Ray-Ban vs. Maui Jim: Comparing the Top Sunglasses Brands for 2022

Looking good is a luxury anyone can afford.

But looking great? Well, that’s on a whole other level!

Any outfit can be made even better with a pair of sunglasses. It’s practically a go-to boost for any celeb out there while strutting down the red carpet!

But, how can you determine which eyewear brand would be perfect for you?

Well, that’s what I’m here for!

Today, you will learn two of the best sunglasses brands that can complete your entire look and take your style to a whole new level!

About Ray-Ban

Unfading Signature

The US Air Corps pilots always have the same issues while flying back in the day.

The eye-straining blue and white from the sky, their goggles fogging up—both of these are issues you didn’t know were happening behind the scenes.

Now, pilots for suitable sunglasses don’t need to worry about that anymore, and it’s all thanks to Ray-Ban!

Ray-Ban resulted from the combined effort between the American eye health manufacturer Bausch & Lomb and US Air Corps Colonel John A. Macready.

Because of Colonel Macready’s personal experiences in flying a plane, he was able to identify the real issues and later even fix them.

Now, Ray-Ban created a brand new kind of lens technology that uses green lenses for glare reduction from the light.

And this is the first-ever version of the anti-reflective lens/coating you know now!

So, combine that with an impact-resistant feature, replace the plastic frame with metal, and Ray-Ban now patents the entire design as its classic Aviator model followed by the Wayfarer.

With these two, Ray-ban took the eyewear market by storm.

But it’s a relatively short one when it started to fall out of popularity after a few years.

People want small, thin frames, not Ray-Ban’s “bulk.”

Because of this, Ray-Ban had to sell itself to Luxottica to get out of this depression.

Fortunately, through Ray-Ban’s efforts, it managed to do that with the help of online auctions that focus on the Aviator and Wayfarer models.

As many still love Ray-Ban, it managed to pick itself back up with well-curated celebrity endorsements.

If you think Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were iconic in Men in Black, Ray-Ban had a part in that by serving them looks in their fantastic alien-killing scenes!

And although it was slow progress, Ray-Ban became relevant as the younger generation’s started to get enamored by its classic design all over again.

Do you know, there is an entire market that sells fake Ray-Ban? And there are indistinguishable from the real ones until, of course, you know how to spot them! Yep, that’s how famous Ray-Bans are!

Ray-Ban vs Maui Jim comparision

About Maui Jim

A Sunny Pal

Living in the tropics meant enjoying the smaller things in life, like the untarnished blue skies or the clear ocean water.

However, the sun is anything but “small.”

Having that loom over everyone is already tedious, but “tedious” is quickly replaced by “hazardous” when you’re living on a tropical island!

And Maui Jim is already so familiar with it that it founded a small company on a beach in Lahaina, Hawaii, which sells sunglasses-  just what the doctor ordered!

You can say Maui Jim got the edge over other brands out there (like Ray-Ban) because of personal experience because its philosophy might surprise you.

Besides providing 100% protection for its users from UVA and UVB rays, clarity and vividness are part of the package!

So once you use Maui Jim’s pair of sunglasses, you might be overwhelmed by all of the finer details, so look out for that!

Comparison about Ray-Ban and Maui Jim

Ray-Ban vs Maui Jim

Made for the Sun

Maui Jim has this in the bag if we’re talking about being a sun expert.

While it was only mentioned in passing earlier that Maui Jim has the advantage because of its many features, let’s go ahead and see what exactly they are packing!

First off, you’ll see a lot of PolarizedPlus2 around here because that’s Maui Jim’s signature lens technology!

Shielding your eyes from the glare and harmful UV rays is a walk in the park when it can also do its job of enhancing every color you can see down to its tiniest details.

But Maui Jim’s lens technology goes deeper!

Different categories for materials are created, all with diagrams on which aspects are its strong points.

First is the SuperThin (ST) Glass- given its name, it’s surprisingly not the lightest material there is, but it IS lighter than standard glass! 

However, despite its thinness, it can still ensure you have the best scratch resistance out of its crisp clarity that’s through the roof!

Next is the MauiBrilliant (MB)- although it has some weight, this one maintains a good balance between shatter and scratch resistance, with top-notch clarity.

MauiPure (MP) is Maui Jim’s most popular lens material because it combines ST’s crisp clarity and MaiPure LT’s excellent shatter resistance.

Second to the last is the Maui Evolution (ME), which has a nice balance between shatter and scratch resistance like MB, but its clarity did go down a few notches.

And lastly, the MauiPure LT. It’s the most lightweight lens material out of this category, with an extraordinary impact and scratch resistance!

Meanwhile, all Ray-Ban can throw into the fray is 100% UV protection and the option to have polarized lenses.

It’s not much, but you can still somewhat consider it functional, right?

See Life in Color

As stated at the end, Ray-Ban’s only functional ENOUGH for it to fend off the light, but Maui Jim went over and beyond to give you the experience you deserve!

Because not only were you given a plethora of lens materials to choose from, but it also promises you clarity that can ENHANCE nature’s colors!

So other than being protected from harsh sunlight, you’re also given this opportunity to appreciate nature at its full beauty.

And it’s all thanks to Maui Jim.

Worth the Price

If we’re talking about prices, both Ray-Ban and Maui Jim cost quite a lot, with Ray-Ban’s lowest being $132 and Maui Jim is $169.

But it shouldn’t be too hard for you to decide now because, well, you’ve already read the overview of what features these two brands have to offer!

So, it’s all up to you on which one deserves your money more.

Which Brand is Better?

Between Ray-Ban and Maui Jim, it doesn’t take much brainpower for Maui Jim to be declared the best between the two.

Of course, the style has always been Ray-Ban’s forte, but Maui Jim has a variety of different designs that look just as good or maybe even more!

And each one of them has the purpose of protecting you from UV rays AND enhancing colors? Well, then count me in!

Final Thoughts

Style and functionality should always be a must in any pair of glasses you want to get for yourself.

Especially if it costs you a lung and a kidney to have it.

Lucky for you, Maui Jim is an excellent example of this combination!

Many lens technologies are being put to the test to have it perfected for anyone’s use, and the hundreds of designs available that differ in style and colors easily overpower Ray-Ban’s eyewear.

So if you ever have the extra dough to splurge on for a vacay, go ahead and drop by a Maui Jim retail store to take in its generous options!

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