M Curl Lashes

Currently, the new rising and glowing star of the industry is M lash!

But what do you guys think, what exactly makes this curl so unique and different from others?

How does it help us to style our eyes most beautifully and naturally?

We know what you are looking for and that’s what we are going to deliver you today. Just keep reading and find out more!!!

What Is M Curl?

To give your eyes a more vivid and defined look people use this M curl which is a stronger curl than the L curl. This is a perfect curl to cover the iris of the eye. 

To ensure that the curl starts from the root of the lash, it contains a shorter adherent surface.

What Are M Curl Lashes?

The M curl lashes are straight, but not too long, and give a strong curl finishing look to your eyes without a kink at the transition. 

It has a smooth transition and creates a beautiful lifting effect due to its dramatic curl bend. 

But it can be a little bit difficult to work with M curl lashes. Once you follow the steps properly for applying you want to face any problem and can achieve the perfect, flawless result. 

These lashes provide a dark eyeliner effect with a nice lift just at the edge of the eye.

Who Should Use This Curl On?

So this is awesome for clients that are planning on using the squirrel mapping as well as the fox lashes or the cat-eye look. So this is going to provide you with a nice lifting look effect. It gives a strong curl and lifts the eye nicely. 

The exciting thing about this curl is that it will give you much better retention because the actual base gives you more surface area for attachment from the extension and the attachment on the natural lash. 

Hence, the bigger the surface area, the stronger the attachment as long as all the other factors are correct like your humidity, technique, and adhesive. That you are using.

These lashes last a little longer and allow you to make a nice eyeliner-effect look, especially when working with narrow fans. 

tips To Use M Curl Lashes

How To Use M Curl Lashes?

Follow the given steps if want to know how to apply M curl lashes-

  1. Tape down the bottom lashes 
  1. Use tape and then iPads. However, you hold down the bottom lashes and make sure you use them nicely and tight. It will make your work easier. 
  1. After your bottom lashes are secured, map out your set. In this set do an open-eye style with 14 as the longest length. 
  1. Prime the lashes to make sure the lashes aren’t dirty and full of oil.
  1. Once you are done, start applying the lashes and see that the extensions are straight and flat at the base and bent straight. 
  1. While doing you’ll see its amazing shape and fun look. 
  1. These lashes last longer for those who have straight natural lashes instead of c or d curl lashes. 
  1. Adhered to the natural lash. These are great. 
  1. Apply for the extensions one millimeter away from the lash line. Apply them straight and make sure the base of the extensions is glued to the base of the natural lash. 
  1. Finish with a Nano mister. 

What Shape Is M Curl Suitable For?

The reason for being famous for M curl lashes is due to their versatility to suit every eye shape

M curl especially suits and goes with hooded eyelids as it is covered so nicely and easily and even drop eyes look lifted. 

M curl lashes can give a small lifting-up effect on small eyes, deep-set eyes, and also Asian eyes.

Is M Curl Easy To Work With?

M curl lashes are really easy to work with. 

It also depends on the quality of fiber and extensions applied, and your choice of tweezer plays an important role. 

Once you are done with it, you can go with your beautiful eye look with a fluent, smooth, and natural look. 

ways To Use M Curl Lashes

Can You Mix M Curls?

You can mix M curls with any other standard curls. 

Slightly longer eyelash extensions will not look to drop out in the inner corner like 8mm due to the lifting-up effect of the special bend. 

If you want some extra spicy look, they should go with this idea.

Tips For M Curl Lashes?

If you want your M curl lashes to place, stuck, and last longer, follow the given steps-

  1. Directions are important. There is no room for error. Any extension which doesn’t match the other extensions will be noticed. 
  1. Use the iPad isolation technique to isolate the lashes for you so that you can focus on the direction.
  1. You can place and curl the M curl lash on the top side or the bottom of the natural lash as long as you are keeping your direction in mind placing the extension anywhere on the natural lash will not ruin the aesthetic of your set.
  1. Try to frequently fill because M curl is not mimic the curl of a natural lash.
  1. You can in fact mix curls with M curls, specifically B and C are great options. Just make sure that you have a blend section in your set and that’s where you go back and forth between both curls and then transition into your M curl. 
  1. M curl works for anyone whether they have straight or lifted natural lashes. It’s such a great option for clients with straight downturn natural lashes because M curl has a straight base.
  1. When applied onto a straight natural lash there is a good amount of contact between the lash and the extension which in theory will promote better retention while also offering a dramatic lift for a noticeable result.
  1. When you start with lifted natural lashes it will look even more dramatic because you are pairing a lifted curl with lifted natural lashes. 

So this makes the curl look even stronger.

Some frequently asked questions?

  1. What is M curl well for?
    The reason M curl is popular is mainly for its versatility to suit every eye shape.
  1. What are M curl lash extensions?
    It gives your eyes a lifting-up effect.
  1. What is the most popular lash extension curl?
    C curl.
  1. What are hybrid lashes?
    It is a combination of SVS or Individual lash extensions. 
  1. What is the most popular lash extension size?
    9mm to 12 mm.


M curl provides you with the best and perfect combination of qualities that you look for. It is a kind of combination of both L and C curls.

Instead, to curl back like C curl, M lashes prefer to straighten out a bit towards the tip and give you a worthy look.

M curl looks quite pretty on everyone, especially for the person with straighter lashes which allows for better adherence and better retention. 

M curl is not meant for people with downward-pointing natural lashes as it can tangle in their bottom lashes and their eyes’ main look off. 

methods To Use M Curl Lashes?