Ray-Ban vs Persol: A Detailed Comparison for 2023

Oh, man! I really wish I knew what to choose,

 “The brand that stands in all its glory and is the leading sunglass brand in the industry…..Ray-Ban! Or the brand with exceptional craftsmanship and timeless style…..Persol!”

Well, it is time to settle this debate once and for all. Of course, I’d be obliged to dive into this debate with you. Ray-Ban Vs. Persol. 

So, join me, and let us dive right in, to see where it all begins. 


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Ahhh yes! The Ray-Bans is classic in all its way but also timeless in the eyewear industry. Now let’s rewind all the way back to the past. Ray Bans were created in 1937, in a place where dreams are made a.k.a Rochester, New York. 

Well, how did Ray-Ban get its name? ironically or you may say iconically enough Ray Ban was marketed as sunglasses that could prevent sun rays without hindering vision and preventing glare. Thus, it derived its name “Ray-Ban”. 

Fame gave its name to Ray-Ban when the dashing actor Tom Cruise flaunted the classic Ray-Ban Aviators in the movie Top Gun. The popularity of the company skyrocketed thereafter and witnessed an almost 40% increase in sales. 


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On the other side of this brand vs. brand debate, we have Persol, first created back in 1917 in Turin, Italy. Italy is a country of peak fashion, having all the top luxury brands under its belt. So, for a brand like Persol to be created here, it definitely must have been created with finesse and with an impeccable sense of fashion. The attention to detail and the elegance with which each product is created gives Persol its fame. 

These glasses are handcrafted, making them more unique and extraordinary. The precision and detail to which each pair of sunglasses are created are what make Persol all the more luxurious and flawless. 

Comparison Of Ray-Ban and Persol 

Now that we have seen the past of Ray-Ban and Persol sunglasses and how they came to be as well-known brands, providing us with timeless fashion pieces. Let us try and draw a comparison of how these two, are different in certain aspects.  

Brand Popularity 

If someone were to ask you, “Hey, suggest to me a really good brand where I could buy sunglasses” Fashionista or not, you would definitely recommend the Ray-Bans. Well, it’s simply because Ray-Ban simply is much farther known than Persol.

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It has become such an embodiment of fashion, that the classic aviators and wayfarers are still a trend even in the 21st century. 

Moreover, Ray-Ban has an overall greater following on social media compared to Persol. With more than 5.5 million followers on Instagram and 420K + followers on Twitter. Ray-Ban has altogether greater popularity than Persol. 

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Ray-Ban recently took to Instagram, the famous Charles Leclerc, an F1 racing player, and a heartthrob to many, wearing their famous and iconic wayfarers. 

Retail Distribution

When comparing Ray-Ban and Persol, we are very much aware that Ray-Ban is not only globally recognized but also globally sold almost everywhere. 

Ray-Ban is sold in a variety of ways including e-commerce platforms, sunglass boutiques, and even duty-free’s that can be seen at international airports. 

On the other Persol, is said to be sold in only high-end luxurious branded shops. This also depends on the location where the sunglasses are sold, it is tend to be sold in places of high demand and luxurious preference. 

Price Range

Now you must be wondering if the popularity and distribution of Persol is quite less, maybe the price should be considerably lesser. Well, you sure are wrong. Comparing both Ray-Ban and Persol. The normal range of Persol sunglasses is around 150$- 400$, so frankly speaking these are placed much higher on the price scale. 

Besides that, Ray-Bans are quite affordable in a way, having a cheaper range compared to Persols. 

Variety Of Styles 

Now the reason I absolutely love Ray-Ban’s is the way they have named each of their sunglasses, more creatively like the Cats 1000, the Brad, Jackie Ohh, and Boyfriend. These names are not only catchy but they sort of give a personal touch to the sunglasses.

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Ray Ban Sunglasses

Of course, in terms of style, Persol too has it all, but the names are sort of more numbers than names. Their most popular one is the 649 and the Steve McQueen. 

The personalized touch that I see in Ray-Ban sort of lacks in a sense, in comparison to the Persols. 

persol sunglasses style
Persol Sunglasses

Iconic Styles 

When you ask a random person, even if they don’t know a lot about Ray-Ban, everyone might know the iconic aviators and wayfarers. Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Kate Hudson, and Britney Spears all of these celebrities have fallen in love with the classics and have been spotted wearing these timeless pieces. 

These styles although dating back to 1952, are still a considerably important statement in fashion even currently. 

Warranty and Customer Service

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In terms of warranty and customer service, both Ray-Ban and Persol are arguably really good at it. They both cover any damages or defects that result in the period of warranty. 

If there is any certain defect as per se then both brands will replace the defective sunglasses with new ones. 

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Which Brand is Better? 

Both Ray-Ban and Persol are exceptionally great at what they do, both having flawless styles and faultless work. Each of the pieces in the brand is given extreme attention and precision. 

But if I were to choose one, I would go for the Ray-Ban’s. I would definitely kill for a pair of  The Cats 5000 (because you can never go wrong with cats) and for sure, the Classic Aviators for a dressier look. Not because they have a bigger name in the market but because they are comparatively affordable. Ray-Ban’s are also better in terms of distribution as they are easy to find and not limited to any location. 

So, as far as your looking for a timeless piece, with extraordinaire work and accuracy to each of their styles. Then Ray-Ban should absolutely be your pick. 

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