How To Prevent Eye Strain From Digital Devices?

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Rubbing your eyes continuously, having headaches, and feeling tired.

Does it sound relatable to you too?

If yes, what’s the solution to this? It is not avoiding or controlling the usage. This is probably because the majority of the work has been shifted to the online mode leading to increased eye strain. 

So to survive in the online mode and still not let your eyes suffer, scroll through the article till the end to learn how to prevent eye strain from digital devices and how important it is to be done.

How Is Strain Caused?

The strain caused by digital devices is mainly because digital devices affect our eyes in a way that makes them blink lesser. This less blinking then results in dryness of the eye, hence, causing the strain.

Moreover, the screen is filled with glares and high contrasts which is hard for the eyes to tolerate for long periods.

How Is  eye Strain Caused?

Symptoms Of Eyestrain

The very basic and common symptoms of eyestrain are discomfort and pain in the eyes, headache, and even the twitching of eyes and redness when exposed to the digital rays for a comparatively longer time. 

How Serious Is The Problem?

Not only the eye strain which is also known as computer vision syndrome is highly painful and these days common, but also in long term, it is likely to cause more vision-related problems, which would be even worse.

Hence, it is advised that individuals who spend many hours on-screen daily should adopt a few ways to reduce the eyestrain.

How To Prevent Eyestrain?

Considering the seriousness of the problem, the eyestrain is a real problem and needs to be given attention, but just using the devices for a lesser time isn’t always the reasonable solution. Here are a few ways that can help you prevent eyestrain,

1. Angle Of Your Device

For comfort, you can put the device at an angle of 10 to 15 degrees below your eyes and 20 to 25 inches away; this position is likely to be the comfortable spot for your neck, too.

2. Proper Lighting

High, loud and bright lights can cause higher strain to the eyes, this includes direct sunlight too. While using a device, you do not want the strain to become even higher, so it is advised to use soft light, LEDs, lamps, etc., to provide more comfort and less strain to your eyes.

3. Clean Screen

Along with a clean screen, having an anti-glare screen protector, matte screen filter, or anti-reflective coated eyeglasses is like the cherry on top, and it helps in decreasing the strain even more.

4. Device Display Settings

Device display setting also plays a huge role in causing eyestrain. These settings, if used rightly, can decrease the eyestrain, too.

  1. Brightness – Having the brightness at the same level as your surroundings is easier on the eyes.
  2. Contrast – The contrast levels should be kept at a balance to avoid heaviness on the eyes.
  3. Size – The text size should be adjusted as per your comfort and is advised to be kept a bit bigger for lesser strain.
  4. Color – The color temperature can be reduced for longer periods of comfort as the lower the color temperature, the lower the blue light emissions.

5. Blinking Frequency

The eyestrain is caused by a lack of blinking, so if you frequently blink your eyes, the dryness is likely to go away due to moistening, and the eyes would feel more comfortable and relaxed. 

6. Computer Glasses

Computer glasses can be used during screen time. These glasses, especially if they have photochromic lenses or are slightly tinted, help save eyes from direct exposure to the blue light.

7. Eye Drops

There are special eye drops and artificial tears that help refresh your dry eyes. You can even use them to keep your eyes healthy, but make sure you consult an ophthalmologist, so you do not take any wrong steps.

8. Importance Of Breaks

It is important to take breaks frequently when using a screen and this would not only save your eyes from strain but also decrease body pain and headache. It is advised to take breaks at intervals of 30 minutes.

How To Prevent Eyestrain?

Brownie Fact 

There’s a 20-20-20 rule that can help decrease the strain. All you have to do is, after every 20 minutes, focus for 20 seconds on something that is 20 feet away. You can even use this 20-minute reminder to blink frequently.


It is quite evident that the common problem of eye strain is highly disturbing, and with the growing virtual world, this problem cannot be just avoided by not using gadgets. Improper cleaning of lenses can reduce the power of the lense and increase strain on your eyes. So, make sure to clean your glasses properly.

Apart from taking precautions and following the advised ways to protect your eyes, it is advised to get your eyes examined frequently. So in case there is a problem, it can be treated at a small stage, or if your eyes need lenses, they can get them soon.

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