Russian Volume Lashes: Achieving the Perfect Look

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You might have seen or used many lash extensions in your life, and one of them is Russian Volume Lashes. Because a Russian lash artist created them, they are often referred to as Russian lashes or Russian volume lash extensions. 

They are a relatively new form of treatment that has swept the globe. Do you know that giving your lashes more volume can make them appear almost twice as long?

If you’re wondering how this article will teach you everything you need about Russian volume lashes.

What are Russian Volume Lashes? 

The same fibers used to make traditional lashes create ultra-fine synthetic lashes known as Russian Volume Lashes. Russian lashes are frequently placed in a fan’s shape, enhancing the appearance of volume. 

Because they are lightweight, Russian Volume Lashes last twice as long as Classic Lash Extensions. But because they are so much thinner, your lash artist can put more than one on each natural lash. This ground-breaking creation gives the appearance of volume, thickness, and a stunningly dark lash line.

Russian Volume lash retention can last far longer than Classic lash retention duration because of its lightweight design and because their fan typically wraps around the natural lash.

 Russian Volume Lashes

What is the Difference Between Classic Lashes & Russian Volume Lashes?

It would help to consider a few factors when deciding between Russian and conventional lashes. The first is the appearance you want to achieve. The best lashes to use are our classic lashes if you want a more natural lash appearance. 

Russian lashes can give you a look that adds a dramatic edge if you’re searching for that. Another factor to consider is how much time you devote to your lash routine. While traditional lashes only take approximately an hour to apply, Russian lashes can take up to two hours. Therefore, classic lashes can be a better choice if you’re short on time.

Russian lashes are more expensive than traditional ones, so if money is tight, you might want to consider classic ones instead. Which one should you pick, then? Your particular preferences and desired look will determine everything. 

Preparing for the Russian Volume Lashes Procedure

Before your Russian Volume Lash appointment, it’s important to take some steps to prepare your natural lashes. These steps will ensure that your lashes are clean, healthy, and ready to receive the extensions:

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol: Both caffeine and alcohol can cause your eyes to be more sensitive and twitchy, which can make it harder for the lash technician to attach the extensions to your natural lashes.
  • Cleanse your lashes thoroughly: On the day of your appointment, make sure to clean your lashes thoroughly with a gentle, oil-free cleanser. This will remove any dirt, oil, or makeup that could interfere with the bonding of the extensions.
  • Come in with a makeup-free face: Avoid wearing any eye makeup or skincare products on the day of your appointment, as they can interfere with the bonding of the extensions.

The Russian Volume Lashes Procedure

Getting Russian Volume Lashes usually takes between 1-2 hours, depending on the desired look and the number of lashes being applied. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what to expect during the procedure:

  • Consultation: Your lash technician will consult with you to determine the desired length, thickness, and curl of your lashes. They will also assess the condition of your natural lashes and recommend the appropriate extensions for your eye shape.
  • Prep: Your lash technician will gently clean your lashes to remove any residue or oils. They may also use a primer to help the extensions adhere to your lashes.
  • Application: Using tweezers, your lash technician will carefully attach individual extensions to your natural lashes, using a special adhesive that is safe for the eyes. They will typically attach 2-6 extensions per natural lash, depending on the desired volume.
  • Set: Once the extensions are attached, your lash technician will let them dry and set them for several minutes.
  • Final touches: Finally, your lash technician will comb through your lashes to ensure that they are separated and fanned out evenly. They may also trim the extensions to the desired length.

Aftercare Russian Volume Lashes

After your Russian Volume Lash appointment, it’s important to take good care of your new lashes to ensure that they last as long as possible. Here are some tips for aftercare:

  • Avoid water and steam for the first 24 hours: This will allow the adhesive to fully dry and set. After 24 hours, you can resume your normal activities but try to avoid getting your lashes excessively wet or steamy.
  • Use oil-free makeup remover: If you need to remove eye makeup, use a gentle, oil-free makeup remover and a cotton swab to gently remove the makeup from your lashes.
  • Brush your lashes regularly: Use a clean, soft-bristled brush to gently comb through your lashes each day. This will help keep them separated and prevent tangling.
  • Avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes: Be gentle when cleansing your face or drying your lashes with a towel. Avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes, as this can cause them to fall out prematurely.

