Microblading Vs Tattooing Eyebrows

Too tired of daily waking up and spending precious morning minutes painting your eyebrows? But you cannot ignore it because you don’t want to go out with light eyebrows, it just doesn’t go with your attire! To prevent this we have brought to you the two methods that can solve that..er morning issue.

In this article, we have tried to talk in detail about microblading and eyebrows tattooing, their process, their pros and cons, and what could be a better choice for you.

What Is Microblading?

Okay, so simply put microblading is both a form of tattooing as well as a type of permanent makeup. Why? Because the makeup is something that you use to enhance the natural beauty that you already have. But it is not permanent. 

Similarly, Microblading is a sort of makeup that makes up for your sparse eyebrows for a year or so, and then it starts fading. But unlike eyebrow lining with pencil, microblading is done by a handheld tool with numerous tiny needles that drop non-permanent pigment on the skin. Thus the process is almost similar to tattooing but in reality, is not.

What Is Eyebrow Tattooing?

Unlike microblading Eyebrows, tattooing is not that fancy or complicated. It is more or less similar to your traditional tattooing. The only difference is that the tattoo is done in and around the brows and which is a sensitive area.

Like other forms of tattooing Eyebrow tattooing too involves a tattoo gun that once hooked up and provided with the ink is used to tattoo over the skin. Eyebrow tattooing is not semi-permanent and it won’t start fading after a few years. Plus there is no mere dropping of pigments on the surface of the skin, rather the needle is used to penetrate deeper under the dermis so that the skin can heal around it but the tattoo remains lasting.

Microblading Vs Eyebrow Tattooing: Differences And Similarities 


This is the biggest difference between Eyebrow tattooing and Microblading. The reason is that an Eyebrow tattoo like any other tattoo lasts for quite a long and over many years. But Microblading lasts, depending on the substance used, one to three years.

After that, the microbladed area starts fading away, and eventually, it fades out of existence from your skin. Whereas in the case of Eyebrow tattoos we see that they never truly be erased, though they may start fading at the sides. If you want to remove a tattoo you need professional help while microblading can be naturally erased.


The most important materials used in the process of microblading are pigments, the microblade, the universal holder, and the pigment mixer machine. While choosing the pigments you should be mindful that it goes with your skin tone. And while there are many pre-available pigments, you can use the mixer machine to get the color shade of your choice.

Eyebrow tattooing involves tattoo ink. It is very different from pigment in microblading. And the biggest problem is that when it starts fading it will leave behind unnatural-looking eyebrows.


The microblading process involves a handheld tool with multiple needles that pierce the skin to deposit semi-permanent pigment in the upper layer of your skin. Eyebrow tattooing involves a machine that embeds tattoo ink in deeper layers of the skin. 

As a result, the process of microblading requires less pigment while Eyebrow tattooing requires more tattoo ink. What is important in both cases is keeping some compass and marker, numbing cream, and disinfectant wipes handy.

Pain Caused

Compared to Eyebrow tattooing microblading causes far less pain than that. The reason being the needles in the microblade do not penetrate much into the skin. Therefore the skin damage is also not much and the recovery time is shorter.

But in the case of Eyebrow tattooing, the needle goes much deeper under the dermis to apply the ink and thus is much more painful. Here the skin damage is more and it takes quite a lot of time for the skin to heal around it.

Also in microblading, there is no spreading of pigment. But in Eyebrow tattooing, there are cases where the color may “bleed” out in adjacent cells which can lead to issues.

Final Outcome

Microblading is a meticulous process usually done by trained professionals. They are trained to draw fine lines at appropriate locations filling in narrow gaps in the eyebrows to give them a more natural look.

But in many cases, it is seen that the fine work done by microblade is not exactly possible with tattoo machines. They are unable to get that perfect lining, arches, and angles required in Eyebrow drawings. They need to be with the hair growth pattern which can be missed often.

Pros And Cons Of Microblading 


  • After microblading, you won’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to get symmetrical perfection in your two eyebrows. It saves you time.
  • It also saves you money as after doing it you won’t have to invest in other makeup products to work with your sparse or light eyebrows.
  • Since it is a sort of semi-permanent makeup type, thus it is long-lasting compared to the penciling of eyebrows.
  • It is also waterproof and smudge-proof. With this, you won’t need to worry 24×7 about if along the way you might suddenly look bald over one eye.
  • Compared to its alternative Eyebrow tattooing it is relatively less painful and its healing duration is also less.


  • Since it is not the surface makeup but rather penetrates the skin to deposit pigment over it, thus it may get troublesome for people with allergies and might trigger harmful allergic reactions.
  • The area around the eyes is pretty sensitive and if you have some issue in your eye, then microblading done without proper care may aggravate it.
  • Many times the numbing cream used on the skin may trigger harmful reactions. 
  • Ensure the microblade used on you is clean and free of germs or else it may lead to skin problems.
  • Compared to Eyebrow tattooing the durability of microblading is less.

Pros And Cons Of Eyebrow Tattooing 


  • It reduces your getting-ready time every morning.
  • Once done it saves you money that you might have to invest in other areas to combat your sparse eyebrows. 
  • Eyebrow tattooing is a sure-shot way of regaining sparse eyebrows within weeks.
  • Eyebrow tattoos are meant to stay for a long time and it takes much effort to get rid of them.
  • Once healed these drawn-out eyebrows are waterproof and smudge-proof.
  • If done properly with skin tone kept in mind it can look extremely thick and natural.
  • It will not harm your natural brows but rather fill out the gaps and fine lines between them.
  • It is suitable for a variety of skin types.


  • With time the color of the tattoo may fade. Mostly these tattoos start fading the sides and they take on different colors. Black tattoos can turn into blue or green ones. And this is a huge inconvenience because if this happens your eyebrows will take on an unnatural look.
  • The process is quite painful.
  • The healing process takes time.
  • If you have sensitive skin then getting an Eyebrow tattooing requires many skin checks to ensure the tattoo ink will not cause you further damage.
  • Tattooing may result in infections or other rashes which is risky for somewhere like the eye area.

Final Words

If you ask what is better, it again depends on how you perceive it. Like if you are familiar with tattoos and have no problem with pain and your skin, then go ahead with tattooing. Otherwise, you always have the safer option of microblading. 

Though remember both have their set of pros and cons. Hope this article was able to answer your questions regarding microblading vs eyebrow tattooing.