C Curl V/S D Curl

Nowadays eyelash extensions are becoming popular among ladies for their convenient uses like don’t need to apply mascara and still looking pretty. 

But what about the ladies who never got their lashes extended before?

Well, if you had decided to get your extensions done but are still confused about which curl, or if you probably have enough knowledge, then dear pretty lady you came to the right place. 

Just go and check out the article below to get all the solutions to your problem.

What Is C Curl?

When people out there want a slight curl in their natural lash they intend to go for a C curl.

C curl creates an open-eye effect look and is the most commonly used curl among many people due to its versatility among different lashes. Although this does not open up your mind that much.

If you are not sure which curl to use, it’s better and safer to go with the C curl as it provides a natural look to your eyes.

What Is D Curl?

When people want their curl in a more dramatic and lifted look they intend to go for D curl.

D curl is also the most popular type of curl and it is mostly from the front side. They define and open up your eyes. It has upward-sloping and deep curl types. 

It makes your eyes look more elegant and gorgeous with that dramatic look that ensures your power and strength. 

Which lash extension is Better In General?

Which Is Better For Hooded Eyes?

The eyelids of the person with hooded eyes can extend out over the base of the natural lash. Usually, the lash line disappears under the lid and lashes get tucked under and the base almost gets hidden.

People with hooded eyes should avoid using the C curl and D curl as they will be the strong curl for their eyes and as a result, the tip will almost bend into the lid due to excessive curl and resulting in an unnatural look. This can even discomfort you.

Instead, choose the curl which can extend the hood of the lid before curling the lash. A curl with a straight base curls the middle and tip of the extension such as L and L+ or M curls. 

Which Is Better In General?

The curl which matches most people’s lashes is the C curl. They give the eyes a more natural look that looks dazzling.

It provides a more lifted and open-eye effect a little, which looks gorgeous. It helps to make lovely lashes by curling them with an eyelash curler.

On the other hand, the D curl gives a dramatic look. It lifts the eye and gives a visible look. D curl creates doll-like lashes for a more attentive and dramatic look. 

It is often recommended to people who want their lashes to extremely open up their eyes. As a result, the C curl is the better curl.

Which lash extension is the best

Which Is More Popular?

The most common curl among individuals is the C-curl.

Most people refer to this C curl because it creates an open-eye effect with a beautiful natural look without even appearing with the dramatic look which the D curl provides. 

Eyes with a C curl look more smooth and elegant.

The reason why D curl is still not so popular is that it is still gaining popularity as the trend is nearly about to have more lift and visible lash lines with a dramatic and attractive kind of eye look.  

How To Use Hybrid C Curl And D Curl Extension?

  1. First, use a foam cleanser and start cleaning the eyes before you get started with the application. 

This helps to last longer because if there is a little bit of makeup residue on natural body oils, it gets in the way of the glue, and then it doesn’t last as long.

  1. Use micro brushes to prime your eyes. So make sure you do one micro bush from the below and one micro brush from the above and go ahead and prime the lashes. 

At this point it can get wet or moist, so make sure you dry it after or before you start the application. 

  1. Later use the eye patches and keep down your bottom lashes. This will not let your lash stick to the top. But make sure the natural lashes are sandwiched between the under eye-patch and the tape.

Make sure you remove the tape first and the under-eye patch. Don’t just remove the whole thing together or else you are going to wax the bottom lashes. 

  1. Make sure the lashes must be C and D curl mega volume lashes. So the lashes are placed from shortest to longest on the silicone pad just to help us guide and easy to know where to place them. 
  1. Write down the mapping on the patch for ease to go with these extensions. 
  1. The way of doing hybrid eyelashes is first to go in there and put all of the classic lashes. Just put one eyelash extension on top of the natural lash and that’s what makes it classic.
  1. Never put an eyelash more than double the thickness of the natural lashes.
  1. Inner corners are hard to do and outer corners for most people but the more you practice the better you get. 
  1. Once you are done with the application, give a fuller effect to add some volume lashes. 
  1. Take your time to adjust the tip of the lashes. 
  1. If you want the natural look then, don’t go too much longer than their natural length.
  1. Once you are done with that, make sure to dry all the eyelashes as well as you can to make sure they are fully dry so that nothing gets stuck together later on. 
  1. It takes about two hours for them to be finally set and come to the result. 
Which lash extension is popular

Tips To Know About Your Eyes

  1. Know about your eyes whether they are small, large, or medium.
  1. Remember if you are allergic to certain materials.
  1. Your tolerance level for upkeep.
  1. Know about the color of your eyes. 
  1. Recognize whether your eyes are round, almond, projecting, or downturned.
  1. Know the length of your curl, and also the volume. 
  1. Know about the type of eyes you have such as hooded or monolid or any other type. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. Which one is better: C or D curl?

C curl is more popular. 

  1. Difference between C and D curl?

C curl is more likely to be natural whereas D curl is a more dramatic look. 

  1. Which curl is more popular?

Each curl is meant to be for its special features but currently, the C curl is more popular. 

  1. What is the greatest lash style for hooded eyes?

Lashes in sizes L and L+.

Tips To Know About Your Eyes


If you decide to go with eyelash extension it provides you the classic, dramatic, natural, or fuller lashes without any effort. 

It manages to save you time too by not applying eye makeup. If your extensions are done correctly, they can last for a longer period with great looks without damaging the natural lashes

If you want the extension all good, visit a good certified lash expert and keep following some good care tips for the eyelash extension. By following all this, you will have the most beautiful, natural, and fresh look, which other makeup products can’t give you.