Oakley Frogskin vs Holbrook: Which One is Better?

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The Oakleys have been out in the industry for quite some time. In my opinion, they are literally the coolest brand of sunglasses and yes there are other brands out there. 

What awestruck me most about Oakley is the way they are so multi-purposed and yet so extremely fashionable at the same time. With Oakley comes their two series of sunglasses a.k.a Frogskins and Holbrook. 

Well, both of them have their respective properties but also hold a very special place timelessly.

Well, let us set sail together on this ocean of the two most classic types of Oakley sunglasses. 

Oakley Frogskins Family 

oakley frogskin family

I know you are thinking it, so might as well put it out there, No they aren’t made of Frogskins. Well, I thought it too. But, the Frogskin Family has been the oldest family under the Oakley brand. 

Oakley had just started, and they had almost this sports vibe to their glasses. They found it too monotonous and so decided to give something for everyone to enjoy from their brand. 

And Behold! That was the birth of the Frogskin sunglasses that started back in 1985. 

The Frogskins have 4 types, these are, Frogskins Standard Fit, Frogskins Alternative Fit, Frogskins Mix, and Frogskins Lite

Oakley Holbrook Family 

oakley holbrook family

Holbrook ironically took its inspiration from the Frogskins. Of course, Diversification is necessary! What’s more to it, is that the Holbrook sunglasses took its name from a small town in Arizona known as Route 66. 

These are quite famous as they have a variety of features and they have 4 different categories under which they fall. That’s exactly what we are gonna talk about down further. 

Comparisons of the Holbrooks And Frogskins

Here’s where we will delve deep into how these categories are different from each and how each of them although may look the same, have stark differences. 

Both have 4 Categories

The original Holbrook sunglasses have been around since the 2010’s they have an extremely versatile style. Then we have the Holbrook metal, these sunglasses are much lightweight in comparison and have lighter lenses too, which give a lot of free movement. 

Next up, is the Holbrook mix, now these are the mix of both the original and the metal Holbrooks, so you have the lens taken from the original Holbrook and the frames from the metal Holbrook. Finally, is the Holbrook round, these sunglasses come with a much rounder lens and flatter tops. 

Frogskins have 4 categories too, ranging from Frogskins Lite these are created to have a semi-rimless frame, making them more durable. Frogskins mix takes a classic twist by combining the original and making the temples out of stainless steel. Frogskins Alternative Fit is made for a unisex appeal and is made of plastic frames giving it more of a lightweight appeal. Standard Frogskins are just the original Frogskins having a standard fit for a set of people. 

The Retro Feel in Frogskins 

Since, Frogskins go back to 80’s they almost have this sort of a retro feel to it. Kind of like you can remember the good old disco days with it. 

And they do have square lenses and frames that just feed your vintage aesthetics. 

But on the other hand, Holbrook has more of the trendier hint to it, they were created to match the fashion of the 21st-century demands. 

Unique Hinge System in Holbrooks 

So, most metal glasses tend to have these hinge systems that have screws, and well, we all know that if you lose your screw, your glasses’ temple region sort of starts to get loose. 

The Oakley Holbrooks have come up with a unique way of conquering that problem and that’s by having a hollow point hinge system. This keeps your sunglasses in place and you won’t have the fear of losing a screw and getting your favorite pair loosened up. 

Frogskins just has more of the older style and system, since it was created back 80’s. 

Frogskins Have A Lot Of Options 

Frogskins have been out in the industry for a much more period. That’s the reason that they have a lot of varieties and options to choose from. 

Ranging from lens colors to frame styles and even frame colors. Frogskins are also known to have collaborations with some of the celebrities and overall they provide a bolder look. 

On the other hand, Holbrook hit Oakley hit the market in the 2010s therefore they are comparatively newer than the Frogskins. 

Holbrook has ‘O’ Matter

“O” matter is the definitive material used in all of Oakley’s sunglasses. But, they are present in all Holbrook glasses more than they are present in Frogskin sunglasses. 

Frogskin at times uses acetate also for its frame design. Holbrook uses “O” matter, making it extremely durable, lightweight, and super comfortable to wear. 

Holbrook has a Key Hole Bridge 

The keyhole bridge, for the nose bridge design, gives a lot of mobility to you, and therefore, whatever you do, It definitely is gonna stay on.

On the other hand, Frogskins have a much more traditional nose bridge design compared to that of Holbrooks  

Which is Better Holbrook or Frogskin? 

And here arises the final analysis, according to me Oakley is an exceptional brand, have a material like unobtainium makes it extremely unique. The property functions such that if you were to perspire or sweat your sunglasses would fall off. But with this material, they sort of stick to your face and won’t fall off. 

In all honesty, I would go for the Frogskins although they are old, they are Oakley’s classic and they are just absolutely timeless in the eyewear industry. What I am completely obsessed is with the Oakley Frogskins Square sunglasses. Moreover, it has an immense range of styles to choose from. 
The Holbrook series is for you if you sort of choose to be trendy with the technology of sunglasses, they are not that stylish but they definitely have different technologies that make them really sturdy when worn for more extended periods.

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