Best Costa Sunglasses for Fishing in 2022: Find the Updated List Here

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Costa Del Mar has been providing industry-leading sunglasses specifically designed for fishermen by fishermen based in Costa, Florida.

For many years, they stay on top of their game by helping fellow fishermen have the best fishing experience ever by providing sunglasses that is both functional and stylish.

They have come up with a variety of styles. All of these are carefully crafted not just to create the best sunglasses to protect the fishermen but also aimed to produce products with a reduced carbon footprint to protect the ocean.

Let’s talk about the best Costa sunglasses for fishing that you should check out today.

Best Costa Sunglasses for Fishing

Costa Sunglasses for Fishing

Costa Diego Sunglasses

The Diego sunglasses was named after fishermen’s favorite fishing spot in San Diego. It is part of Costa’s Core collection which is made to thrive on the water.

It features Costa’s patented 580 lens technology developed to filter out the yellow tones and light on the environment to cut out brightness and glares.

Similarly, it enhances the red, green, and blue hues to sharpen the contrast of the view creating a clearer vision of the water when fishing.

The 580G lightwave glass highlights a six-layer construction designed to provide superior clarity. The glass layers give you the clearest vision perfect for fishing.

On the other hand, the layers in between the glass layers protect the sunglasses from getting scratched and damaged for a longer-lasting product.

It is also designed to be 20% thinner and 22% lighter than regular polarized sunglasses for maximum comfort.

Besides these, the Diego sunglasses incorporated an innovative vented spring hinge system to promote airflow.

It also has sweat management channels to wick away any moisture around the sunglasses so it doesn’t slip off while fishing.

These sunglasses have flexible, strap-ready temple tips, and top and side shield details. Thanks to these features, it gives off the best coverage to eliminate even the slightest light leak.

On top of these, the Costa sunglasses have a large frame size and the frame fit can accommodate people with wide face shapes.

Costa Fantail Sunglasses

The Fantail sunglasses are another perfect pairing for Costa’s 580P lens technology.

It’s heavy-duty and durable sunglasses so if you’re looking for high-performance sport fishing sunglasses, this thing will not budge.

The frame of these sunglasses is made with TR 90 Nylon developed to take on the violent waves and harsh environment. Despite the durable construction, it is also incredibly lightweight for unparalleled comfort.

Additionally, it uses a Hydrolite material which keeps the sunglasses in place and provides a lot of grip around the frame especially on the nose bridge and temple areas.

It fits snug to the face to ensure it doesn’t go anywhere no matter how harsh the waves are.

It also holds nicely to the skin despite the water, oil, or sweat that can accumulate around the frame. Even if you move around while fishing, these sunglasses will stay put all day.

The Fantail sunglasses feature an 8-base design providing the maximum coverage possible.

It efficiently covers the eyes to prevent water, wind, or dirt from entering for an unhindered view when fishing. It also helps in cutting off the bright sun glares.

These sunglasses have a smaller frame fit and size but give a cool look to anyone wearing it. It is also a little heavier but provides more resistance to scratch and impact.

Costa Waterwoman Sunglasses 

For active woman anglers on the go, Costa introduces the Waterwoman sunglasses just for you.

These polarized plastic sunglasses utilize Costa’s 580P lens technology. It features the same six-construction as their 580G technology but instead of glass layers, these have polycarbonate lenses.

The polycarbonate combined with Trivex construction is the lightest weight lens material construction that Costa uses. It is also more durable and significantly more impact and scratch-resistant.

Apart from this, it features integrated Hydrolite accents placed on the nose and temple areas which provides more grip and support.

Even if you sweat or get wet, these sunglasses will just keep getting tackier providing even more grip to keep the sunglasses firmly on the face.

The frame is made with Bio-resin Nylon which gives the sunglasses a translucent and glossy look and finish.

Likewise, they also provide extreme durability to it to withstand the harsh environment and the saltwater from ruining the sunglasses while fishing.

The Costa Waterwoman sunglasses have a narrower frame fit to accommodate most woman sizes. It can get a little tight if you have a wider face shape.

Nevertheless, these provide a tight yet comfortable feel perfect for active women.

Besides that, it has a medium frame size which offers sufficient coverage and protection. It also has flattering angled temples that can pass not only as sport fishing sunglasses but also trendy and attractive enough to wear as fashion sunglasses.

How to choose costa sunglasses for fishing

Final Thoughts

Costa Del Mar has proven its reputation as one of the leading brands that offer the best fishing sunglasses. That’s why no matter which sunglasses you choose by Costa, you are sure to enjoy them.

Many fishermen love the variations of stylish and trendy designs offered by Costa.

Besides that, Costa works to constantly innovate and develop technologies to incorporate into their products to better understand their customers’ needs.

It all comes down to your personal preferences so make sure to check out the products mentioned above.

Also, if you want to look at some other alternatives besides Costa, check out this article for the best Mauji Jim sunglasses for fishing and let us know what you think below.

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