How to Become a Certified Microblading Artist

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With so many revolutions and innovations in the cosmetics and makeup field, many new professions are emerging. Being a microblading artist is one of them. It is a great field to get into if you are interested in makeup and tattoos.

However, like other professions, being a microblading technician also requires an immense amount of skills and precision to survive and thrive in the industry. If you want to learn how to become a microblading artist, then you are at the right place. Just keep on reading.

What is Microblading

Microblading is basically a form of cosmetic tattooing. It is a semi-permanent form of eyebrow tattooing. Even though it aligns with eyebrow tattooing, it is still different from it.

In microblading, the microblading artist uses a tool in the shape of a blade instead of a tattoo gun. The tool has a row of tiny, barely visible needles that create hair-like strokes along the brows and deposit pigment into the skin. It gives the illusion of real-looking brow hairs that don’t wash off.

What is a Microblading Certification 

Becoming a microblading artist is not a piece of cake. In order to get into this business and attract clients, you’ll require to be good at what you are doing, but more than that you’ll require to get licensed. After all, as a consumer, we also prefer to consume the best services available in the market. And it is a fact that businesses flourish only when their customers trust them and are satisfied with their services.

Before booking clients for microblading, you’ll need a microblading certification to back your skills and business. Clients will consume your services and put their faith and eyebrows in your hands only if they can get the assurance that you are good at the job. Hence, having a microblading certification is extremely important because, in a way, it’ll be your qualification and license as a microblading artist.

How to Become A Microblading Artist- Step-by-Step Process 

  1. Find A Relevant Course 
  2. Select a Course

Becoming a certified microblading artist requires a lot of skill. To learn the relevant skills required in the business, you’ll have to select a microblading course. And, it is very important to choose the course wisely.

You’ll find a lot of courses in the market, but be cautious of the courses which provide less than 100 hours of tutorials. You’ll find such courses to be very inexpensive but they won’t be of much help to you. Before enrolling yourself into a certain course, make sure to take a look at the course outline and see whether it’ll give you all the training you need from the course.

Microblading courses are expensive and require an investment of around $4000 to $5000. Your money is valuable, so make sure to get the most out of the course. Select the best course available in the market.

  1. Attend the Classes

Enrolling in the best course is not enough, make sure to attend all the classes and tutorials. Do not skip any of the classes so as not to miss out on anything taught in the course. Attend the classes dedicatedly and learn everything with passion.

The skills you’ll learn in your course will be the basis of your microblading business. So, take the course seriously. It takes about 30 to 75 days to complete the course.

  1.  Get Certified
  1. Apprenticeship

After completing the training course, you’ll have to prepare for your certification testing. The first step in getting certified as a microblading artist is to look for an apprenticeship. Find a local microblading artist and ask for an apprenticeship. Being an apprentice to a good microblading artist would help you hone your skills further and give you more practical knowledge.

  1. Join AAM and SPCP

AAM and SPCP are very reputable national, non-profit professional societies for the micro-pigmentation industry. You need to join one of these organizations in order to sit for the certification exam. These organizations charge a membership fee of about $250 (AAM) and $310 (SPCP) and require the artists to have a minimum number of training hours and to abide by a code of ethics.

  1. Pass Blood-Borne Pathogen Test

Before taking the certification exam, you need to go through the blood-borne pathogens standard training course which meets the OSHA requirements. The purpose of this training is to provide a safe environment for both the artist as well as the clients. Then you’ll have to give a BBP test which consists of 10 MCQs derived from the handbook provided during the course.  

  1. Sign Up For Certification Test

After completing the above-mentioned steps, sign up for the certification test. But make sure to go through all the requisites of the test and once you are done with them, you are good to go. Every organization charges $250 for every attempt, so make sure that you are ready for the test. 

The test consists of 100 MCQs covering various topics related to microblading. You can also review the practice tests on AAM or SPCP online. 

  1. Provide Proof of Insurance And Client Work

While signing up for the test you also have to provide proof of insurance and a client file with examples of the work you did during the training. This is the practical part of the exam and you need to pass it.

  1. Pass The Certification Test

The SPCP exam consists of 100 MCQs covering a number of relevant topics related to microblading. The AAM exam is divided into 3 categories including a written, oral and practical exam on various topics relevant to microblading. AAM and SPCP also sell study guides and sample tests to help you prepare for the exam.

  1. Grow Your Business

Once you get certified, you become a licensed microblading artist. Now you can set up your own business. However, before you do that, also get licensed by your Department of Health by checking your local Health Department for their application process and requirements.

It takes time for any business to establish, so don’t lose your patience. Also, make a great website for your business with plenty of photos to prove your authenticity. Online social media platforms are a great way to boost your business and attract clients.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Microblading Artist 

Be a Part of a Professional Community 

As told before, AAM and SPCP are reputable professional societies. Just being a member of such societies makes you a part of a professional community. It also gives a boost to your resume and career. 

Membership in such societies also helps to keep you updated with new trends, laws, rules, and regulations. It is overall quite beneficial for a microblading artist to be a part of such organizations. They get to connect with other microblading experts.

Gain New & Relevant Skill 

Even though tattooing on your skin has been there for decades now, microblading is a thing of this generation. Nowadays, apart from cosmetic surgeries, permanent makeup has also become quite prevalent among the rich. Permanent eyeliner and eyebrows are just a few of them.

With permanent makeup emerging as a growing industry, gaining a new and relevant skill of microblading is not too bad. It is also a creative and flexible career with a good scope, especially in the USA.

Access to a Good Clientele 

One of the major benefits of becoming a certified microblading artist is that it really opens the door for a good clientele. With the best professional skills and the official certificate in your hand, you attract many clients. The fact that you are a certified microblading artist makes the clients confident in putting their faith and trust in you for getting a semi-permanent beauty procedure done by you. 

Final Words 

Being a microblading artist is worth it if you have the passion and zeal for the profession and industry. Getting a certification is equivalent to getting an academic qualification, you need it to get the job. It also helps you become a true professional in the field, with the right skills and knowledge the course provides you.

But getting your business to fly high requires a lot of hard work. So, be prepared for it and give it your all to achieve the best.