Eyebrow Slit Trends: Styles Ideas For 2022

Have you ever wondered about those cool eyebrow slits that tend to alter your looks drastically? What is your opinion about the shaved lines in your eyebrows? Do you think they are stylish and trendy?

In this article, we will talk about this particular trend of Eyebrow slits and different types of eyebrow slits!

What Is The Eyebrow Slit Trend?

With the growing incursion of social media into our personal lives, the word trend is the way of our daily lives. Celebrities, influencers, and essential trendsetters have become the reason for what we do, how we do it, and why we do things. One of these trends is the cut in the Eyebrow or the Eyebrow Slit Trend.

The Eyebrow Slit Trend entails nothing but eyebrows with Slits, eyebrows with lines, Eyebrow cuts, or shaved lines in Eyebrows. This is usually done as fashion statements or affiliating with a certain sort of aesthetic. Presently this trend has become one of the coolest, neat (if you can manage), and sleek tricks to make oneself stand apart from the crowd and yet be part of one crowd!

What Are Its Origins?

A present trend is that many old styles and fashion symbols are coming back, and the retro is coming back in a revamped manner to create a new fan base in the 21st century. And one of those examples includes Eyebrow slits.

These Eyebrow slits are not at all new in the market. Rather they have been here for decades. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, this was a recognizable symbol in the hip-hop community.

Earlier these cuts in the eyebrows also connoted types of gang affiliation instead of being fashion signs.

How To Get Eyebrow Slits?

Conventionally speaking, the best way to get these lines in the Eyebrow or shave them stylishly will and should involve a visit to your parlor. The reason is the parlors usually employ experienced and professional workers who can safely meet your trendy Eyebrow demands.

Although if you are brave enough and if your hands are extremely steady and moreover if you are confident enough you could try it out by yourself. In most cases, Eyebrow slits require professional razors that need to be used in proper ways to get the cuts just right. Otherwise, electric tweezers are also options that can be explored.

But in both cases, if you are doing it yourself, you need to be careful and stable with your work. I mean, trust me you seriously don’t want to go around with roughly shaved-off eyebrows!

Eyebrow Slit Ideas For Men

Single Slit

This is one of the most common eyebrows with slits you’ll notice among fashion and style enthusiasts. The reason being it is one of the easiest and if you have stable enough hands, you could do it yourself also!

This type of Slit involves a single diagonal or vertical cut towards the end of the Eyebrow. This gives a really cool look and is a great option if you are a beginner in this trend. So if you are just in that exploratory phase, trying to figure out if you should go for it, you can definitely start with this.

Double Slit 

This is for slightly more experienced trend takers who have a decent idea of how to go about with Eyebrow Slit and how it makes them look. The double Slit involves two diagonal or vertical cuts along your Eyebrow. Both these cuts can either be made towards the end of the Eyebrow with a narrow gap between the two or one of them can be made near the end while the other is towards the middle with a broader gap in the middle.

Before going for any of the types, you should look at pictures and digital copies to figure out which type has the potential of enhancing your appearance.

Cross Slits

Now, these cuts are for people with intermediate knowledge of Eyebrow slits. This involves two cuts in the Eyebrow that will cross each other in the middle. For additional styling and if the person doing it is capable enough, this cross Slit can also be done diagonally.

The cross is usually at a distance of 1/3rd from the end. A note about this Slit is that it looks better if you have thick and dark brows. This way the cuts are more pronounced and give an edge to your entire appearance. 

You can style it by adding a jewel in the middle as well!

Slit Joining Into Hairline

This is another popular Eyebrow Slit Trend. This involves single or double vertical or diagonal slits usually towards the end of the eyebrows. Now, these slits are made in a way that is in line with similar slits or long cuts in your hairline.

Your hairline cuts usually start at your forehead and extend to the side of your head as long as you prefer.

Eyebrow Slit Ideas For Women

Single Slits

Single Eyebrow slot Ideas for women are pretty common and even popular. Like men’s, it also involves a single vertical or diagonal Slit on your Eyebrow towards the end. Now, with girls, I personally think that these single slits look best with curved eyebrows.

So if you are a beginner this Eyebrow slit option is for you. Also, getting Eyebrow Slits is a great way of making your eyes stand out. And if you love your eyes and want them to be noticed, this is one style option!

Double Slits

This should be availed by women who know what they are doing and what exactly they want. It involves two vertically or diagonally placed cuts in the Eyebrow. They could be together at the end with a narrow gap in the middle or placed further from each other.

Girls getting this should be careful because if you have shorter eyebrows, especially straight ones, this might not suit you and might look like an overdo. So before doing it, figure out the one that suits you!

Multiple Slits

You should go for this only and only if you are confident about your looks in Eyebrow slits. This involves multiple vertical or diagonal cuts in your eyebrows. Now one notable thing about these cuts is that it looks best on thick and dark eyebrows since it requires a significant amount of hair to be chopped off.

It not only enhances your eye makeup in certain cases, but it also gives a different dimension to your face as well.

Fishtail Slit

Okay, so this is one of the most quirky and stylish Eyebrow slits out there. And yes, it does require a professional stylist or if you are artistic enough and experienced in dealing with Eyebrow cuts, you may try it. A fishtail Slit involves a single diagonal slit towards the end.

To fishtail it, use an Eyebrow pencil to flick up the longer end upwards to give the entire Eyebrow a fishtail look. This too works best on a full and dark Eyebrow to give that perfect look!

Do Slit Eyebrows Grow Back?

Well, ideally Eyebrow hair grows back fully within four to six months, but honestly, it all depends on your own hair growth rate. So yes, Slit eyebrows definitely grow back. It’s just that the time taken may vary for different people and different cuts.

Also, if you shave your Eyebrow Slit, then the hair does start coming back faster, say within a fortnight. Whereas if you tweeze it, then it might take longer for your Slit to grow back into your full-blown original Eyebrow.

Final Words

This is all we had to talk about Slit eyebrows and their types. In 2022 this is an ongoing trend, a fashion symbol, and a style identity. Hope this article helped provide you with the information you were looking for.