Eyebrow Microblading Shapes

Are you concerned about your Eyebrow shapes? Are you confused as to what type of Eyebrow will look good on you? Are you planning on microblading?

To answer you, in this article we have discussed ways to determine the perfect Eyebrow for your face and we have also tried to talk about some popular Eyebrow shapes on different face shapes.

How To Determine The Shape Of Your Eyebrows Correctly?

In this age of social media, people tend to get carried away with seemingly novel and quirky ideas for fashion. While on a broader aspect it’s great and all, sometimes it leads to disasters no one wants on their doorstep..er, face.

In regard to that, if we talk about all the hype about Eyebrow shaping, the first thing you should ensure is that whatever style you go for it has to look good on you, and good in general. Determination of Eyebrow shapes depends on the shape of your face. Differently shaped faces will permit variations of shapes.

You must also look at the thickness and thinness of your brows to get perfectly arched, semi-arched, or flat-shaped eyebrows.

How To Measure Your Eyebrows For Microblading?

So if the perfectly shaped Eyebrow is all about the face it goes with, then it is imperative that we learn how to get symmetrical and proportionate Eyebrows for our faces. For this, a meticulous technique called Eyebrow mapping is used. This technique involves measurement of the eyebrows at different points and tallying them with each other to get that perfect Eyebrow shape.

To do this take a scale and hold it straight from the side of your nostril to just above your nose. The point where it touches should be the beginning of your Eyebrow. Now from the side of the nostril hold the scale diagonally crossing over the middle of the eye. 

The point the scale touches should be the arch of your brow. And then hold the scale from the side of your nose and cross the end of the eye. The point where it touches should be the tail end of the brow.

Now you can repeat the same thing for the lower portion once you have figured out what sort of thickness you want. Once done, then you have to ensure that each of the three points of the brows is equally spaced from each other in both brows. When you have determined this then you can draw out your Eyebrow lines accordingly.

While doing this you will notice that some hairs lie outside the drawn shape and some spaces may be bare inside the drawn space. The extra hair can gently tweeze out and the rest of the gap area can be filled by Microblading. 

Finding the Right Eyebrows For Your Face: If You Have A …

Round Face

In many cases, it is seen that people with round faces may complain that their face looks too small in proportion to their figure. Now although this is not a sure-shot way of dealing with it, trimming your eyebrows in a particular way may give the illusion of a longer face. Browse with relatively high arches can get this job done.

Long Face

The proportion problem occurs here too where the entire face is almost of similar width. So to add width to a particular area, near the eyes, you can work for almost horizontal brows, which gives an illusion of width. And instead of making it just a line, you can curve it upwards at the end which will give you the required lift.

Square Face

If you have a square face that means you have a well-defined jawline. In this case, to give your face curves you can opt for almost straight, thick eyebrows that may or may not be curved towards the end with a soft arch. The horizontal brow provides a widening near the eyes and the curve at the end gives your face further lift.

Rectangular-shaped Face

Now, this is similar to a long face, with the length of the face being way more than the width. So to give your face an asymmetrical look you can go for eyebrows that need not be particularly structured. This gives a fuller look and also eats at some of the forehead space.

You can taper the tail end to give it a curved appearance.

Triangle Face

This means you have a face that has a wider jawline compared to the forehead portion. In this case, brows with slightly rounded arches may be able to provide symmetry. But the arch needs to be soft and without the curves at the end.

Angled arches in this may make your forehead look narrower.

Heart Face

In this kind, you usually have a face that has an exceptionally pointy chin. So to soften that angled chin you can start by softening the curves of your brows. By keeping the softly rounded without any kind of arches or angles you look to balance out your sharp chin if you want.

This too doesn’t require any curve at the end.

Diamond Face

Here you may have the cheek area wider than the forehead and chin portion. In that case, you need brows that will balance it out which can be noticed in softly curved brows. So softly curved brows that may taper towards the end can work out in your favor.

Oval Face

Well, I think this is one of those face shapes that can use almost all sorts of eyebrows. Be it straight and curved at the end, or gently arched or even softly rounded, oval faces seem to go with all these. And depending on your skin tone and your preferences you may keep the thick or thin as you wish.

Final Words

One thing about Eyebrow shaping that cannot be ignored is that you have to do it for yourself without getting carried away by trends. Microblading is really an amazing choice to cover up those light eyebrows, but it is neither long-lasting nor without cons. And if you cannot select the right type of Eyebrow on your face, it might not be worth it even!

That said, we hope this article was helpful in clearing your doubts about Eyebrow Microblading Shapes and what goes with what!