How to Get Certification in Eyelash Extension


Look no further if you want to become a licensed lash technician! Follow these steps to become certified are outlined in this article. Since most US states also require a license to conduct lash extensions, I will also discuss your state’s standards for eyelash extensions to ensure that your legal basis is always covered.

Having an eyelash extension technician certification is the best approach to the beginning or advancing of your career in the beauty industry. It can also be a fantastic way to learn new skills and methods.

What is an Eyelash Extension Certification?

Make sure this is the right career for you before I explain how to become a lash technician. What on earth is a certified lash technician, first of all?

A certified lash technician is a person who holds a license and either works for oneself or for a company that offers lash extensions. Most courses provide all the theoretical and practical information required to safely, hygienically, and cosmetically put on eyelashes.

Got it? Good. Let’s move on a little bit now.

What are the Benefits of Becoming an Eyelash Technician


Don’t you want to be recognized as an experienced specialist in the field as a lash technician? Possessing your qualification guarantees that you are confident and regularly provide lovely, long-lasting outcomes.

Your reputation and trustworthiness will be substantially enhanced if you are a part of a supportive and genuine lash community. Additionally, it is the perfect technique to increase your love for lashes and eyelash extensions.

Flexible Schedule

By enrolling in an online eyelash extensions training session, you’ll have greater freedom to learn at your own pace and on your own time. Similarly, you can work whenever it best suits your schedule, so you won’t need to reschedule any commitments or activities to attend the training session. 

If you want to work in a profession with flexible working hours, this job is for you.

Specialized Skill

Certification is crucial if you want to specialize as a lash technician. Most lash businesses demand certification, so enrolling in a school might help you obtain work and advance in your chosen specialization.

As your profession progresses, obtaining your certification can educate you on sophisticated lash techniques and assist you in offering consumers opulent services.

Good Clientele

When you are certified, you can demonstrate to clients that you are an authority on lash care and treatment, inspiring confidence in your abilities. Your accreditation attests to your proficiency in handling a client’s eyelashes carefully.

When clients know you underwent formal training on using adhesives and other chemicals close to their lashes when applying extensions and tints, they may feel more comfortable using your services.

Increased Income

By demonstrating to potential employers your advanced esthetician credentials by acquiring an eyelash certification, you may be able to boost your earning potential. While some organizations offer certified lash technologists, others may pay cosmetologists more if they provide clients with lash procedures. 

As a lash technician, it’s critical to have access to more income prospects because doing so may enable you to create your eyelash salon, buy better equipment, or both.

How to get Certification in Eyelash Extension: Step-by-Step Process

Look up Your State’s Requirement

Start by finding out what is needed to become certified to apply eyelashes in your state. Before you start, it’s crucial to be aware of the local standards because they drastically differ depending on where you live. To apply for an eyelash certification in certain areas, you must be a fully licensed cosmetologist, while in others, you only need to be enrolled in a beauty school program. 

Similarly, some states have strict guidelines about the hours needed for lash training. You can better plan your certification path if you thoroughly understand these prerequisites.

Select an Accredited School for your Certification

Most lash technicians are expected to have attended beauty school. Start by enrolling in a recognized beauty school, regardless of whether you have finished your cosmetology program. You can also attend beauty school while enrolled in your other program. This allows you to learn about general safety and sanitary standards and build the ability to offer various services to consumers.

Attend the Classes and Practice!

Find a local program that complies with your state’s requirements by researching eyelash certification offerings there. You might wish to look at various independent programs in addition to the internal eyelash classes certain beauty schools may provide as part of the curriculum. Lash certification programs offer courses that teach various talents, including tinting, perming, lifts, and classic or volume extensions. Additionally, you can learn how to apply other kinds of lashes, like silk or synthetic ones.

Even though some programs have models available, it’s usual for aspiring eyelash technicians to bring their models so they may practice on them. You can discover models by asking members of your family and social circle whether they would be interested in attending class with you in exchange for a free pair of practice lashes. Posting on social media with your available time slots is another excellent way to advertise your free services while honing your abilities.

Give your Exams and Pass the Certification

Some programs may require a final exam. You will typically perform a range of lash procedures for this exam, but you may also take a written test. Based on your training hours and the caliber of your work during the program, some programs will award you your certificate without requiring you to take an exam. 

Apply to take the exam with the state board of cosmetology if you reside in a state that offers a specialist lash license. You can get certified and start working independently after passing the final exam.


How Much Does it Cost to Become a Lash Technician?

Entry-level courses that merely cover the basics, including the traditional technique, are typically less expensive. The price range is between $700 and $1500.

The entire cost is influenced by the course’s content, the institution’s reputation, the instructor, and the starter kit included in the course price.

More advanced training will cost you anything from $1000 to $3000.

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Certification?

To your satisfaction, you can master the skill of eyelash extension on your own. However, taking an eyelash extension certification course is always preferable if you intend to pursue this professionally.

Depending on the academy and the amount of training you want, the certification course can last 1 to 3 days or up to 1 to 2 weeks for both short-term and long-term beauty courses. You can select a course based on your needs and financial situation.

What is the Income Potential of a Lash Technician?

In a nutshell, it depends.

The majority of lash artists are also small company entrepreneurs. Thus, they control their working hours, timetable, fees, and other factors. As a result, the remuneration of lash artists varies greatly.

Most painters work five days a week and accept three customers each, earning an average of $75,000 to $150,000 annually.

Final Words

Becoming a trained lash technician is a fantastic approach to starting or advancing your career in the beauty business. It can also be a terrific way to pick up new talents and learn new methods. Although certification is not needed in all states or nations, getting certified is usually a good idea if you want to be insured.

Make careful to request to examine a lash artist’s qualifications and portfolio before hiring them. You can also browse online for reviews or ask people you know for recommendations.