L Curl Lashes: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for eyelash extensions that are long and curled to give you an impressive look? Do you love to have dramatic and intense eyes?

If your answer is yes, then L curl lashes would be your best bet! But you might have a lot of questions and doubts about L curl lashes, and guess what? We have answered those questions for you! 

So why wait? Keep reading to find answers to your curious questions about L curl lash extensions! 

Types Of Curls In Lash Extensions 

You might have come across terms like C curl, D curl, etc. But are these alphabets confusing you? Don’t worry! 

They are nothing but types of curls in lash extensions. So let’s look at the different curls and their features.

Subtle Curls 

I curl – They are almost straight and can be used for those who only want more thickness of lashes without any curl.

J curl- They are the most natural-looking curl with a very slight bend at the tip. 

B curl – These lashes have a bit more curl than J curl lashes. They are the best extension curls for the inner corners. 

Dramatic Curls 

C curl – This is one of the most popular curls and it creates an open-eye effect. 

D curl – These are used to give a noticeable curved effect. They have a curve at the tip a little more than the C curl. 

U curl- They are the curliest lash extensions and are most suitable for those who have downward-angle natural lashes.

Lift-Up Curls 

M curl – They give the opposite effect of J curl lashes. M curl has a small, flat base and a dramatic curl upwards.

L curl and L + curl – They have a shorter and straighter base with a dramatic bend 

Better-Bonding Curls

EZ Curl Lashes

These extensions have a straighter base than the normal extensions and thus provide a greater surface area for adhesion. They also have great retention. But they are not suitable for those with downward-angled lashes as they make the natural lashes heavy.

Types Of Curls In Lash Extensions 

What Are L Curl Lashes? 

L curl lashes are a more bent D curl extension. They have a flat base with a more curled end.

The L in L curl lashes stand for ‘Lift’.  Yes, they add a lift to your lashes giving a dramatic look. They are best suited for those with straight natural lashes.

L curl lashes come in different versions like single-length and multi-length L curls. Single-length L-curl lashes come with all the extension strands of the same length. On the other hand, multi-length L curl lashes come in a set of different lengths.

Depending upon the type of look you wish to adorn your eyes with you can go for single-length or multi-length. L curl lashes, like other extensions, can also be applied with classic or volume methods. To get a dramatic wispier look, a volume application is used. For a neat look, the classic application can be used.

What Are L Curl Lashes

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How Are L Curl Lashes Different From Other Curls? 

L curl lashes have a dramatic curve at the ends when compared to other curls. They have a flatter base thus helping in good retention of the natural lashes.

2. What Are The Benefits Of L Curl Lashes? 

 L curl eyelashes emphasize your eyes the perfect way if used correctly. They give a short, doll shape and a lift to your eyes.

If you are fond of a dramatic look that can look so appealing, then L curl lashes are the best. They would enhance your eyes giving them a glamorous look.

3. How Are L Curl Lashes Applied? 

Just like other lash extensions, L curl lashes are also applied with semi-permanent glue. Your lash technician has to use the L-shaped tweezers and apply them by holding the fan above the bent of the curl. 

Aside from black lashes for L curl,  you can also go for brown lashes. It will give you a stunning look. You can ask for L curl classic and L curls volume lash extensions. But check with your lash technician to find out which type of application suits you the best.

4. Who Can Get L Curl Lashes? 

Your eye shape determines if you can get the L-curl lashes.  Those with Downturned eyes or with straight natural lashes are the ones who benefit the most from L curl lashes. It lifts such eyes and gives a beautiful look. 

Also, people with monolids, hooded or droopy eyes can go for L curl extensions too. In such cases, these L curl lashes have to be used in a volume application to enhance the eyes.

Also, make sure you consider the length and strength of your natural lashes before deciding to do an L-curl lash extension. 

5. L Curl Vs L+ Curl Lashes – What’s The Difference?

L curl lashes are not the same as L + curl. L curl lashes have a soft lifting curl from a flatter small base. 

L+ curl resembles the L curl with its sharp base but has a slightly curvier bend than the L curl. So in simple words, L+ curl lashes have a more pronounced curl than L curl lashes.

6. What Are The Disadvantages Of L Curl Lashes?

If they are used on people with curled natural lashes, they can give an extreme look that can make them look creepy. Also, they may weigh down the natural lashes damaging them over the run. 

If you are not a great fan of dramatic and extreme looks, then L curl lashes are not for you. You could opt for subtle curl extensions to add thickness to your lashes.

Apply L Curl Lashes


So we hope we have answered your doubts regarding L curl lashes. Opt for them if you want attractive and dramatic eyes that can embellish your face. 

Consult your lash technician before you choose as they can help you by suggesting the perfect type of lash extension curl for you. Go on and keep glowing!!