Makeup for Hooded Eyelids

Trying out the newest cosmetics fad or even nailing a timeless look like a cat eye can be challenging for people with hooded eyes. When you have hooded eyes, you have less eyelid space to work with and additional challenges to overcome. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the desired effect even if your eyelids aren’t the focal point. There must be some genius tips we’re missing if a celebrity with hooded eyes, like Selena Gomez, can rock hooded eyes and look smokin’ hot. Let’s take a look at the simple tips for hooded eye makeup.

What are Hooded Eyes? 

Simply put, hooded eyes are an eye shape. People can have blue eyes or brown eyes. Some people have eyes with an almond shape, while others have eyes with hoods. By gazing directly into a mirror while keeping your eyes open, you may quickly determine whether you have hooded eyes. 

A hooded eye shape is when the skin on your upper eyelid extends above your natural crease and rests closer to or above your lash line. Although applying makeup for hooded eyes can be challenging, we’ve got you covered.

How to Tell If You Have Hooded Eyes 

Check the crease to see if you have hooded eyes. Skin falls over the crease of your upper eyelid in hooded eyes, giving that area a minor appearance. If your eyes are open and you can’t see the crease in your eye, you have hooded eyes.

Determine whether your eyes are upturned or downturned by observing the angle of your gaze. You have “upturned” eyes if your outer corners are higher than this line. You have “downturned” eyes if the outer corners are lower than this line. So, how to do makeup on hooded eyelids?

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

  1. Smudge-proof Liner and Mascara 

It can be a little unsettling to line hooded eyelids with eyeliner. Even though it sounds complicated, a few eyeliner tricks could turn a bad day for you into a good one. 

Use a smudge-proof sketch liner and mascara for a precise grip and non-budge finish to prevent smudged trails on your eyelids and lashes. This is an essential step if you want to do the best makeup for hooded eyes.

  1. Curl Your Lashes

Make sure your eyes are more open and wide-eyed regarding your appearance. Choose an eyelash curler to assist open your lashes, then coat them with many coats of mascara to give the impression of fake lashes. 

Thick eyelashes will merely occupy more space on your eyelid. Thus, if you have hooded eyes, it is recommended to forego mascara. Instead, you can add drama to your eyelashes by curling them with an eyelash curler without making your lashes thicker.

  1. Highlight the Browbone

It is similarly vital to style the brows because of how prominent they appear due to the form of the hooded eyes’ socket. Eye makeup for hooded lids includes making the brow bone stand out by lightly brushing on an arch. applying a pale eyeshadow shade underneath. 

This will effectively draw attention to and add color to the brow bone. Various products are available with the current brow craze, from palettes to contouring pencils to make thin brows look like a Picasso masterpiece.

  1. Use an Eye Primer

Applying an eye primer first can help you start strong because the significant issue with hooded eyes is that the makeup smudges quickly. The primer will hold the makeup in place, prevent it from transferring to the eyelids, and produce a smooth surface for applying cosmetics. 

An alternative to primer is a foundation or concealer. If you’re doing wedding makeup and you want your makeup to stay longer, apply primer properly.

  1. Try a Cut Crease 

After buffing your first coat of eyeshadow, add more pigment to the crease for hooded eye shapes. The trick is that you have to make your crease. No one would see it if I entered my [natural] crease, which is down there.

I’ll have to carry the color a little bit higher and create the appearance of a crease. There can be several different makeups for hooded eyes, and this step decides everything.

  1. Countour the Cheekbones

Grab a multipurpose highlighter for an effortless addition to your daily makeup regimen because applying a highlighter to the cheekbone that complements the inner corner of the eye will attract more attention to the eyes.

 Do not overlook the significance of contouring with a deeper shade to balance the cheekbone and lengthen the appearance of the eye. Add one more advantage of contouring to your list!

  1. Use Smoky Eyeshadow Shades

In essence, hooded eyes are extra skin that folds down from the brow bone. And sure, hooded eyes look just as seductive with black smokey eye makeup as they do with other eye types.

 It would help if you drew your smoky eyes for these eye types such that they don’t further accentuate how narrow or deep-set your eyes already appear. In short, use the suggested actions to widen their appearance. Eyeshadow on hooded eyes can help in popping your eyes.

  1. Experiment with White Liner

Tight line the bottom white to boost the eye’s brightness is advised using a white eye pencil. This technique enlarges your eyes by using other people’s eyes to your advantage if you feel that the hooded portion of your eyes makes them appear small. 

Experimenting with different colors, such as white, can help enhance your look, and makeup for hooded eyelids look amazing.

  1. Focus on the Eyebrows

Hooded eyes provide you with the opportunity to attract emphasis to your brows. This is why it’s crucial to fill and style them correctly. 

You don’t need to run to the salon every time you see stray hair if you have access to an eyebrow shaper, ensuring that your eyebrows are well-shaped daily. Tweezers and brow groomers are very helpful for maintaining flawlessly groomed eyebrows.

Final Words

Applying makeup to hooded eyes could be challenging. Due to more skin folding, the crease above the eyelid is scarcely visible. Additionally, conventional makeup methods don’t work. To get a richer and more defined effect, however, we have some incredible hacks that require minor adjustments to traditional techniques. 

This post includes some simple makeup tips for hooded eyes, including using a primer, artificial lashes or mascara, and tight lining. In addition, you can experiment with different styles and fashions to go with your eye makeup. So grab your tools and go to work!