Why Do My Glasses’ Nose Pads Leave Marks?

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Have you ever felt cute and confident with your newly bought glasses, and the stylish frame you chose, but you were immediately conscious when you removed them because of Nose Pads Leave Marks? 

You’re not alone with this issue because glasses leaving marks on the nose is a common problem for eyeglass wearers. It might seem like an ignorable issue, but it isn’t!

It might annoy you every time you take your glasses off and notice those marks on your nose, but don’t just ignore them, okay?

The fact that you are here reading this article is a good sign because it shows that you are probably curious now, and that’s great! You need to know why your nose is hurting, so let me help you.

Do Glasses’ Nose Pads Leave Imprints on Your Nose?

First of all, no matter how cute and sexy you look with your newly bought glasses, they are not meant to leave marks on your nose, especially when there are already red spots in that area. 

The frame fit issues of the glasses cause marks on your nose, and sometimes, you will avoid the frame fit just because you love how good the glasses look on your face.

Well, you should never avoid how your frame fits just because they look so good on you! 

If your nose pads leave marks, your frame may not be the best fit for you and in that case, it might need certain adjustments.

Reasons Why Glasses Leave Indent on Your Nose

There are various reasons why the nose pad hurts, and you may be wondering, “why do glasses hurt my nose?”

Well, it’s time to know some of the most common ones.

  • Heavy eyeglass frame: If your frame is too heavy, it can cause indents on your nose. Your frame can either be bulky and loose, bulky with the right fit, or bulky and small fitting. Not only does your nose tries hard to carry the frame with the lenses, but it also carries the weight of your frame the whole day, causing stress on your nose, thus leaving marks.
  • Small eyeglass fit: You may have felt so confident with how your eyeglasses or sunglasses look on you. However, what you may not have noticed is your eyeglasses’ fit; they may be small for you despite the attraction it gives you, so it leaves a mark on your nose. Small-fit spectacles can make it hard for you to stop them from digging into your skin when worn. They will stick more on your nose since they are small, causing red spots on the skin.
  • Eyeglasses nose bridge: Your glasses may be ill-fitting, especially if the nose bridge portion does not properly sit on your nose and face. The fit of the glass’s nose bridge depends on your nose too. Even if your nose bridge has a narrower or broader opening, it will eventually leave marks on your nose area if it does not fit your nose.

Removing Marks from Wearing Glasses

More people in 2021 use eyeglasses, especially students who sit in front of their screens the whole day because of online classes. 

Now, a wrong pair of glasses can be pinching the nose because of the lousy nose bridge fit. 

However, we can deal with this issue with some easy tips for you.

Reasons for nose pad marks of glasses

Give Your Nose A Break

Yes, your nose needs to be given a break from wearing eyeglasses, especially when the glasses leave an indent on the nose. 

Give your nose a break by massaging them first thing in the morning after waking up and after prolonged use of eyeglasses. 

You can also apply a generous amount of aloe vera after using eyeglasses to soothe your nose from the redness or marks it has gotten from the glasses. 

If it helps, you can also have a daily schedule about when to break from your work and take a break from your glasses as well.

Adjust Your Glasses by Yourself

If you can have minor adjustments to your glasses, you better take that opportunity to adjust the nose pads according to your desired comfort. 

Once you already got the nose pad positions, make sure the positions remain the same and wear them carefully to avoid marks on your nose after removing them. 

Take note that you can only make minor adjustments; if you move other parts of your glasses, you have a strong possibility of breaking the frame or the lens.

Go to Your Local Optician

If you’ve made minor adjustments to your glasses and still feel uncomfortable at the end of the day, consider going to your local optician. 

This way, your local optician will adjust your glasses according to your preference, giving you the comfort you always longed for. 

It will be best if you also ask your optician about his adjustments, so you will be aware of the reasons why your glasses are leaving marks on your nose.

Conceal Them with Makeup

If you are outside and, in a rush, or even when you are in the house, and you are tired of seeing the nose pad marks on your face, conceal them using a concealer to lessen the visibility of the marks; this is a great on-the-go tip for your nose marks problem.

If you have an event to attend and you don’t want to wear your glasses during the event, remove your glasses hours before the event. 

Final Words

You might be thinking that when your glasses leave marks on your face, you should get yourself a new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses, but that is not necessary. 

There is no doubt that nose pad marks can be annoying, but purchasing another pair of glasses will only add to your concerns sooner or later. 

Carefully adjust the nose pads until you feel comfortable with their position because adjustments will keep you comfy every day.

If those minor adjustments don’t work, it will be best to visit your optician to get your eyeglasses adjusted according to their fit on your face.

Marks can be irritating but don’t lose your confidence because of them! 

Follow the above-mentioned tips and suggestions, and we promise you’ll be good to go!

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