Maui Jim vs Serengeti Sunglasses

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Are you confused about which brands’ sunglasses to buy – Maui Jim or Serengeti? Both of these brands are are renowned for their premium quality and innovative technology, Maui Jim and Serengeti sunglasses have distinct characteristics that cater to different preferences.

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Both brands are considered high-end, with Maui Jim generally being slightly more expensive. Maui Jim provides a wider variety of frame styles and materials, catering to both casual and sporty preferences, however, Serengeti leans towards more traditional and classic styles, focusing on functionality and durability. People generaly Choose Serengeti for Drivers Technology™ for improved driving visibility.

Personally my favourites are Maui Jim Red Sands Lifestyle Sunglasses and Serengeti Saturn Drivers Sunglasses (Driving and sports Sunglasses). I have used both brands and i personally like Maui Jim over Serengeti because of the frames durability, features and wide variety of deigns. However, if you want to buy sunglasses for driving purposes then you should definitely go for Serengeti Sunglasses.

Here are some more suggestions from my side, Maui Jim’s Women’s Starfish Fashion Sunglasses, Maui Jim’s Breakwall Polarized Rimless Sunglasses, Serengeti Milano Sunglasses, Serengeti’s Oatman Square Sunglasses.

About Maui Jim      

The name most of us are aware of. But even if someone does not know about Maui Jim, they would still associate it with expensiveness. Honestly, the name itself sounds quite exquisite. Rightfully justifying the nature of the brand. 

Maui Jim is an eyewear brand known for its high-quality sunglasses. The company’s founding goes back 40+ years, in 1980 by a man named Jim Richards. The brand’s origins can be traced to Lahaina, a town on the Hawaiian island of Maui, which is where the name “Maui Jim” comes from. Currently, Maui Jim is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, USA.

Maui Jim initially started its business by focusing on creating sunglasses specifically designed to address the unique needs of people living in or visiting the sunny and coastal environments of Hawaii accounting for the A-plus UV & polarization technology offered by the brand. Over the years, Maui Jim expanded its product line to include a variety of styles that cater to different occasions. 

Maui Jim sunglasses are crafted using high-quality materials, advanced lens technology, attention to detail, design, and craftsmanship, attributing to its reputation in the luxury eyewear industry. Maui Jim is also a premium brand because of its luxury pricing.

About Serengity

Founded in 1985, Serengeti Eyewear isn’t just a name, but a testament to the brand’s African heritage. Inspired by the sun-drenched plains of the Serengeti National Park, the brand prioritizes conquering challenging light conditions.

Their pioneering spirit is evident in their cutting-edge lens technology. Serengeti was among the first to embrace photochromic lenses, automatically adjusting tint for optimal vision in any light. Their proprietary Spectral Control® technology further enhances the experience by filtering blue light, boosting color and reducing eye strain.

Understanding that style matters, Serengeti offers a diverse range of frames, from classic aviators to modern wraps, catering to various preferences.

Beyond initial breakthroughs, Serengeti’s commitment to innovation is ongoing. They continuously refine materials and hold numerous patents, solidifying their position as a leader in premium eyewear.

Serengeti’s true essence lies in its unwavering commitment to three core values: superior eye protection, exceptional visual clarity through innovative technology, and a stylish aesthetic with diverse frames.

By embracing these values, Serengeti Eyewear invites you to embark on a journey of discovery, where every ray of sunshine reveals the world in its true, breathtaking beauty.

Maui Jim vs Serengeti Sunglasses

Maui Jim vs serengeti

Brand Image and Recognition

  • Maui Jim:
    • Generally enjoys wider brand recognition, particularly in North America.
    • Often associated with luxury and high-end quality.
    • Might appeal to those seeking a more fashion-forward and diverse style selection.
  • Serengeti:
    • Holds a strong presence in specific markets like Europe and among driving enthusiasts.
    • Known for its focus on performance and technical innovation.
    • May resonate with individuals prioritizing functionality and specific features like photochromic lenses.

Lens Technology

  • Maui Jim:
    • MauiBrilliant™: Their signature technology utilizes rare earth elements for enhanced color, clarity, and depth perception.
    • PolarizedPlus2®: Blocks glare and harmful UV rays, improving visual comfort and reducing eye strain.
    • Multiple lens tints: Offers specific tints optimized for various activities and lighting conditions.
  • Serengeti:
    • Photochromic lenses: Automatically adjust tint based on light intensity, ideal for changing environments.
    • Spectral Control® technology: Filters specific blue light wavelengths, enhancing color contrast, definition, and reducing eye fatigue.
    • Drivers Technology™: Tailored for driving, filtering specific blue light and enhancing road details.

Frame Style

maui jim sunglasses
Maui Jim sunglasses
  • Maui Jim:
    • Offers a wider variety of styles, including classic, aviator, wrap-around, and lifestyle options.
    • Employs various materials like nylon, MauiFlex, and metal, catering to both casual and sporty aesthetics.
    • Some models prioritize lightweight construction for comfort.
  • Serengeti:
    • Leans towards classic and functional styles, focusing on durability and performance.
    • Primarily uses nylon and metal for frames, emphasizing strength and functionality.
    • Many styles cater to active individuals and specific activities like driving and fishing.

Price And Availibilty

  • Maui Jim:
    • Generally falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, with some models exceeding Serengeti’s.
    • Might have a wider presence in physical stores, including dedicated Maui Jim stores and authorized retailers.
    • May be readily available online, but selection in specific regions might vary.
  • Serengeti:
    • Offers a wider range in pricing, with some models being slightly more affordable than Maui Jim’s.
    • May be more readily available online and in certain specialty sporting goods stores.
    • Physical store availability might be limited depending on the region.


Maui Jim offers a two-year warranty, exceeding Serengeti’s standard one-year warranty. This may be a deciding factor for individuals prioritizing longer coverage


So, are you sure about your choices now? If you are, then I am gonna advise you to save some extra pennies starting this week. Because these are gonna cost you a fortune! (But don’t worry, they are absolutely worth it.) 

I know it could be a bit difficult to get on any of them because of the price factor, but don’t you worry, they are durable enough to last you at least a lifetime if not more than that. Even when you would not be its original owner, it might still be hanging on. Such are premium sunglasses.

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