Revo vs Maui Jim Sunglasses

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So you are here becsause you are confused about which brands sunglasses to buy. Either Revo or Maui Jim, whcih are both renowned brands which produce premium sunglasses which have good durability and good style.

Let me tell you about my personal experience with both the brands. I own Maui Jim Red Sands Lifestyle Sunglasses and Revo’s Prowler Sunglasses which are both very good sunglasses. I really like both of them and I can’t put one above the other because both of them satisfies my need.

So, to decide what brand you should go for should be dependent on the use of the sunglass, the features you need in them and the perks you want to get.


If you are looking for something specific to sports aesthetics then you should go for Revo Sunglasses because they provide high contrast and colour definition with wider frame variety and some models also offer photochromatic and polarized lens options. But Revo has undergone ownership changes in recent years, and some users report inconsistent quality in newer models compared to older Revo sunglasses, so that should be kept in mind.

However if you are looking for something that would provide you with a wide varieties of style with UV rays protection and with multiple lens tints then you should definitely go for Maui Jim Sunglasses.

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Let’s go in detail about both the brands individually.

About Revo

Founded in 1985, Revo is a renowned sunglasses brand recognized for its commitment to advanced lens technology and outdoor lifestyle designs, catering to the interests of the active sections of society. Revo soon introduced the world to Light Management System (LMS) lens technology, which enhances visual experiences by improving color, clarity, and contrast. This technology proved to be the revolution in the lens industry and established Revo in the high-end part of the industry.

Their signature lenses, built upon High-Definition Natural Light (HDNL) technology, became synonymous with exceptional contrast and color definition. Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts quickly embraced Revo, recognizing the advantage of experiencing the world in vivid detail, allowing them to perform at their peak.

Revo sunglasses continue to evolve, offering a diverse range of styles and functionalities. From classic aviators to modern wraps, their frames cater to various preferences while maintaining a focus on durability and performance. Whether you’re an avid athlete pushing your limits or simply seeking exceptional visual clarity for everyday adventures, Revo sunglasses invite you to experience the world in a whole new light.

About Maui Jim

The name most of us are aware of. But even if someone does not know about Maui Jim, they would still associate it with expensiveness. Honestly, the name itself sounds quite exquisite. Rightfully justifying the nature of the brand. 

Maui Jim is an eyewear brand known for its high-quality sunglasses. The company’s founding goes back 40+ years, in 1980 by a man named Jim Richards. The brand’s origins can be traced to Lahaina, a town on the Hawaiian island of Maui, which is where the name “Maui Jim” comes from. Currently, Maui Jim is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, USA.

Maui Jim initially started its business by focusing on creating sunglasses specifically designed to address the unique needs of people living in or visiting the sunny and coastal environments of Hawaii accounting for the A-plus UV & polarization technology offered by the brand. Over the years, Maui Jim expanded its product line to include a variety of styles that cater to different occasions. 

Maui Jim sunglasses are crafted using high-quality materials, advanced lens technology, attention to detail, design, and craftsmanship, attributing to its reputation in the luxury eyewear industry. Maui Jim is also a premium brand because of its luxury pricing.

Revo vs Maui Jim

Revo vs Maui Jim

Lens Technology

  • Maui Jim:
    • MauiBrilliant™: This signature technology utilizes rare earth elements to significantly enhance color, clarity, and depth perception.
    • PolarizedPlus2®: This technology effectively blocks glare and harmful UV rays, improving visual comfort and reducing eye strain.
    • Multiple Lens Tints: Maui Jim offers a diverse range of lens tints specifically optimized for various activities and lighting conditions, such as fishing, golfing, or everyday wear.
  • Serengeti:
    • Photochromic Lenses: These lenses automatically adjust tint based on light intensity, making them ideal for individuals navigating changing environments.
    • Spectral Control® Technology: This innovative technology filters specific blue light wavelengths, enhancing color contrast, definition, and reducing eye fatigue.
    • Drivers Technology™: This technology is specifically tailored for driving, filtering blue light and enhancing important road details like lane markings and traffic signals.

Frame Style

  • Maui Jim:
    • Wider Style Variety: They offer a broader spectrum of styles, encompassing classic aviators, trendy rimless designs, wraparound frames, and stylish square frames.
    • Diverse Materials: They utilize various materials like nylon, MauiFlex, and metal in their frames, catering to both casual and sporty aesthetics.
    • Comfort Focus: Some models prioritize lightweight construction for enhanced comfort during extended wear.
  • Serengeti:
    • Classic and Functional: They lean towards classic and functional styles, prioritizing durability and performance over trendy designs.
    • Emphasis on Strength: Their frames primarily use nylon and metal, emphasizing strength and functionality for active lifestyles.
    • Activity-Specific Styles: Many styles cater to specific activities like driving and fishing, offering features like wider temples for secure fit and polarized lenses for glare reduction.

Brand Image and Recognition

  • Maui Jim:
    • Wider Brand Recognition: Generally enjoys wider brand recognition, particularly in North America, and is often associated with luxury and high-end quality.
    • Fashion-Forward Appeal: Their diverse style selection may appeal to those seeking a more trendy and fashion-forward look.
  • Serengeti:
    • Strong Presence in Specific Markets: While not as widely recognized, Serengeti holds a strong presence in specific markets like Europe and among driving enthusiasts.
    • Technical Innovation Focus: They are known for their focus on performance and technical innovation, resonating with individuals prioritizing functionality and specific features like photochromic lenses.

Price and Availability

  • Maui Jim:
    • Generally Higher Priced: Generally fall on the higher end of the price spectrum, with some models exceeding Serengeti’s offerings.
    • Wider Presence in Physical Stores: Might have a wider presence in physical stores, including dedicated Maui Jim stores and authorized retailers.
    • Online Availability: May be readily available online, but selection in specific regions might vary.
  • Serengeti:
    • Wider Price Range: Offers a wider range in pricing, with some models being slightly more affordable than Maui Jim’s.
    • Online Focus: May be more readily available online and in certain specialty sporting goods stores.
    • Limited Physical Presence: Physical store availability might be limited depending on the region.


Maui Jim offers a two-year warranty, exceeding Serengeti’s standard one-year warranty. This may be a deciding factor for individuals prioritizing longer coverage


Both the brands produce premium sunglasses which have good durability. One can choose between both the brands depending oon their prefernces or can choose woth my recommendations above.

Good luck shopping!   

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