Maui Jim vs Serengeti: A Detailed Comparison for 2022

You need to know that wearing sunglasses doesn’t always mean you’re going to the beach since not everyone has the luxury of going to one. But you might as well spoil yourself with a bit of luxury once you try on either Maui Jim or Serengeti! Anytime, anywhere!

Well, we all possess different tastes when it comes to eyewear, and choosing the best pair can get quite confusing. What about going through a detailed comparison between two of these well-known brands and choosing one for yourself!

About Maui Jim

A Colorful World

Founded in Hawaii, Maui Jim made it its mission for you to realize the many colors that exist in the tropics, from the clear waters to the bluest skies.

While you enjoy one of the little things that make life so much more precious, Maui Jim is also designed to protect your eyesight from the sun’s glaring intensity and the harmful UV rays it can bring.

Since it’s from Hawaii (specifically, on Ka’anapali Beach in Lahaina, Maui), you can say Maui Jim is more than familiar with the sun, which is why it provides you with polarized lenses in its eyewear.

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Other than the harm it brings, Maui Jim sees the sun and knows the beauty it can get, as well, why is why it engineered its unique lens technology to work alongside the sun instead of against it.

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About Serengeti

Changing Colors

You could say that Serengeti was one of the founders of sunglasses in general when it began its production in 1877!

Well, not exactly.

Serengeti has been concentrating on its lens technology instead of the sunglasses’ entirety, starting with Corning Incorporated (an innovator in materials science) patenting a lens that has improved mechanical and thermal durability.

Since then, Serengeti has cultivated its lenses, molding it whichever way until it’s finely tuned.

But that doesn’t mean it stops there. Oh, no.

From mechanical and thermal durability, in 1912, Borosilicate glass was the next in line as Corning was able to develop this to withstand sudden temperature changes.

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In 1980, Borosilicate glass led to Spectral Control technology to simultaneously enhance contrast and filter blue light. In 1982, Serengeti was born with the great idea of pairing Spectral Control with Photochromic technologies in just one lens!

Then, only in 1985 did Serengeti pioneer “the idea of eyewear as serious eye care” before introducing another line of lens technology: the Drivers lens.

Therefore, you can say Serengeti had quite a history in sunglasses manufacturing!

Comparison of Maui Jim and Serengeti

Comparison of Maui Jim and Serengeti
Left: Maui Jim Right: Serengeti

Behind the Scenes: A Technological Overview

As you’ve read a brief overview of its insides, Serengeti deserves this win.

Serengeti’s lens technology is a full-course meal rolled into one, with everything Corning has been playing around with, only to top each discovery one after the other.

But when you hear Serengeti, you’ll get to be very familiar with one of its tech: photochromic technology.

Photochromic is very handy at any time of the day, as it adapts to whatever levels of brightness there is to your comfort.

Think of a mood ring that changes colors according to the temperature. That’s how photochromic works, but with light.

So, if you’re in a room with just an LED light, your sunglasses will be much clearer compared to when you step outside under the beating sunlight.

You probably won’t even notice it’s changing shades while wearing it!

This tech is included in every pair of Serengeti sunglasses, which is EXTREMELY helpful.

Compare all of these bountiful technologies to Maui Jim, and you can quickly tell how far Maui Jim has to go from its lone PolarizedPlus2 lens, which its sole purpose is for you to enjoy the colors’ vibrancy while combatting the sun’s intense glare and harmful UV.

Who Else Can Use?

Serengeti has a lot of technology that makes it applicable to a wider variety of people.

Yes, both Serengeti and Maui Jim have other purposes of serving outside for beachgoers, like driving for long periods or fishing in the middle of the waters, you can also have many pairs which are used by pilots; if you are one!

One of its tech, the Drivers, has two classifications: the Drivers Gold and the Drivers Gradient.

As the Drivers Gold is perfect for driving, given its ideal for blinding conditions, the Drivers Gradient goes well with both driving AND piloting!

It’s all because this lens is designed to be darker in the upper half while the lower half is lighter, making it easier for you to see the panel below without moving your head much while you’re eyes are protected for what’s up ahead.

Combine that with Serengeti’s default photochromic technology, and it’s double the protection for pilots everywhere!

All about the Price Tag

Well, you got all of that tech. If you’re hoping it’ll be as cheap as Shady Rays or Blenders, then prepare to be disappointed.

To be fair, both Maui Jim and Serengeti have a hefty price behind each pair, but if you’ll compare them with each other, then Maui Jim’s a bit cheaper when its lowest price is $170; one of which is the Maui Jim Lighthouse Rimless Sunglasses.

Compare that to Serengeti’s lowest, which is $230.

Sunglasses are usually expensive, but as long as you have the money to splurge on a nice gift for yourself, then go ahead!

Which Brand is Better?

Between Maui Jim and Serengeti, It’s a clear win for Serengeti for sure.

Although, yes, it’s a lot pricier compared to Maui Jim, so if you’re looking to keep a budget, then this might not be for you, but it does have a lot of perks to back it up!

With how long Serengeti has been experimenting and dabbling with its technology, its many discoveries are inevitable.

Also, taking time into account, it’s bound to gather more following and recommendations than Maui Jim. 

But that’s not all, as you get to be stylish the entire time your eyesight is being protected with its many styles for you to choose from that can rival Maui Jim’s 125!

So, yes, Serengeti is undoubtedly a winner in so many aspects of sunglasses manufacturing.

Final Thoughts

Phew! That was a deep dive! But, hopefully, that was worth spending time since you now know which brand to go for!

Both brands are worth recommending to many people (as long as you have the money for them, anyway).

Still, Serengeti won fair and square, and for a good reason, as well!

Since experience and time are things it has on its side, Maui Jim certainly has a lot more to learn if it wants to overtake Serengeti’s stride.

But for now, why don’t you take the time to scroll through both of these brands’ selections so that you can enjoy their graceful blend between style and practicality yourself!

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