What Are Russian Volume Lashes

You might have seen or used many lash extensions in your life, and one of them is Russian Volume Lashes. Because a Russian lash artist created them, they are often referred to as Russian lashes or Russian volume lash extensions. 

They are a relatively new form of treatment that has swept the globe. Do you know that giving your lashes more volume can make them appear almost twice as long? If you’re wondering how this article will teach you everything you need about Russian volume lashes.

What are Russian Volume Lashes? 

The same fibers used to make traditional lashes create ultra-fine synthetic lashes known as Russian Volume Lashes. Russian lashes are frequently placed in a fan’s shape, enhancing the appearance of volume. 

Because they are lightweight, Russian Volume Lashes last twice as long as Classic Lash Extensions. But because they are so much thinner, your lash artist can put more than one on each natural lash. This ground-breaking creation gives the appearance of volume, thickness, and a stunningly dark lash line.

Russian Volume lash retention can last far longer than Classic lash retention duration because of its lightweight design and because their fan typically wraps around the natural lash.

What is the Difference Between Classic Lashes & Russian Volume Lashes?

It would help to consider a few factors when deciding between Russian and conventional lashes. The first is the appearance you want to achieve. The best lashes to use are our classic lashes if you want a more natural lash appearance. 

Russian lashes can give your a look that adds dramatic edge if you’re searching for that. Another factor to consider is how much time you devote to your lash routine. While traditional lashes only take approximately an hour to apply, Russian lashes can take up to two hours. Therefore, classic lashes can be a better choice if you’re short on time.

Russian lashes are more expensive than traditional ones, so if money is tight, you might want to consider classic ones instead. Which one should you pick, then? Your particular preferences and desired look will determine everything. 

Advantages of Russian Volume Lashes 

Traditional extensions could not fill the spaces between sparse natural lashes like Russian volume eyelash extensions can. The volume lashes give the lashes a fluffy, softer appearance. Because they are smaller in weight and last longer, there have been reports that they inflict less harm on the natural eyelash.

Many people mistakenly believe that higher volume equates to more adhesive, but this is also untrue for new lashes. The glue used for the new lashes is a tiny fraction of what was needed for earlier extensions. The new lashes also appear darker than vintage sets, giving your lashes a fuller appearance.

Of course, how they make you feel and look is another huge advantage. When you wake up, you can look decent without using makeup. With dark lashes, you no longer need mascara. You are aware that even if you are only running a few errands and don’t feel like applying complete makeup, you will still appear stunning due to your eyes. 

Your dark, long lashes will make you look like a celebrity when you do decide to wear full makeup. They have superior retention compared to classic lashes. You shouldn’t need to get the lashes replenished for 4 to 6 weeks after the initial application. 

Many individuals are concerned about submerging them. It is advisable to avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours because the glue needs that time to dry completely. After that, you can soak them in water without worrying about damaging them.

Disadvantages of Russian Volume Lashes 

One is that they need more upkeep than ordinary eyelash extensions since they must be cleansed and brushed frequently to prevent tangling. Additionally, they could cost more than standard lash extensions. And finally, if they are not used or maintained correctly, they risk harming your natural lash.

They are gorgeous but have an artificial-lash look, which not everyone will find appealing. Due to the more significant number of extensions, the process requires more time. The volume set’s strength is that more lashes are applied, which is also one of its faults because it takes longer than the traditional set. 

It takes a lot of work. Therefore the more lashes the technician needs to apply, the longer it will take.

They do not permit touch-ups; you must remove them and get another set of nails painted. They are the priciest lash extensions (more expensive than classic and hybrid sets). 

They take at least two hours to finish.


What are Russian Volume Lashes Made of? 

The ultra-fine synthetic fibers used to create Russian volume lashes come in various colors. Synthetic Mink is the type most frequently and widely used by experts. These give the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. They can be a great purchase if you buy lashes made from synthetic fibers.

How long do Russian Volume Eyelashes take to apply? 

Applying Russian lashes can take anything from 1.5 hours for a complete set to 4 hours if you’re going for a more luxurious appearance with many lashes per fan. Applying Russian Volume Lashes correctly is a complex operation that cannot be rushed. It takes a lot of experience and skill.

How long do these Lashes last? 

Like any lash extensions, Russian Volume Lashes ought to last as long as your natural lash cycle with good care. Usually, this takes 4-6 weeks. We advise getting an infill every two to three weeks to prevent your lashes from seeming patchwork as they grow. This will maintain the fullness and consistency of your lashes.

How to Successfully Remove Russian Volume Lashes? 

It would help if you left it to a professional because doing it yourself could harm your natural lashes. The specialist will use unique products designed to properly remove old eyelash extensions without damaging your natural lashes.

For a removal service, some technicians may charge between $20 and $30. Some lash technicians also sell the tools needed for secure lash extension removal. 

Can I wear mascara with my Russian Volume Lashes? 

No, using mascara on Russian lashes is not advised. First, you don’t need to do that because your lashes will look fine without mascara. Second, it may cause the lashes to stiffen and break. 

The lash glue will also be affected. It is better to avoid using mascara than to suffer after putting it on your lashes.

Final Words 

If applied correctly and by the aftercare instructions, Russian eyelash extensions won’t harm your natural lashes. Thanks to Russian volume lashes, everyone may always have Hollywood lashes whenever they desire. Simply choosing a lash technician carefully is crucial. 

If you want to reduce your chance of contracting an infection, don’t let someone who isn’t certified do your eyelashes. Russian volume lashes can be great eyelash extensions if you’re looking for something durable, lightweight, softer, and thicker lashes.