How to Tell If Your Costas Are Real or Fake

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“I am so ready to buy my next pair of Costa glasses. But, what if I get a look-alike rather than the original, even when I paid the full amount?” 

If you ever encountered a similar situation above, then I definitely know what it is to experience the doubt and loss of buying your favorite brand but in the process get a fake one instead. I was in a similar situation when I had no idea how to tell if my Costa sunglasses were real or cheapskates!

But it would not happen to you because now I know a few ways you can figure out if your Costa sunglasses are fake Costas or real ones!

How To Spot Fake Costa Sunglasses? 

Costa sunglasses are known for their unique properties and varying characteristics, therefore making them quite high on the price scale. Experts have curated them to be perfect in a way but also leaving a hint of their signature touch, to make their brand quite visible to you. 

So come, let’s dive into some of the effective ways in which you can catch a fake one from the real Costa sunglasses.

Costa Glasses Have an Imprint on Them

how to spot fake costa sunglasses

The real Costa sunglasses tend to have a characteristic imprint on their lenses to indicate what type it is. 

So, say for example you buy a 580P sunglass from Costa Del Mar. If you look closely enough at the lenses of the sunglasses you will find tiny letters imprinted “580P” on either top corner of your Costa Del Mar sunglasses. 

Logo Of Costa Etched onto Lens

Much like the type of lens described by the small imprint of the lens. In the same way, the Costa logo is also etched onto the lens. 

The way you can check this is by closely observing the “C” that is etched onto the lens, indicating the brand proudly displaying its mark. 

Costa Lenses Are Polarized 

If you were to take these glasses to any unauthorized prescription dealer, you would know that each of these glasses is polarized thus contributing to the factor that they reduce glare considerably. 

Fake ones, do not contribute to this attribute of real ones thus making them easily distinguishable. 

Costa Serial Number Lookup Inside The Temple

engraved serial number inside a temple of real costa

Like every other company, Costa Del Mar also takes care of its products by allocating serial numbers. 

So when you buy a sunglass from Costa, look inside the temple region of the sunglasses and on one of the sides a serial number will be written. If the serial number happens to be smudged or appears blurry it’s unfortunately a fake. 

Beware Of Considerably Low Prices

Costa sunglasses ae expensive

You might buy your next new pair of Costa sunglasses because they were a “steal” in terms of price. But, here’s a way to take a step back of caution and consider that most Costa sunglasses are high in the price range. 

Take for example, if a site is selling you the well-known beauty from Costa’s collection, the Rinconcito which actually costs you more than $200 in $80-$100, you should back off and run! Because those glasses my friend, are fake Costa Rinconcitos. The best way to distinguish fake or real Costa Rinconcitos is by looking at the price. Easy!

So you should double-check when it comes to the price of your Costa Del Mar sunglasses because that might be the reason you end up with a fake. 

Authorized Dealers 

where to buy real costa sunglasses from?

When buying your pair of Costa Glasses it is best to buy it from their original site or an authorized retailer. 

If you end up buying it from a shady site for a comparatively lesser price chances you are being scammed with fake Costa sunglasses. 

Packaging Of The Product 

do costa sunglasses comes with packaging?

Most Costa Del Mar sunglasses are packaged in a hard case, which comes with your very own cleaning cloth. 

This also includes the warranty information for the glasses. If you end up getting your pair of glasses packaged differently or the warranty information is not visible to you, chances are you have ended up with a fake. 

Quality Of Materials Used 

Costa Del Mar is known for its premium use of quality materials. One can just feel it by wearing them and how they perform under sunlight or other circumstances. 

You could spot the fake simply by just wearing them or just touching them. This will lead you to understand the difference between fake and real pairs of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses.

The Weight and Fit 

Normally the real Costa Del Mar is much heavier, because of the quality of materials being used in them. They not only give that nature but they also fit perfectly on the face when you purchase the real ones. 

But the same does not occur with a fake. In fake pair of sunglasses, you might notice that its eight is comparatively lighter and the fitting on the face feels quite different.

Precise Detailing

identification of real costa sunglasses

Costa Del Mar is very careful with its clear-cut precisions and marks to craft the best type of sunglasses for your fit. 

Fake ones may lack this quality they might include nicks or cuts or the color of the lens might come off. 


So, here were a few ways to distinguish if your Costa Sunglasses are fake by any chance. More than that, you should check where you are purchasing it from and who you are purchasing it from whether or not they are authorized dealers of the product is necessary. 

You should also be careful if you’re purchasing your Costa Del Mar glasses online check the reviews and the ratings of the product. 

Personally, I suggest that you try and buy the glasses from the Costa Del Mar website itself, therefore there is no chance of you undergoing any scam or ending up with a fake.  

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