Most Popular Online Microblading Courses

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Looking for the most popular online microblading courses? Discover top-rated options with comprehensive training, live demonstrations, and support from industry professionals to kickstart your career in eyebrow microblading.

With the increasing demand for Microblading Courses among rich women, becoming a microblading artist has become a great career option for people.

Online Microblading Courses

However, for becoming a certified microblading artist, one must undergo the required training and also choose the course accordingly. If you also want a lucrative business in microblading, then here we have a list of the best microblading courses for you.

Top Popular Microblading Online Classes

PhiBrows Certification Course

The PhiBrows microblading courses include 2 days of hands-on training and an extensive 6 months of mentorship and additional training. This course is very expensive compared to the other courses. However, it includes a $1200 Premium PhiBrows Kit, theoretical and practical instructions, working on skin simulations, working on live models, one-on-one demonstrations on live models, a certificate of attendance, along with a spot on the World Artist map.

The courses also provide full access to the exclusive Craft Master App. The students will also have access to additional materials like photos, videos, and tutorials. Moreover, they have access to a doctor for medical advice too.

Sassy Wink Academy 

Founded by Amber Arrington, Sassy Wink Academy is one of the best online microblading courses with a certificate of completion. It provides online training in a virtual classroom setting with videos recorded by professionals. The closeup videos offer a better view than looking over an instructor’s shoulder in person.

 Also, you will have access to the training center for an entire year so that you can take lessons at your own pace. You would also have the option to receive one-on-one support and extra guidance. The Sassy Wink Academy is high in demand because of the thorough information they provide as well as the instructor’s abundance of knowledge.

MyBrow Academy 

Compared to other microblading courses, MyBrow Academy offers faster-paced microblading courses. It is the best course for those who are geared up to complete their course in the shortest time frame. Not only this, but this course is also cheaper as compared to the courses.

The Academy breaks up different techniques into separate bundles. Depending upon the bundle you choose, it will take 45 days to six months for the course completion. Another thing to note about this course is that it does not provide a free kit with the program and you would have to buy the supplies yourself.

Deluxe Brows 

Deluxe Brows provide two types of microblading courses, i.e. fundamental and advanced. The courses also come in 3 different languages, English, Espanõl, and Portuguese for the convenience of the students. The online courses provide video demonstrations as well as guidelines, apart from graphic and live demonstrations.

The courses provide several practice assignments and templates to the students. Also, the students can go through the course at their own pace and have access to the materials for a long duration. The video lectures are recorded with multiple cameras so that the students can have a better idea of the process.

Lisa Om Academy

The Lisa Om Academy provides two different microblading as well as eyebrow shading training courses, a Silver and a Premium course. They provide 6 months of online training access with 28 lessons in the form of documents and videos. They also give free microblading kits to those who enroll in their courses.

The courses also include working on live models to get a better experience of microblading. They also share microblading & shading booklets, downloadable consent forms, and downloadable practice templates with lifetime student portal access. You would have to pass each level in order to meet the Academy’s standard to receive a Certificate of Completion.

3D Brows 

The Founder, as well as Head Instructor at the 3D Brows, aims to supply not only the necessary foundation to master the art of microblading but to also give you the knowledge to become a successful permanent makeup artist. The courses have small class sizes to allow every student one-on-one time with instructors. The students also get to work on several live models throughout the tenure of the course.

Every lesson provides detailed materials through instructional videos, visual samples, and assignments. However, the services provided to you depend largely on the package you choose, the cheaper packages would include 12-month access to the online training curriculum only. On the other hand, the more expensive packages include a full online training package with unlimited access, an assignment practice kit, input evaluation on practice assignments, and a 50-hour certificate of completion.


SCALPA is a free-of-cost microblading course to help you get an insight into the microblading world. The course includes a simple VR recording of in-person, live training. Apart from this, SCALPA also provides a lot of written material for more information.

The course teaches you how to perform the microblading procedure, how to use the microblading kit, and also the pre-care and post-care treatment. The site provides constant access to the free course, however, will give you a certificate of completion only if you purchase the company’s microblading kit. SCALPA is a great free introduction course for those who aren’t too sure about microblading.

Beauty Angels Academy International

Launched in 2019, Kler Rosenburg’s Beauty Angels Academy International offers many courses in microblading. It offers 4 online microblading, out of which 3 them provide a free kit too. This academy has quite a reputation for training several microblading artists who now have successful careers in the permanent makeup industry and make 6 figures.

The academy also offers a dual course of microblading and advanced shading. You can opt for this course to get your best foot forward and will receive a certificate of completion with International Recognition as a Permanent Makeup Artist. One of the best parts about this academy is that they offer courses in both English and Spanish to accommodate people from different backgrounds.

Art of Beauty Academy

Art of Beauty Academy teaches the latest permanent and semi-permanent makeup techniques in its training programs. It also has a program named Phishading which involves a combination of microblading and brow shading techniques. Their PhiAcademy courses offer CraftMaster Application training platform access.

Microblading Courses

The academy gives live classes. However, if you are unable to attend their live classes, they also offer online learning courses to give you the same high-quality training experience from your own place. They also provide a free kit and all of their live training includes working on live models while monitoring and guiding throughout the model practice.

Final Words

In-person training courses might sound more appealing, but they are more of a ‘one and done’ deal and once your course is completed, you are on your own. It doesn’t matter if you feel confident in your microblading skills or not. Hence, online courses are better in more than one way.

The online courses can be repeated and most of them come with extra support. It also accommodates your busy schedule and allows you to watch the lessons repeatedly, as repetition is the key to learning a new skill. All the online courses listed above are designed to make you ready to practice with real clients.

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