Best Lacrosse Goggles for Girls & Women in 2023: Game On

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When it comes to playing lacrosse, protective gear is essential, and the most important of them all is the goggles. These goggles not only protect the eyes but also enhance the player’s vision on the field.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, it’s time to gear up and get ready to hit the field with the best lacrosse goggles on the market. So, game on!

It can be tough to choose the best one but in this article, we will discuss the best women’s lacrosse goggles so you can play the game with confidence and style.

Best Lacrosse Goggles for Women

STX 4Sight Focus Ti Women’s Lacrosse Goggles

The 4Sight Focus Lacrosse Goggles of STX are one of the best goggles for lacrosse players in the whole game duration. 

In addition, we should praise the goggles’ durability, design, comfort, and longevity that it provides for women who use these as their shield in the field.

These goggles are upgraded with a titanium cage and reduced weight, and it features innovative technology that allows lacrosse players to feel comfortable when worn in the field. 

It has a minimalistic cage design, which may look like alight protection from the outside, but actually protects you full-time on the inside. 

It does not make you feel suffocated when worn, even when the bars almost cover your vision. 

You have premium visibility access to the field along with different angles to easily spot where your opponents are moving around.

The protection offered by these goggles is not to be questioned because they are SEI certified to meet the new playing rules. 

It also meets the standard requirements for women’s lacrosse, so what more are you waiting for?

Worry no more with these almighty lacrosse goggles because your gameplay will definitely be more potent with these on! Just make sure you do not wear these goggles over glasses.

STX Lacrosse 4Sight+ S Adult Goggle

best women's lacrosse goggles

If you are looking for lacrosse goggles that can fit the youth, these STX 4Sight Focus goggles should be at the top of your list.

Offering us one of the best women’s lacrosse goggles, this brand does not disappoint when it comes to the extreme durability of women’s lacrosse goggles. 

They may seem minimalistic and light, but behind these features is powerful eye protection for the women’s youth. Although the size is made for adults, it can fit younger women better and allows them to play with comfort in the field.

These goggles have reduced weight, and you can feel safer while running around the field. 

The titanium cage is heavy-duty and does not easily break when hit with a sudden impact. 

It also has the same innovative technology as the first STX product mentioned, providing optimal visibility for women with its necessary field protection.

The double bar design has been made minimal while offering the best eye protection for the girls. 

The strap is also adjustable, allowing women to adjust them based on their desired goggle tightness.

In a nutshell, these goggles can rock your world and make you more passionate about lacrosse.

STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggle

If you are looking for a good pair of lacrosse goggles for your children, these are for you.

The STX Focus-S lacrosse goggles can be your 12-year-old daughter, niece, or granddaughter’s best eye guard. 

These goggles deliver superior visibility that allows your little ones to look through the field without any trouble in the vision, along with added comfort.

The design itself appears to have a premium cage build that ensures eye protection at any angle. As a result, it looks restricted from the outside but is comfortable once worn.

The steel cage is made with heavy-duty material which prevents easy damage when in sudden contact. 

Your daughter’s eyes will be far from any risk because they are well protected with the cage and the minimal double bar design.

These goggles are SEI Certified and meet requirements for women’s lacrosse, making them one of the most reliable lacrosse goggles in the market at a reasonable price. 

However, please remember that you can’t wear glasses under these goggles; it’s better to be safe right from the beginning, right?

To add to its safety, this model comes embedded with silicone padding to protect users from bruises and injuries in case of sudden and extreme contact.

Nonetheless, there are a few users who’ve complained that the goggles are a little uncomfortable at certain parts when worn.

STX Rookie S LAX/FH Goggles

Another lacrosse goggles that can fit the young girls’ generation is the STZ Rookie S LAX/FH Goggles. 

These are made small to ensure kids have a better fit and increased optimum visibility in the field.

Kids love to run around, and they are still at significant risk of minor accidents, like tripping and falling face down, bruising their forehead, etc. 

These lacrosse goggles have vented silicone padding that absorbs impact, protects girls’ faces, and wicks sweat and moisture simultaneously; it further minimizes breakout possibilities and makes the goggles easy to clean and maintain.