Maintenance Russian Volume Lashes

To maintain your Russian Volume Lashes, you will need to schedule touch-up appointments every 2-4 weeks, depending on how quickly your natural lashes grow and shed. During these appointments, your lash technician will remove any loose extensions and attach new ones to fill in any gaps. Here are some tips for prolonging the lifespan of your extensions:

  • Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24-48 hours after your appointment, as the adhesive needs time to fully bond with your natural lashes.
  • Use a gentle, oil-free cleanser to clean your lashes daily. Avoid using products that contain oil, as they can break down the adhesive and cause the extensions to fall out prematurely.
  • Brush your lashes regularly with a clean spoolie brush to keep them looking neat and separated.
  • Avoid rubbing or pulling at your lashes, as this can cause damage or breakage.
  • If you wear eye makeup, use a gentle, oil-free remover and avoid using cotton pads or swabs, as these can catch on the extensions and pull them out.
  • Avoid exposing your lashes to heat, steam, or extreme cold, as this can weaken the adhesive and cause the extensions to fall out.
  • Schedule regular touch-up appointments every 2-4 weeks to maintain the fullness and length of your lashes.
Volume Eyelashes take to apply
Natural-looking: Russian Volume Lashes are designed to mimic the look of natural lashes, giving a more subtle and realistic appearance.Cost: Russian Volume Lashes can be more expensive than other lash extension options, as they require more time and skill to apply.
Customizable: With Russian Volume Lashes, you can choose the length, thickness, and curl of the extensions to achieve your desired look.Maintenance: Russian Volume Lashes require regular touch-up appointments every 2-4 weeks to maintain their fullness and length.
Volume and length: Russian Volume Lashes can add significant volume and length to your natural lashes, making your eyes appear larger and more dramatic.Allergic reactions: Some people may have an allergic reaction to the adhesive used to attach the extensions, causing redness, itching, or swelling.
Waterproof: Russian Volume Lashes are waterproof, so you can swim, shower, and exercise without worrying about them falling out.Damage to natural lashes: If the extensions are not applied properly or if they are pulled off too forcefully, they can cause damage or breakage to your natural lashes.
Time-saving: With Russian Volume Lashes, you can wake up with perfect lashes every day, eliminating the need for mascara or lash curlers.Maintenance requirements: Proper aftercare and maintenance are required to ensure that your Russian Volume Lashes last as long as possible.

Final Words 

If applied correctly and by the aftercare instructions, Russian eyelash extensions won’t harm your natural lashes. Thanks to Russian volume lashes, everyone may always have Hollywood lashes whenever they desire. Simply choosing a lash technician carefully is crucial. 

If you want to reduce your chance of contracting an infection, don’t let someone who isn’t certified do your eyelashes. Russian volume lashes can be great eyelash extensions if you’re looking for something durable, lightweight, softer, and thicker lashes.


What are Russian Volume Lashes Made of? 

The ultra-fine synthetic fibers used to create Russian volume lashes come in various colors. Synthetic Mink is the type most frequently and widely used by experts. These give the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. They can be a great purchase if you buy lashes made from synthetic fibers.

How long do Russian Volume Eyelashes take to apply? 

Applying Russian lashes can take anything from 1.5 hours for a complete set to 4 hours if you’re going for a more luxurious appearance with many lashes per fan. Applying Russian Volume Lashes correctly is a complex operation that cannot be rushed. It takes a lot of experience and skill.

How long do these Lashes last? 

Like any lash extensions, Russian Volume Lashes ought to last as long as your natural lash cycle with good care. Usually, this takes 4-6 weeks. We advise getting an infill every two to three weeks to prevent your lashes from seeming patchwork as they grow. This will maintain the fullness and consistency of your lashes.

How to Successfully Remove Russian Volume Lashes? 

It would help if you left it to a professional because doing it yourself could harm your natural lashes. The specialist will use unique products designed to properly remove old eyelash extensions without damaging your natural lashes.

For a removal service, some technicians may charge between $20 and $30. Some lash technicians also sell the tools needed for secure lash extension removal. 

Can I wear mascara with my Russian Volume Lashes? 

No, using mascara on Russian lashes is not advised. First, you don’t need to do that because your lashes will look fine without mascara. Second, it may cause the lashes to stiffen and break. 

The lash glue will also be affected. It is better to avoid using mascara than to suffer after putting it on your lashes.

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