Ray-Ban vs. Persol: A Detailed Comparison for 2022

People who are enthusiastic about sports and outdoor activities benefit from eyewear.

Specialized eyewear with features that include extra protection or vision improvement far beyond what is found in a standard pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Frame styles with high-profile designer brands such as Ray-Ban and Persol remain popular.

And, due to the young wizard fictional character Harry Potter and other actual and imaginary role models, even kids who would otherwise hate the “nerd” aspect of eyeglasses love wearing them.

So, which one is better between Ray-Ban and Persol? And how do you decide that? Let’s find out.

About Ray-Ban

What is Ray-Ban

Bausch & Lomb, an American company, established Ray-Ban in 1937 as an Italian/American luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses brand. The brand is known for its Wayfarer and Aviator lines of sunglasses.

The backstory to the name “Ray-Ban” was also straightforward.

According to a recent article in “Cosmopolitan,” the sunglass powerhouse gets its name from the purpose of the shades, which is blocking out the sun’s rays. Hence, Ray-Ban was formed.


In 1853 at Reynolds Arcade, a building in central Rochester, New York, German immigrant John Jacob Bausch opens a small business dealing in optical products.

Henry Lomb offers financial assistance in the form of a loan, creating a relationship between the two, and as time passed, Rausch and Lomb opened a discount optical store.

This store specializes in importing and producing eyeglasses and optical instruments like microscopes, binoculars, and telescopes.

After some years, William Bausch, the founder’s son, invents producing lenses out of molten glass.

This eliminates the time-consuming and delicate method of grinding and polishing individual lenses, resulting in a substantial reduction in manufacturing time and raw material use. This, of course, lowers prices.

Ray-Ban vs. Persol

Since then, B&L, or as we know now as Ray-Bam gains a worldwide reputation for premium sunglasses worn by celebrities and public figures around the globe.

However, B&L agrees to sell its eyewear division to Luxottica after decades of making its popular sunglasses, including the Wayfarer and Aviator brands. $640 million is the price tag.

After that, the company focuses solely on expanding into the eye surgery market by acquiring Storz instruments and Chiron Vision.

As of now, Luxottica then set out to revive the fortunes of the Ray-Ban brand by launching a significant expansion, which was subsequently followed by a decade-long flurry of activity.

Popularity of Ray Ban

When it comes to high-fashion sunglasses, Ray-Ban is the first name that comes to mind. For decades, this legendary brand has carved out such a special place in the world of eyewear, with its sunglasses adorning the faces of many well-renowned men and women.

The company’s brand has built a reputation for superior design, outstanding quality, and an unmistakable elegance instantly recognizable worldwide.

Ray-Ban has established a powerful core of trendy items since 1937, including the timeless Aviator and the powerful Wayfarer.

Ray-Ban has been making iconic designer sunglasses since 1937, and their popularity continues to grow.

About Persol

What is Persol

Persol is an Italian luxury eyewear company specializing in sunglasses and optical frames. It is owned by the Luxottica group and is one of its oldest eyewear firms.

The Persol brand, an acronym of “per il sole,” “for the sun.” It immediately established a reputation for excellence and outstanding quality, supreme craftsmanship and attention to detail, technical advancement, and style, which it has maintained ever since.


Persol represents an incredible Italian story that started in Turin in 1917 when optician and photographer Giuseppe Ratti invented Protectors, cutting-edge glasses designed to provide aviators and sports drivers with the utmost comfort, safety, and vision.

In the 1960s, Persol began to form close links with the film industry, and these ties have remained vital to this day.

Persol glasses have appeared in some of Italian cinema’s most iconic films and are worn off-screen by great actors and directors.

Persol continued to concentrate on research and technological advancement in the 1980s, creating increasingly groundbreaking eyewear.

Its participation in mountaineering expeditions, desert rallies such as the Paris-Dakar, and other intense sporting activities helps it to test new materials and assess the performance of its glasses and lenses.