The oval wire design enables clear field visibility to allow younger girls to move around the field while still practicing diligently.

At a young age, they can learn what safety feels like with these goggles only if they fit their faces appropriately.

These goggles are SEI certified and meet requirements for women’s lacrosse and field hockey.

That’s right! Two sports in one goggles!

However, there have been specific complaints about the fit of the goggles, but other than that, it’s a fantastic option for women looking for sturdy and dependable eyewear for their lacrosse.

Bangerz HS-OTG Goggles Protective Eyeguard

The Bangerz goggles are new in this list because it is not made with either titanium or steel cage; it is made with a Thermoplastic polyurethane frame and a polycarbonate lens material, protecting your eyes adequately in the lacrosse field. And the best part, these are lacrosse goggles that fit over glasses!

These wide-vision OTG goggles with crystal-clear polycarbonate lenses are explicitly designed to be worn specifically over glasses. 

It provides superior support without compromising your vision, clearly letting you see what is going on in the field.

This versatile over-glasses eye guard protects your eyes against injuries and debris, providing you optimal assistance not only for lacrosse but for soccer, floor hockey, racquetball, and many more contact sports.

While you must be wondering whether contact sports are risky with this eye guard, the truth is, this eyewear is a highly protective gear that offers you adequate visual clarity along with ease. (however, the risk is still a potential factor). 

It has an anti-shock and shatter-resistant feature, allowing you to move in the field with comfort;  furthermore, it also comes with anti-fog and anti-scratch properties. 

In addition, the vented design allows maximum airflow while fully protecting your eye area.

These goggles also come with a protective brow and facial padding for additional safety. 

The downside of these goggles is their design- it is not stylish, and some girls may be too keen on wearing them.

Things to Consider When Buying Lacrosse Goggles for Women

We have mentioned above that lacrosse is a contact sport, and therefore it’s so important to not take your safety for granted. 

You may have eyed on some lacrosse goggles, but are you sure they are worth your time and money?

You have to meet certain quality standards when buying lacrosse goggles, and here are some things you must consider before using them in the game.

Goggles Fit

Before you get into other essential details, the first thing you have to consider is the goggles’ fit. 

So what if you have incredibly durable goggles? If the fit is not in your size, it will not keep you safe and protected during the game.

The lacrosse goggles’ fit should be of your head size, and it should not move around when worn. 

Some goggles may feel heavy on the head, depending on the material, but if those goggles are bulky and they do not fit you, it’s better you let other women in your team try them on and use them if they match their size.

If strap tightening has still not contributed to the appropriate fit, it’s suggestible to purchase new lacrosse goggles.

Durable Material

Many fake goggles range from different stores, and sometimes, you will believe the materials are authentic. However, you compromise your safety when you buy cheap lacrosse goggles because you want to ensure your security throughout the game.

Material durability is crucial for goggles because they protect your eyes from harsh contact. You should ensure the bars or the cage across the goggles are made with heavy-duty material; otherwise, you will risk your eyes for injury big time.

The strap should also not loosen up easily even when sweating to ensure its protection and lock when the goggles are worn.


Yep, the goggles’ design still matters, mainly because you are the one who will use them; however, just because they are for eye protection does not mean they can’t protect with style!

Your preference still comes first when you purchase any safety equipment or gear. 

However, you have to consider the essential attributes to ensure the product’s effectiveness, so you should combine your preference with the recommended tips to ensure you won’t regret what you purchase.

For the design, just make sure that everything from the look of the bar, cage, strap, frame, etc. does not hurt your eyes in any possible way because they are supposed to be your vision’s knight in shining armor. 

It should be a practical design and must be your type of look worn in the game to help you boost your confidence.

Final Words

In conclusion, choosing the best lacrosse goggles is crucial for every girl and woman who plays the sport. Not only do they protect the eyes, but they also enhance vision and allow players to perform their best on the field. With so many options available in the market, it’s important to consider factors such as safety, comfort, and style.

The goggles listed in this article are some of the best options for 2023, and they are sure to provide the necessary protection and style for any lacrosse player.

So, gear up, get ready, and hit the field with confidence knowing that you’re equipped with the best lacrosse goggles for girls and women in 2023.

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