How to Do Makeup for Asian Eyes

If you are an Asian beauty with crease-free lids. Want to learn how to perfect your cat eye, make a seductive smoky eye, or use fake lashes like a pro? There is no shortage of beauty advice on the internet, but it is clear that not all how-to articles are “one-size-fits-all.” 

We know that being artistic with your eye makeup looks can require some tinkering regarding creaseless lids and blending out your eyeshadow. The good news? It is entirely feasible.

What type of eyes do Asians have? 

When we talk about Asian eyes, it is important to remember that the eyelids are what distinguishes them. Any form, such as round, narrow, almond, triangular, slant, prominent, or deep-set, is admissible for the eyes. The eyes might have one eyelid, a low or absent eyelid crease, or two eyelids. The Asian adult palpebral fissure measures 27.2 1.2 mm in width and 8.5 0.9 mm in height on average.

Makeup Suggestions for Different Asian Eye Types

Almond Eyes or Narrow-shaped Eyes

To highlight your almond shape, use a lighter shade on the lid and a deeper shade in the crease of your eye. Smoke it! Apply eyeliner to the upper and lower lash lines. Just below the lower lash line eyeliner, put the exact shade that you applied on your eyelids. 

Then apply mascara. Linter advises thickening your eyeliner on the lower lid to draw attention to your contour.

Monolid or Hooded Eyes

Consider a smoky eye. Put color on the lid and mix it upward; alternatively, you can cut a crease to give the appearance of a crease. To balance things out, apply thick eyeliner to your upper lash line. Also, apply matte eye shadow to your entire eyelid.

Be consistent while using shadow. Use a deep-toned eye shadow to make the lash line and brow bone the same color as the rest of the lid.

Downturned Eyes

Use shadows to establish harmony. With liner and shadows, you should extend the outer corners of downturned eyes to give the appearance of a raised outer corner. Try out some fakes without hesitation. 

False eyelashes in the outer corner and pushed-up will also look well on this eye shape. Try putting the final lash twice, one on top of the other, then curling it up with a lash curler. Your closest companion will be a cat eye. By applying eye shadow in a lifted, pointed shape toward the tail of the eyebrow, you can simulate a lifted cat eye.

Double Eyelids

To highlight your almond shape, use a lighter shade on the lid and a deeper shade in the crease of your eye. Smoke it! Apply eyeliner to the upper and lower lash lines. Apply an eye shadow to the eyelids. 

Just below the eyeliner on the lower lash line, put the exact shade that you applied on your eyelids. Then apply mascara. Linter advises thickening your eyeliner on the lower lid to draw attention to your contour.

Tips on How to Do Makeup for Asian Eyes

Prime your Eyes

Monolids are particularly attractive in that they lack a noticeable crease. Because of this, eyeshadow, liner, and mascara frequently smear and transfer to the top of the lid. What is the first step in Asian eye makeup application? Proper planning. 

You must complete this step if you want your eye makeup to stay in place. Pick a concealer or an eye primer that works for you instead. Apply a small amount of loose powder after applying the primer or concealer. This will help you maintain your appearance.

Go for Matte Shades

Due to their nature, creaseless eyes can have an oilier appearance (another cause for smudging and smearing). To help reduce oil and smudging, wipe your lids with a blotting sheet before applying your primer or concealer.

Play with Colors

It’s time to stop avoiding bright colors. Try new hues without hesitation. Working with Jamie Chung has taught us that having a monolid need not prevent you from experimenting with color. Pick up your eyeshadow pallet and prepare to experiment with a new application method. 

Blend Your Eyeshadows Properly

Opt for an ombré effect with a mix of colors and your eyeshadow brush to add depth and texture to your eye shadow. Start with your darkest shade at the lash line, work your way up to lighter colors, and then blend, blend, blend. 

Lighter colors should be used to build up from a darker lash line color toward the brow to achieve the desired appearance. Darker hues give the eye more depth and softer shadows aid in enlarging the pupil.

Apply Eyeliner with Open Eyes

The secret to perfecting the monolid when applying eyeliner is to keep your eyes open. There must be some visibility for a blended appearance. You’ll have a more significant influence over the result if you do this. 

This is particularly useful when using liquid eyeliner—having trouble applying eyeliner? Make use of a standalone mirror. Sweep across your tight line while slightly holding up your lid. This will produce a longer lash line and a more put-together appearance.

Wing your Eyeliner

The winged liner trend is here to stay, as we all know, and it’s a beneficial trick for people who have monolid. A dramatic eyeliner style that highlights the monolids’ almond form.

Ace your Smokey Eye

Everything you’ve learned about blending shadows upwards and outwards is irrelevant regarding monoids. If your eyes don’t have creases, you can lengthen your eyes by focusing on the outer corners rather than adding color above the crease. 

While layering and blending colors is still necessary, we should concentrate on layering from left to right (also known as horizontal layering) and, most crucially, on the outer corner.

Pick up a Good Mascara

A good mascara is essential since Asian eyes typically have short, straight lashes. Curl your eyelashes initially with an eyelash curler. To instantly raise your lashes, add a few coats of mascara.

Choose Natural-Looking Lashes

Avoid using heavier-weighted lashes at all costs. The thicker lashes will engulf the lid, making your lids appear smaller, particularly in the case of hooded eyes. We chose soft and wispy or naturally thick fake lashes since we desire more natural looks. 

Curl your Lashes Adequately

Your appearance will improve if you enhance your natural lashes, so find an eyelash curler to keep up with your regimen. After applying a gorgeous eyeshadow look, highlighting the lashes helps to give you that sparkle.

Final Words

Doing makeup for Asian eyes might indeed be challenging. Accept your appearance instead of focusing on the task at hand. Whether you have large, monolid, or hooded eyes, always remember, you are STUNNING! These cosmetic tricks will only accentuate your already gorgeous features.

Enjoy paying attention to these Asian eye makeup looks! I hope this article helps make your already beautiful-looking Asian eyes even more beautiful.