How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up While Wearing a Mask?

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Wait! Have you also wished to have a windshield wiper for your eyeglasses?

Hey! Same!

All the humans wearing eyeglasses must have wondered about it at least once in their lifetime, it might be when it rains or, there’s fog, and these days definitely when wearing a mask.

This mask causes huge amounts of fog to fill up the lenses, causing a lack of clear vision, that too very frequently! 

To find the solution to it, just scroll through the article to learn about what can be done to save yourself from this unavoidable torture.

Why Do Glasses Fog Up?

The answer to this is very simple. Condensation! When the warm air from your nose and mouth hits the comparatively cooler surface of the lenses, that causes the formation of the foggy water droplets, hence, causing the fogging up.

Ways To Stop Fogging

This fogging up is indeed the problem for a major population, especially in the pandemic-affected era where the mask is your savior from the virus and is the enemy to your vision, ironic, isn’t it?

Here are a few ways listed below that can help you prevent fogging up of your glasses,

How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up While Wearing a Mask?

1. Nose Bridge

A lot of masks do come with a nose bridge to provide better fitting and prevent fog. In case it isn’t there, you can just sew it by looking at some tutorials and using paper clips, aluminum foil, etc.

Pressurizing the glasses to hold the mask at the nose bridge can leave marks.

2. Soapy Water 

Remember the classic way of cleaning your lenses? This is just right for preventing the fogging up of masks, too! All you have to do is clean your lenses with soapy water, and the after-wash soap molecules on the lenses will act like a fog prevention coating.

3. Seal The Top

The very easy and go-to method is just to seal the top of your mask with your glasses. You can set the fitting of the mask on your nose and put the glasses above it to block the air passage. This might sound easy but is sometimes uncomfortable for longer periods.

Moreover, if you want a quick and effective solution, just use the tissues, or paper towels to place them under the top of the mask end to block the passage of air.

4. Skin-Safe Tape

Taping might sound childish, but using skin-safe tape is also an effective solution. Use a strip of this tape and seal the mask from the top, and you’re done! Just make sure you use the medical or skin-safe tapes for better safety.

5. Lens Cleaning Wipes

There are specifically anti-fog wipes that are single-use and prepackaged and super easy and handy to use. Compared to other ways, these are more hygienic too.

6. Commercial Lens Cleaner

Commercial lens cleaners are no surprise either. These cleaners are specifically made for keeping the lenses clean and do not leave any residue behind, providing great vision.

There are special antifog lens sprays that prevent forming the fog and even the protective coating of your eye lenses. 

7. Anti-Fog Lenses

Thank you to this amazing technology, that you can even get the anti-fog lenses with the anti-fog coating. So, all the hard work to decide and implement the other methods can just vanish with these.

8. Adjust Glasses

Adjusting glasses is a great way, but not for too long. You can adjust the position with the help of the nose pads and place them a bit farther, but doing this for long periods can affect your vision in a worse way. 

What Not To Do To Remove Fog?

9. Adjustable Nosebands

You must have across those masks with adjustable nosebands? So, if you got eyeglasses, these might become your friend. With the help of those adjustable nosebands, you can prevent air passage. The only problem here is that these nosebands are likely to not stay at the same place you adjusted.

What Not To Do To Remove Fog?

When removing fog, there are a few things that are a no-no to remove fog. Some of the listed below ways are even though highly known and used but are definitely wrong, especially in long term.

1. Vinegar

Trust this, the most commonly heard method of using vinegar is not what you’re looking for. The acidic nature of vinegar would just cause your lenses harm, and if they are anti-glare or have coatings, vinegar is just the enemy for them.

2. Shirt

The shirt even is the go-to method for a huge population, this method is likely to transfer bacteria and germs, and even cause your lenses’ coating to be damaged with a lot of scratches.

3. Saliva

Come on! Not again! Saliva is just not hygienic. Need there be anything more to convince you?

4. Toothpaste

You might’ve heard about using toothpaste, but hold on that isn’t right! You surely do not want to risk your lenses with a baking soda product that might end up leaving scratches on your lenses and just make the vision worse.

Brownie Fact

Hand sanitizer is found to be effective to clean surgical goggles, but due to the alcoholic nature of hand sanitizer and its special coating on different eye lenses, hand sanitizer is a big no for eye lenses.


It is quite evident that there are quite a lot of ways to stop the fogging up of the lenses, so it is up to you which one you can opt for as per your comfort and choice. Just make sure you strictly do not use the random ways listed in the not-to-do list.

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