Goodr vs Knockaround: A Battle of the Shades

Sunglasses are a necessity in today’s world, whether it’s for fashion or protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

With so many brands and styles to choose from, it can be tough to decide which ones to invest in. Two popular options on the market right now are Goodr and Knockaround. But which one offers the best quality and value?

In this article, we will compare and contrast Goodr and Knockaround sunglasses to help you make an informed decision about which brand is right for you.

Goodr vs Knockaround Sunglasses – Which one is better to buy?

Goodr sunglasses offer a no-slip, no-bounce fit, and fun designs, but some customers report issues with lenses. While Knockaround sunglasses have a wider range of styles and a lifetime warranty, the fit can be a bit loose. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preference.

Let’s examine both brands more closely.

Goodr Sunglasses

Goodr Sunglasses

Goodr was founded in 2015 by two friends, Stephen Lease, and Ben Abell. They set out to create sunglasses that were both functional and fun, with a focus on affordability. The company’s name is a play on words, combining “good” and “rad”, to reflect their mission of making sunglasses that are both good for athletes and cool to wear.

The company is based in Los Angeles, California, and has a strong focus on sustainability. They use eco-friendly materials in their products and packaging and have partnered with 1% for the Planet to donate a portion of their profits to environmental causes.

Goodr sunglasses are designed to stay in place during physical activity, with features like no-slip rubber grips and lightweight frames. Their polarized lenses offer 100% UV protection and are impact-resistant, making them durable for outdoor adventures. And with their fun designs and affordable prices, Goodr has built a loyal following among runners, cyclists, and other athletes.

Knockaround Sunglasses

Knockaround Sunglasses

Knockaround is a sunglasses brand that was founded in San Diego, California in 2005. The company’s mission is to provide affordable, high-quality sunglasses that are both stylish and durable. Knockaround sunglasses are designed to be worn every day, with frames that can withstand daily wear and tear.

The company offers a wide range of styles and lens options, from classic aviators to trendy round frames. All of their sunglasses feature polarized lenses that provide 100% UV protection, making them a good choice for outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, and biking.

In addition to their standard line of sunglasses, Knockaround offers customization options for those who want to create a unique pair of shades. Customers can choose from a variety of frame colors and lens options to create their own personalized sunglasses.

Knockaround sunglasses are priced affordably, with most pairs costing between $20 and $35. Despite their low price point, Knockaround sunglasses are built to last, with frames that are designed to withstand everyday use.

Shade Showdown: Goodr vs Knockaround 

Goodr and Knockaround are two popular sunglasses brands that are known for their stylish and affordable shades. Here is a breakdown of some of the key features and differences between the two:


Goodr sunglasses have a fun and playful design that’s perfect for active individuals. Their frames come in a variety of bright colors and feature quirky names like “Whiskey Shots with Satan” and “Iced by Yetis.”

Goodr sunglasses also prioritize comfort and performance, with lightweight frames and a no-slip grip that stays put during physical activity. 

On the other hand, Knockaround sunglasses have a more classic and versatile design that can suit various styles, with bold colors and patterns that make a statement.


Both Goodr and Knockaround offer affordable sunglasses that are great value for the price. Most pairs are priced between $25-$35, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers. 

Goodr’s pricing can vary depending on limited edition designs, which can be priced higher than their standard collection. Knockaround’s pricing is more consistent, with a wide range of styles available at the same affordable price point. 

Overall, both brands offer stylish and functional sunglasses at a price that won’t break the bank.


Goodr and Knockaround prioritize durability and use high-quality materials in their sunglasses. Goodr sunglasses are made with impact-resistant lenses and a non-slip grip that keeps them secure during physical activity. 

Knockaround sunglasses also offer a durable construction with sturdy frames and scratch-resistant lenses. 

One key difference is that Knockaround offers a “Lifetime Warranty” on all their shades, covering any damage or defects for the life of the product. This provides customers with added peace of mind and assurance that their shades will last for years to come.

Lens Quality

Goodr sunglasses use polarized lenses that help to reduce glare and provide better clarity in bright conditions. Their lenses also offer UV400 protection to shield eyes from harmful rays. Knockaround sunglasses offer both polarized and non-polarized lenses, with their polarized lenses providing similar benefits to Goodr’s. 

Both brands use high-quality materials in their lenses, with scratch-resistant coatings to ensure they stay clear and functional over time. Overall, both Goodr and Knockaround provide lenses that offer excellent visibility and protection, making them great options for outdoor activities.


Both Goodr and Knockaround are popular budget sunglasses brands that have a significant presence on social media.

Goodr has over 94,000 followers on Instagram and has a strong following on Facebook, with 88,386 people following their page.

On the other hand, Knockaround has a larger Instagram following with 163,000 followers, and an impressive 443,589 people following them on Facebook. 

In terms of Twitter, Knockaround has a larger following with 23.8K followers, while Goodr has 8,368 followers. 

Despite the differences in their social media followings, both brands have successfully leveraged social media platforms to connect with their customers and build a loyal fanbase.

No Retail Outlets 

Both Goodr and Knockaround sell their sunglasses primarily through their respective websites, with no retail outlets.

This direct-to-consumer model allows them to keep their prices affordable by cutting out the middleman. Both brands offer free shipping and returns within the US, as well as international shipping options. 

Additionally, they both have a strong online presence with a variety of social media channels, allowing customers to engage with the brands and stay up to date on new releases and promotions.

Customer Service

Good customer service is crucial when it comes to purchasing sunglasses. Goodr has a reputation for excellent customer service, with a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Knockaround also has a 30-day return policy and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Both brands offer exceptional customer service, making it easy for customers to shop with confidence.

Which Sunglasses Brand Should You Buy: Goodr or Knockaround?

Goodr vs Knockaround

When it comes to choosing between Goodr and Knockaround, there’s no clear winner. Both brands offer quality sunglasses at affordable prices, with unique features that appeal to different types of customers.

 If you’re looking for fun and colorful designs, as well as polarized lenses, Goodr is a great choice. But if you’re interested in customization options and durable frames, then Knockaround might be the better option.

If you’re someone who enjoys outdoor activities like running, hiking, or cycling, then Goodr might be the better choice for you. Their shades are designed for active individuals who need lightweight and comfortable sunglasses that won’t fall off during physical activity.

Closing Thoughts

Both Goodr and Knockaround offer a range of affordable and stylish sunglasses that are perfect for outdoor activities and everyday wear. Goodr is a great choice for those looking for fun and quirky designs, whereas Knockaround is another good choice for those looking for classic and durable styles.

Ultimately, the choice between Goodr vs Knockaround comes down to personal preference and budget.

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