Say NO To Cleaning Eyeglasses With Your Shirt

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You’re just following your daily routine, and realize your eyeglasses are kind of smudgy, foggy, or dirty. You remove them off your eyes and pull your shirt to clean them.

Congratulations! You are on the path of ruining your glasses.

Knowing the fact that the optician sells a special cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth, you’re using your shirt. Why?

Still, confused why cleaning with a shirt was wrong?

Scroll through the article to know why you shouldn’t use your shirt to clean glasses.

Is It Acceptable To Clean Glasses Carelessly?

Taking your lenses for granted is not acceptable at all, right?

But by cleaning them with your shirt, you are unknowingly doing that to them.

Keeping the glasses clean and healthy is extremely important, and using a shirt to clean them is extremely careless. This way you are compromising the quality and life of the lens of your eyeglasses itself.

Careless cleaning can result in permanent damage to your glasses. It can even cause visibility issues to your eyes resulting in the direct problem of heavy straining to your eyes as well.

It is hence important to clean your glasses regularly with the utmost care.

Can i clean my glasses with shirt

Incompatible Fiber

The straight reason why you shouldn’t use your shirt to clean glasses is because of the incompatible fiber. Most of the shirts have a material that is too coarse for the lenses. Such incompatible fiber material can cause scratches to your lenses.

Now if you’re thinking you have a cotton shirt and that it is okay to use that. Yes, clean cotton cloth can be used to clean glasses, but to know why your cotton shirt is not a good idea, read the other reasons below.


Cleaning your eyeglasses with your shirt is just unhygienic! 

Not only it might get dirt or some curry stain off your shirt, but it can also result in the depositing of oil. Since your shirt is in direct contact with your skin, it can cause the transfer of dead skin cells and oil from your skin to your lenses.

Lens Might Pop Out

While cleaning lenses with your shirt, it is very common that the shirt is unable to clean the lenses in one go.

So what do you do?

Do you try harder?

This trying harder and putting more pressure wouldn’t result in a stain-free lens, but can easily cause your lens to pop out! Now it might fall on the ground and break or even if you catch it, congratulations, you have anyway made it worse!

Pandemic Affect

Coming to the undeniable pandemic of COVID-19, yes, it has affected us all and has affected everything, especially your eyeglasses!

When you’re taking care of your hands and sanitizing them regularly, make sure that your glasses are safe too. Do not clean your glasses with your shirt and provide an entire path for the virus to travel from that random table to your eyes.

For this particular reason, it is now all the way more important to not clean your glasses with your shirt.

Why i shouldn't clean glasses with shirt

What To Use To Clean Glasses Instead Of Shirt?

It is advised to use a microfiber cloth which is specifically provided by the opticians for cleaning the eyeglasses. In case, you do not have a microfiber cloth, you can also use a clean piece of cotton cloth to clean glasses (but not your cotton shirt).

Even lens cleaning wipes are a great choice, and are even hygienic, effective, and easy to use, compared to your shirt!

How To Clean Glasses Without Using Your Shirt?

There are a lot of ways by which you can clean glasses without using your shirt. Here are a few which are listed below,

  1. Use the lens cleaner and microfiber cloth method.
  2. Use lens cleaning wipes method.
  3. Use the dish soap and water method.

These three are the most effective and safest options to clean glasses.


If you’re still thinking cleaning your eyeglasses with your shirt is alright, let me tell you a fact. Your shirt anyways cannot clean all the smudges off the lenses, then is it worth causing scratches?

Your cleaning of eyeglasses with a shirt would just cause more scratches, transfer of unhygienic dirt and food particles, and even visibility problems to your precious eyes in time.

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