses with stainless steel and polarized lenses, to single lenses with timely colorways, to goggles with flexible arms and well-balanced build, to patented color-enhancing polarized lenses, and many more!

Safety Ratings

Firstly all the Shady Rays sunglasses are made of a durable frame that offers full coverage. This ensures that on rough terrains your eyes are protected from all the harsh outdoor elements.

Secondly, most of these goggles are protected under a strong warranty that offers the customers easy replacement policies!

Polycarbonate Optics

Most of the goggles have Polycarbonate lenses making them protective, durable, and safe. They are often lighter and thinner and thus great for people with strong prescriptions. This also makes them a great choice for everyday wear as they are less prone to slip off your nose.

Non-Polarized Lens

Shady Rays also feature non-polarized lenses. But even these are adequately protected from the glare of sunlight by 100% UV protection!


All the goggles are UV protected and they come with various VLTs varying from 12% to 88% in different colors!


Compared to many other big brands with high quality, Shady Rays is not that pricey. But I am not saying that it is cheap nor is it overly expensive. Rather it delivers the best qualities desirable in sunglasses at reasonable amounts!

Customer Service

Customer Service is another field where we can see how special the Shady Rays actually are. On their website itself, they have options for returns and exchanges, protection programs, and replacement and warranty centers. It is on the last option that one can get access to automated replacement of lost, broken, or damaged shades!

Shady Rays Vs Other Big Brands: What’s the Best?

Shady Rays vs Costa Del Mar

Shady Rays vs Costa Del Mar

Comparing Shady rays and Costa del mar one should keep in mind that while the former is quite a young company that opened its first retail in 2021, Costa has been around for a long time now, 1983 to be more precise. The reason for pointing this out is that while Shady Rays have just started spreading its wings in the innovation market, Costa has much more practice and experience. 

The biggest difference between them is that Shady rays are known for their sunglasses all around. And recently they have been hailed for their snow goggles and glasses with blue light protection. They are UV protected and have a variety of VLT percentages to provide better vision in all weather.

While Costa too designs prescription glasses, still they are mostly known for their impeccable market of polarized fishing sunglasses. They are designed to offer protection not only against UV rays but also from excessive exposure to salt water. Their patented 580 lens technology is responsible for blocking required amounts of harsh yellow light and blue light in some cases. 

In some special cases, they even enhance the red and greens as well!

While Shady Rays allow automated replacement of lost, broken, and damaged shades, Costa entertains a 30 days return policy. And in comparison to most Costa sunglasses, Shady Rays come at cheaper rates!

Shady Rays Vs Maui Jim

Shady Rays Vs Maui Jim

Comparing Shady rays and Maui Jim I must mention that both are relatively young companies, born out of small passions at home ground. Just Luke Shady Rays were born in a basement of Kentucky, and Maui Jim was born on Hawaiian beaches. As a result of which in comparison to other big brands their geographical reach and popularity are a bit less.

The difference between these two is that while Shady Rays are known for sunglasses in general, Maui Jim is hailed for its polarized sunglasses. Now it doesn’t matter much if it is polarized or not. What matters is that both are protected against harmful UV rays.

And not only that, Maui Jim takes protection up a notch with its brilliant glare elimination trope and also a color enhancement function that instead of completely dimming your vision allows you to see in colors naturally perceived by your eyes!

While Shady Rays eliminate blue light, Maui Jim takes care of your eye health by reducing all the other stresses with its unique design of a bi-gradient mirror and hyper-precise polarization!

Except for some models called Maui Jim that can be a bit costlier than Shady Rays, all are almost the same price, more or less.

Shady Rays Vs Oakley 

Shady Rays Vs Oakley 

Comparing Shady rays to Oakley the biggest difference is that while Shady Rays provide you with goggles both polarized and non-polarised, Oakley is known for their high-definition polarized sunglasses that offer glare protection and unflinching clarity of vision!

While Shady Rays design sunglasses meant to be worn on snow trails practicing snow sports also, the sunglasses by Oakley are best used in outdoor sports like cycling, fishing, and golfing.

Albeit Shady Rays provides ample choices when it comes to choosing your perfect sunglass, Oakley one-ups their customer friendliness by providing you with lenses specially designed for the sport to intend to use in! Though this has its drawbacks also since it means one single sunglass cannot be used for multiple purposes, it becomes limited!

Both brands design sunglasses that are protected against harmful UV rays. The cost of sunglasses by both brands is more or less the same.

Shady Rays Vs Ray-Ban

Shady Rays Vs Ray-Ban

Well, Ray Ban is one of the oldest brands to have ever sold sunglasses from back in the 1930s. Comparing Shady Rays to Ray Ban, it can be safely concluded that the latter is much more popular and spread worldwide. It can also be said that in comparison to Shady Rays, goggles sold by Ray Ban are more expensive also.

Like Shady Rays, the Ray-Ban brand is also known for providing numerous varieties. If you open their website, you will find a variety of different designs all with 100% UVA and UVB protection. 

The difference between the two can be seen in the frames of the goggles. While Ray-Ban had usually two types of frames namely runner frames and plastic frames, Shady Rays have foam-backed flexible frames that are designed to not fall off your nose.

While Ray Ban’s G-15 special green tint filters out harmful blue light, Shady Rays’ design spectacle outright blocks blue light and sunglasses with varying VLT percentages!

Popular mostly for their polarized lenses, Ray Ban also features another edition of the chrominance lenses. Specifically designed to combat consistent bright light exposure, along with polarized filters it has color-enhancing properties that give clarity of vision.

Apart from these, they have employed other innovative techniques that in turn have made them one of the best and costliest brands Selling sunglasses!

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Sunglasses

a) Quality of materials and construction: The quality of materials and construction can greatly impact the durability and longevity of your sunglasses. Look for sunglasses made from high-quality materials, such as acetate or titanium, and with sturdy hinges and frames that can withstand daily wear and tear.

b) UV protection and polarized lenses: One of the main purposes of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Look for sunglasses with lenses that offer 100% UV protection to ensure that your eyes are fully protected. Polarized lenses are also a great feature to look for, as they reduce glare and provide clearer vision in bright sunlight.

c) Warranty and return policy: The warranty and return policy can be an important factor to consider when investing in a pair of sunglasses. Look for brands that offer a generous warranty period and a hassle-free return policy, in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

d) Customer service and support: Good customer service and support can be crucial in ensuring that you have a positive experience with your sunglasses. Look for brands that have a responsive customer service team and provide helpful support throughout the purchasing process.


So you see, big names do not automatically translate into perfection. Perfection requires hard work and innovation. I am not saying Shady Rays is perfect, but in many areas where other big brands seem to lack, Shady Rays make up for it and it is also true the other way around.

That said, we hope this article was able to provide you with helpful details about Shady Rays and how they are different from other big brands!

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