Luxottica bought the company in 1995. The company found a perfect match of values in the group, such as a relentless pursuit of perfection, excellent efficiency and processes, a desire for creativity, global recognition, and strong ties to the local territory.

As of now, every pair of Persol glasses is a piece of art in terms of engineering and design.

More than thirty stages remain in the production process, which combines first-class materials, refined artisan skills, and meticulous attention to detail with cutting-edge technology.

Popularity of Persol

The historic brand of the Luxottica Company marked an incredibly significant and distinctive milestone around the world.

Thanks to its iconic designs and style innovations, Persol is a legend and a hallmark of Italian fashion, quality, and timeless elegance.

Persol has produced several best-selling models throughout its 100-year history. Some have become outright icons thanks to their distinctive, unmistakable style.

They cater to a large, diverse audience worldwide, and their addictive appeal has remained on-trend for decades.

Persol has consistently grown and engaged with its diverse audience while remaining true to its artisan traditions and commitment to excellence.

Comparison of Rayban and Persol

There are numerous methods for determining how good a product is. There’s a purpose, but does it serve its purpose? Is the price reasonable?

There’s a budget. The list goes on and on, but longevity is a good indicator of a product’s quality. If a business has been successful for a long time, it’s fair to assume it produces high-quality goods.


From the iconic to the contemporary, Ray-Ban has a substantial selection of stylish pairs fit for every face.

You will probably find yourself loving the designs of Ray-Ban, especially their popular lineups, such as the Wayfarer and the Aviator. There is not much I can say about how intricate their designs are.

Persol is recognized worldwide for its high quality and the irresistible attraction of its eternal design and is one of the longest-running sunglasses brands.

Their popular lineups, such as the 649 series, already stood by its name. Their sunglasses are very authentic and classy even as time goes by.

Having all that, Persol is a great brand with great and aesthetically pleasing designs.


Moving on to the performance of both Ray-Ban and Persol, All Ray-Ban lenses have UV protection.

Still, the exact level varies among the types of lenses, and here’s what Ray-Ban offers: their classic lenses block almost all blue light and absorb up to 85 percent of visible light while providing near-perfect vision.

Their mirror coating lenses reduce glare and offer visual comfort by enhancing the clarity of view.

Lastly, their polarized lenses block more than 99 percent of reflected light around you, providing high contrast and crystal-clear vision.

Persols, on the other hand, offers a lot of integrated technology for its design, such as Victor Flex that provides comfort, acetate frames, and lastly, their excellent crystal and polarized lenses that give the user crisp vision without giving up fashion.

Build Quality

Between Ray-Ban and Persol, Ray-Ban glasses tend to come in way more for repairs than the Persols, and the Persols have been popular year after year.

By this means, Persols is a better choice, and they’ve been worth the money, but that doesn’t make the Ray-Bans glasses worse because it solely depends on how and what you are using the glasses for.


When looking for sunglasses, you’ll come across a wide variety of prices. You could get a pair for $5 at your neighborhood store or spend over $500 on a pair from your favorite designer label.

Ray-Ban is in the center of the price range, with frames beginning at around $150 and going up to about $500 for ultra-light titanium frames, which makes an excellent choice for a tight budget.

The Persol, however, is a bit pricey than Ray-Ban, with a starting price of about $260 per pair up to $1350 per pair made with premium materials that offer an excellent build and superb quality.

So, Which Brand is Better?

It only depends on your preference and budget and what sunglasses you will get, but I assure you that Ray-Ban and Persol are great brands.

Choosing what’s best is very subjective to the buyer itself. However, if I ask what is better, I can say they are both excellent.

Final Thoughts

Like I mentioned above, between Ray-Ban and Persol, the choice ultimately depends on the buyer and their preference.

But you can’t make the right choice until you know the complete information about both the brands, which is where we come into the picture.

I hope this article has helped you understand the critical parameters and features to consider while selecting a pair of sunglasses and simultaneously helped you choose the one that suits you the best without compromising on the fashion.

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