Difference Between 3D And 5D Lashes

Do you guys also get about the different patterns and types of extensions?

Well, we all know that at least once in a lifetime we try to apply 3D or 5D lashes for a natural look. 

But we don’t know exactly what the heck all these extensions are, as there are so many types of them. 

So you don’t have to worry anymore because today we are going to talk all about 3D and 5d lashes. If you want to know, just go and check out the article ASAP!!!! 

What Are 3D And 5D Lashes?

3D lashes are three-dimensional lashes that are put on natural lashes to create a fuzzy layered end and prevent them from laying flat.

It can look much better with curls, give your lashes a better form, and keep them stuck for a longer amount of time with smooth finishing.

5D lashes are five-dimensional lashes that are used to put a layer on natural eyelashes to achieve gorgeous eye makeup that is more sparkly and dazzling.

These lashes are handmade by the mixing of short and long hairs giving lashes more volume and a fancy look. It looks more glamorous and elegant.

apply 3D And 5D Lashes

Difference Between 3D And 5D Lashes?

Extensions come in several types of varieties 3D, 4D, D, and 6D.

The letter “D” stands for dimension, and the number represents how many extensions you used on your natural lashes.

On your natural lashes, 3D refers to three dimensions per adhesive, while 5D refers to five dimensions per adhesive.

As a result, you can easily apply 5D and 3D extensions to every whole set of your lashes.

The expense of the extension is another distinction to be made. Because they need a little more work, class lashes are much cheaper.

How To Apply 3D And 5D Lashes?

If you don’t know how to apply your 3D or 5D lashes, then you need to check out these few steps –

  1. Firstly, take some mascara and apply it to your natural eyelashes.
  1. You can also apply this after you are done with the placing of your false lashes but later it becomes quite difficult to apply mascara on false lashes. So you can go either way.
  1. Use tweezers to remove your lashes from the pack rather than simply wiping your hands down to remove them because you might easily destroy your lashes.

Hold the lashes up to your eyes with tweezers and make sure they’re thick because you don’t want your lashes to be too long.

  1. Take the glue and put it on the lashes so that you can apply it later.
  1. Let the glue dry for 5 to 10 seconds.
  1. The most crucial step is to gaze down into the mirror when applying your lashes so that you can properly lay them on your natural lashes.
  1. Use the hand you are comfortable with and place it from the middle first and then from the front and back. 
  1. Later you can just apply some mascara for a quick smooth, elegant and beautiful eye look. 
How To Apply Lashes Glue?

How To Apply Lashes Glue?

Do you guys also face trouble while applying lashes? Well, it all starts with not applying the glue properly.

  1. Using a ton of glue is not going to make the lashes more secure and even too much clear glue will show. So unless you want this happening to you make sure you use only a thin strip of glue. 
  1. Allow the adhesive to get tacky for 10 to 15 seconds. If you’ve ever had lashes that slid all over the place or corners that wouldn’t stay there, it’s because you didn’t wait until the glue was tacky.

When you do, wait for the proper amount of time you will find that the corners are much easier to pin down and the lashes stuck more securely at first contact.

  1. Apply extra adhesive to the ends of your lashes to prevent them from lifting. 
  1. Make sure your lash is just above the glue tube. There are times when the adhesive just gushes out and splatters all over your false teeth.

If you hold your glue upright and squeeze it from the bottom, gravity will work against you, giving you less control over the flow of your adhesive.

  1. Even if you squeeze out too much glue, it won’t end up on the lash. If your hands are too unsteady for this procedure, distribute some glue on a clean surface or the back of your hand, then either drag the eyelash to the glue or apply the glue to the lash band with the end of a cosmetics brush.

Regardless of which strategy you utilize, the goal is to apply it carefully.

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What does 5D mean for eyelashes?

5D means five extensions of adhesive applied on the base of your natural eyelashes to give your eyelashes a better and more natural look.

2. What does D mean in 3D?

D means dimension.

3. What are 3D mink lashes?

The cluster-style lashes are called 3D mink lashes which give your eyes a more dramatic look. 

4. How much time should be left for the glue for drying?

10 to 15 seconds. 

How To Apply 3D and 5D Lashes?


So, 5D and 3D lashes offer you a full and much better than falsies look that appears and gives you some kind of glamour and drama.

These lashes are just lash extensions that are adhered to the root of your natural lashes.

Most people go with the 3D volume effect while some choose to go with the 5D volume effect but all this is based on your natural eyelashes, their length, and also the diameter. 

The eyelash extension you used and applied on your natural eyelashes is thinner in diameter therefore it consists of very little weight to your lashes and also includes the adhesive.