Costa Del Mar vs. Maui Jim: An Updated Comparison for 2022

Going to a beach never loses its charm.

The sparkling blues of the waters are reflected by whatever color the sky has at the time, either painting it with soft pink, warm orange, fierce red, or royal purple.

A beach is Mother Nature’s many treasures.

Indeed, it would be a shame to miss out on it, especially if the sun’s glare is your enemy in the summer.

That is why, with this article on Costa Del Mar vs Maui Jim, you’ll learn how these two strive to help you enjoy the sights to the fullest!

About Costa Del Mar

Fish Out of Water

The late Ray Ferguson already had many business ventures before founding the Costa Del Mar, although many came from automobile experiences.

Until 1983, he came upon Dayton Beach, Florida, with decades of this mentioned experience in his belt to be one of the first to produce polarized sunglasses.

Here, he nurtured Costa Del Mar, and many resident fishers and surfers became its fans as they’re more than familiar with the harsh sun.

With this positive reception, Costa Del Mar eventually gives back to marine life and its aquatic environment by cooperating with researchers and charities that preserve nature’s wonders.

About Maui Jim

Colors and Everything in Between

As Hawaii is famous for its sunny beaches, you bet the sun there will be especially harsh on anyone unused to the tropics. 

And that is how Maui Jim was born.

Designed for the intense glare and harmful UV, Maui Jim started as a small company in 1980 on Ka’anapali beach in Lahaina, Maui (hence, its name), providing you with polarized lenses to protect from any of that without losing the vibrancy of colors all around you. 

If anything, Maui Jim strives to enhance those colors even more since there’s so much of it the world is offering to you on a silver platter, just waiting to be seen!

Comparison Between Costa Del Mar vs. Maui Jim

Costa Del Mar & Maui Jim

Life in Color

Maui Jim wins this round by a landslide.

It does well with its “Maui Jim Philosophy” when it works alongside the sunlight instead of against it.

While, yes, Costa Del Mar does well in protecting your eyesight through its polarized lenses, but you won’t be able to get much out of them with how it dulled the colors around you for your protection.

And the beaches are known for their vibrancy, only highlighted even more by the sun.

This is what Maui Jim wants you to see and appreciate through its engineered lens technology, the PolarizedPlus2 lens.

Other than providing UVA and UVB protection, Maui Jim’s lenses are also adaptable to whatever conditions you favor in being when it offers you options for varying levels of scratch and shatter resistance, along with clarity.

Besides those features, Maui Jim even gives you a long list of styles for your picking, 125 of them, to be exact! 

Pair this with colored lenses, and you’ll be having the sun as your spotlight!

What More Can They Offer?

On the other hand, if you’re looking for, let’s say, “long-term,” Costa Del Mar scores a point.

You’ve read the last category about Maui Jim’s mission to protect your sight from the sun while making you appreciate nature’s real colors, but Costa Del Mar looks beyond that.

Costa’s polarized eyewear has much more depth than you’d expect it to have, and that’s because each purchase you have on Costa supports its cause.

That cause helps in preserving natural life in the waters and the environment, even reducing whatever damage already inflicted by humans.

Comparison between Costa Del Mar & Maui Jim

How Much Do They Cost?

Of course, although the intentions are admirable, the expenses are inevitably high, which is why Maui Jim takes the lead once again.

One of Costa Del Mar’s approaches is the “Kick Plastic Initiative.” Meaning it doesn’t use plastic in its eyewear at all.

Instead, it uses a bio-based resin extracted from castor plants as base material. With this, it reduces emissions and the overall carbon footprint if you’re going to compare it with plastic usage.

This kind of tech leads to Costa’s prices reaching beyond $200, which should be at par with some “trendy” brands out there.

Meanwhile, Maui Jim uses either acetate or metals in its frames, therefore costing it just below $100; maybe around $70 if not given any prescriptions.

So Finally, Which Brand is Better?

As you can see, Maui Jim wins fair and square.

Given its patented lens technology and reasonable price, those trendy brands out there will have a run for their money!

Its genuine desire to make you realize there’s more vibrancy than what meets the eye earns this win. If that’s not enough, it has you enjoy a variety of colors to choose from for you to rival these vibrant colors you’re seeing.

But that doesn’t mean Costa Del Mar is any lesser than Maui Jim!

Maybe if your budget allows it, you’ll be able to contribute to something more instead of handing your money over to fast fashion.

Through Costa Del Mar, you’ll be able to help when you don’t know where to start, and putting your first step here does help a lot.

Final Thoughts

Between Costa Del Mar vs Maui Jim, both deserve to be considered as your options since they both benefit you, in a way.

Through their eyewear, you’ll be able to enjoy strutting down the beach, even with the sun beating down on you while you have fun with their creation.

Then, you’ll be able to realize what they’re trying to show you, which should be far more rewarding already other than the support you gave on either one of them!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair today!

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