Serengeti Sunglasses Review: Don’t Buy Before Reading

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Ahhh….You find it already way too painstaking to find the right type of Serengeti Sunglasses review. All of them feel too fake or they feel as if they are sponsored. 

Jeez, yea I totally get you my besties. But not to worry! Because I have got just the perfect type of review for you! If you have read most of my sunglasses reviews, you very well know that I try to give my most raw and honest review of a product. 

So well, there you have it, the most awaited Serengeti sunglasses review! Let’s get right into it.

In my opinion, if you can afford to spend $150 to $250 on sunglasses and you’re thinking about Serengeti, then your decision is not wrong. Serengeti sunglasses are really good, and you’ll never complain about the quality. I mean it, I’m saying from the heart “They’re really good“. Serengeti is good, but other brands like Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, and Costa Del Mar should also be on your list.

If I compare Serengeti Aviators with similar sunglasses from these brands, you’ll see that Maui Jim Mavericks Aviators are even more expensive than Serengeti aviators. While Costa Del Mar’s Peli Aviators are equally priced to Serengeti’s, and the most famous Ray-Ban Classic Aviators are actually the cheapest aviators from these brands, and still, they’re $150+.

A Brief History of Serengeti Sunglasses 

Serengeti Sunglasses

Serengeti was formed out of Corning Incorporated whose specialization was with glass and ceramics. Formed in 1902, Corning Incorporated could never be very efficient in developing its sunglasses division. But it invented the famous photochromatic lenses in 1964 which is now a widely used lens product. Meant for providing optimal vision in various environments, the photochromatic lenses adjusted their tint based on the prevailing light conditions. 

In 1982 the company created a new division called the Corning Speciality Materials Division(CSM) which created the Serengeti Eyewear and made it what it is now. It immediately became very popular among users because of the photochromatic lenses. 

Additionally, the lenses of the CSM featured Special Control that selectively filtered certain colors of light to enhance clarity and contrast. This special control feature is now called color-enhancing.

Today, Serengeti Sunglasses are preferred every day by outdoor professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and drivers who require precise and comfortable vision in bright conditions. 

Serengeti Offers All Types of Sunglasses 

Serengeti is known for the rich collection of styles it has in its pocket. It has many styles that are available in any other sunglasses brand, at the same time it has styles that are exclusive to Serengeti. 

Some of the classical styles served by Serengeti in its own flavors are; Aviator, Wraparound, Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Butterfly, Rectangular, Round, Oversized, etc….

Some of the names from the exclusive collection of Serengeti are as follows; Carrara, Nuvola, San Remo, Volterra, Brera, Livorno, Merano, Dante, Matera, Bronza, etc…. 

Serengeti’s collection is vast and you’ll find almost everything here. Some of my absolute favorite styles from the Serengeti collection will be the Tellaro Sunglasses and Carrara Sunglasses. These three may look the same as Aviator to you, but they have a different shape than typical Aviator sunglasses. All these three sunglasses have differently shaped lenses and different style frames. Serengeti keeps in mind to modify the classics in a way that many offsprings can be produced out of them. 

Why Are Serengeti Sunglasses Worth The Price?

Serengeti is different from other sunglasses companies. Even though it has an amazing reputation as a great manufacturer of sunglasses, it’s an exquisite brand. Needless to say, the sunglasses with Serengeti’s name on it are always having a three-digit price. 

The frames are made of metals like titanium, aluminum, or stainless steel for ensuring durability. Sometimes we’ll find some frames made of Acetate which makes it lightweight. The lenses are known for using high-quality glass lenses that provide optical clarity and are scratch-resistant, which are a perfect choice for outdoor professionals. These lenses also have color accuracy features. The polycarbonate lenses of Serengeti are impact-resistant and light in weight and appropriate for athletes. 

Also, the products manufactured by Serengeti aren’t produced in large numbers. They are exclusive and limited, which is why they are bound to be so expensive. 

They are worth the price you’re paying because you’re purchasing luxurious, superior-quality sunglasses with so many appealing features. If you have a high budget then Serengeti sunglasses will justify the price. 

