Maui Jim vs Serengeti, Persol, & Smith

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So are we having a battle of the luxurious eyewear brand vs. the other luxurious eyewear brands? Yes, we are! 

We all know, these are the most premium quality, exquisite brands the sunglasses industry has for us in its pockets. But which one of these prevails? Which one of these luxury brands is the most luxurious? 

We might get the answer to this question soon enough. Hang around and read till the end!


The article ahead compares Maui Jim with Serengeti, Persol, and Smith. Three of the most luxurious brands in existence. 

While comparing Maui Jim and Serengeti, I discovered that the latter costs more than the former! This makes Serengeti take the top spot in the price war. But overall, both are pretty much neck-to-neck in every other aspect.

With Persol, it was like a twin sibling from another country! Not in terms of the design. Persol has a wide range of unique designs, even though its collection is not very large. 

When it comes to Smith, we all are interested in something else which is not sunglasses. Yes, you guessed it right! Snow goggles. Pretty much incomparable, isn’t it?

Now that I am done summarizing it to you, shall we start with the main article?

Maui Jim      

The name most of us are aware of. But even if someone does not know about Maui Jim, they would still associate it with expensiveness. Honestly, the name itself sounds quite exquisite. Rightfully justifying the nature of the brand. 

Maui Jim is an eyewear brand known for its high-quality sunglasses. The company’s founding goes back 40+ years, in 1980 by a man named Jim Richards. The brand’s origins can be traced to Lahaina, a town on the Hawaiian island of Maui, which is where the name “Maui Jim” comes from. Currently, Maui Jim is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, USA.

Maui Jim initially started its business by focusing on creating sunglasses specifically designed to address the unique needs of people living in or visiting the sunny and coastal environments of Hawaii accounting for the A-plus UV & polarization technology offered by the brand. Over the years, Maui Jim expanded its product line to include a variety of styles that cater to different occasions. 

Maui Jim sunglasses are crafted using high-quality materials, advanced lens technology, attention to detail, design, and craftsmanship, attributing to its reputation in the luxury eyewear industry. Maui Jim is also a premium brand because of its luxury pricing.

Maui Jim vs Serengeti

Maui Jim vs serengeti

There’s no doubt about the amazing quality of these glasses. Serengeti, another eyewear brand that sounds exquisite, is the perfect competition for Maui Jim. 

If we talk about quality, they both definitely stand eye to eye without flinching for a second. With their premium quality products, they prove that they are worth the price. And there should not be any doubt about the quality, as Maui Jim provides a warranty against workmanship defects for a whole two years. And, Serengeti offers a warranty of a lifetime. 

No, you cannot doubt the quality of the glasses even after this!?

Variety in collection wise, both the brands’ designs are superb. These are designs that give you a snitched look even if you wear them to the nearby departmental store with a pair of pajamas! I am a huge fan of round glasses, and believe me when I say this, Serengeti’s Delio exists to give all other round sunglasses an existential crisis. And there is no way I won’t mention Maui Jim’s Mavericks, the aviator sunglasses that are even better than the classic ones. If you ever save enough money to get a pair of Serengeti or Maui Jim, you will not come back empty-handed from the store, such is the variety!

Coming to the price, when it is about Maui Jim and Serengeti, it is the battle of prices too. And Serengeti wins the price battle. 

Maui Jim vs. Persol

Maui Jim vs. Persol

Now we are going against the Italian luxury, Persol. These are distinguished eyewear brands, each with its own unique appeal. Maui Jim is known for its advanced polarized lenses that we already know about. The brand’s emphasis on vibrant colors and comfortable designs caters to active lifestyles.

In contrast, Persol is renowned for its timeless and sophisticated Italian craftsmanship. Persol’s classic designs often feature high-quality acetate frames and subtle yet distinctive aesthetics. 

Talking about the designs, nobody steps back! Maui Jim and Persol sunglasses, both stand tall with their commitment to providing customers with excellent quality material, as well as design. There is no way you are not gonna like any of the designs from their collection! 

 Price-wise, both are at the top layer of the range. Thus, ultimately, the choice between Maui Jim and Persol hinges on one’s preferences—Maui Jim for its performance-oriented features, and Persol for its elegance.

Maui Jim vs Smith

maui jim vs smith

Maui Jim, a luxury brand for sunglasses and eyewear, goes against Smith, a premium eyewear company for sunglasses and goggles alike. 

Maui Jim offers a diverse range of sunglasses with a focus on polarized lenses for outdoor enthusiasts. They mainly aim to serve fashion enthusiasts, who also desire performance. Smith is typically known for its wide collection of snow goggles that are widely acclaimed to be one of the best goggles in terms of quality, even leaving Oakley, the boss, behind.   

Regarding price, Maui Jim sunglasses are positioned as luxury eyewear, reflecting their advanced lens technology and quality materials, thus making their products exquisite. But Smith sunglasses too do not back off. Even though they’re not as pricey as the Maui Jims, they still cost enough to make you invest your entire savings!


So, are you sure about your choices now? If you are, then I am gonna advise you to save some extra pennies starting this week. Because these are gonna cost you a fortune! (But don’t worry, they are absolutely worth it.) 

I know it could be a bit difficult to get on any of them because of the price factor, but don’t you worry, they are durable enough to last you at least a lifetime if not more than that. Even when you would not be its original owner, it might still be hanging on. Such are premium sunglasses.

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