Serengeti sunglasses are expensive, but I feel they’re worth it. If you look at the Serengeti Summit and Serengeti Aviators, one costs less than $100 while the other costs more than $200, but both are good, and you’ll not regret the price you’ll pay. Of course, Knockaround Aviators or Blenders Aviator sunglasses are becoming more and more popular, and they’re a lot cheaper than Serengeti, probably, they’ll give you better value for money. But if quality is your concern then they can’t compete with Serengeti.

Best Serengeti Sunglasses in 2023

Serengeti Aviator Sunglasses

We’ve all heard of Aviator. It’s a classic in the world of sunglasses. Almost every other sunglasses brand in the world has made its own rendition of the Aviator sunglasses. Serengeti didn’t change the style of the classic Aviator but made it better. 

It added its own advanced lenses technology along with photochromatic lenses to provide exceptional performance and protection. It is one of the favorites for those who seek high-quality eyewear.

These are also the ideal driving glasses, as the photochromatic lenses make driving super easy. The Serengeti Aviator is very popular among people going for a long drive and professional drivers. So if you’re planning a road trip with your friends soon, you know what will be the best. 

Serengeti Summit Sunglasses

It is a Wraparound model, designed to provide extensive protection to the sides of the face. This style is suitable for outdoor activities where the eyes are exposed to the sun and the wind for a very long time. The Summit provides a lightweight and comfortable fit. 

Made of a nylon frame and polycarbonate lenses, it provides all the features that are desirable in sunglasses when you are out. It is flexible, light, strong, and most importantly, comfortable. 

The users are very impressed by its ability to completely block the sunlight. It is the pick for every kind of weather!

Serengeti Dante Sunglasses

These have to be my favorite from the entire Serengeti collection. It comes with a modern design with rectangular lenses. The lenses are photochromatic, have special control filters incorporated, and they are also polarized. 

The thing that I love the most about Dante is its versatility. It looks good on literally anyone! No matter what face shape you have or the color of your skin, it’s going to look good on you. 

It’s very comfortable for people who have owned a pair of Serengeti Dante. Apart from being comfortable, the frame has a very stylish and unique design. If we compare it to any other fashionable sunglasses which only fulfill the fashion-quotient, Dante will always be the winner because of the many features it provides apart from being pretty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Serengeti sunglasses?

The Bolle Brands is an eyewear line. It owns Serengeti Eyewear, and all the products under Serengeti are made by Bolle Brands. 

What makes Serengeti sunglasses so special?

It’s lenses.

The photochromatic lenses invented by them provide light control in both low and high-light environments. It gives you ultimate protection and clarity. 

Is Serengeti a good brand?

Yes, Serengeti is definitely one of the best brands for sunglasses.

Are Serengeti sunglasses made in China?

No. Authentic Serengeti eyewear is manufactured by eyewear specialists in Italy and Japan.

My Review of Serengeti Sunglasses

These luxury sunglasses are worth the hype they get from the celebs who endorse them. It has a huge collection where they own many of its styles. All the sunglasses styles are very creative and attractive. 

But the price factor is one of its problems. Its expensiveness keeps it from being famous among the general public because most people cannot afford the Serengeti sunglasses. However, the section that has the money to buy Serengeti has given great and many commendable reviews about the product. 

Also, the Serengeti collection has a lot of variety in its models but not in its sizes or colors. Most of the models offer only 2-3 color choices, while the size is usually a free size which can often be unsuitable for people with small faces, people with lifted cheeks, and Asian faces. Serengeti sure is developing this sphere of the problem as well because this is a major drawback of a sunglasses company. 

But, I think that even if Serengeti introduces new colors and sizes in its products, its prices are still going to remain the same. Rather, the price quotient is going to increase more with time, making it more unreachable to the general public. 

So for me, Serengeti’s models, various styles, and vast features are A-rated and laudable. But I would’ve liked them more if they were affordable.


I hope this review article about Serengeti has cleared all doubts you had regarding them. Yes, they can be a bit more expensive than the other famous eyewear brands but Serengeti has constantly worked hard to provide top-notch service to their customers which won’t fail you.

So, since you are done reading the review, shall we go shopping?

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