Best Snowmobile Goggles for 2022: Updated List for Your Winter Fun!

Scarves, fur coats, beanies, knee boots – these are some of the most awaited winter clothes that one can’t wait to wear, especially that it’s winter time again.

I sure know that a lot of you will go snowmobiling, and you don’t have to choose for the right snowmobile only – you also need the best snowmobile goggles to ensure your safety while enjoying your snowmobile experience. 

Snowmobile goggles don’t only keep your vision clear, but they also are essential gear for protection.

Wearing them is the best way to keep yourself guarded while enjoying yourself, and we chose the best snowmobile goggles for you.

This guide will make it easier for you to select your preferred safety goggles for winter.

Best Snowmobile Goggles for 2022

Best Snowmobile Goggles

509 Sinister X6 Ignite Goggles

Snowmobiling in the snow is an enjoyable way for transportation (if you intend to do so) unless you own goggles that do not work for the winter.

If you want heated snowmobile goggles, you might want to check out the Sinister X6 Ignite Goggle. It has an ignited heat dual-lens technology that features the most expansive field of view when you are using them.

Not only does it have the premium dual-pane lens, but it also includes fog-free performance to keep the mist away from interrupting your view.

The single button ignition has the automatic 120 seconds mode and the “Always On” mode. With only a single push of the button, the entire inner lens surface heats up to 104°F that can last up to 5 hours, led by the strap-mounted rechargeable lithium-ion power pack.

Heating the goggles’ surface is essential for snowmobilers or sledders because it prevents moisture buildup on their vision. It keeps the view clear, most especially that these goggles offer the largest field of view when worn. 

Winter this 2022 can be a lot more fun if you go snowmobiling with your group.

These goggles fit right on your face; however, the dark ops tint may be too dull for some people to see what’s in front of them.

509 Aviator 2.0 Goggles

Another powerful snowmobile goggle for your whole heartfelt experience is the Aviator 2.0 Goggles.

These goggles have one of the most advanced optics that you will never regret having if you are genuinely a fan of snowmobiling.

It combines the maximum field of vision with an optical clarity of a toric lens shape that makes your job easier while riding the snowmobile.

These goggles have a fast and easy 5MAG magnetic lens change system, which gives you a quick-change experience to save your time from spending too long for a lens change.

Yes, these goggles give you a broad view of vision, but what can you do about it if your eyes yourself are damaged?

Does the expansive vision help in making your vision look clear? Of course not. But luckily, these goggles can accommodate prescription glasses underneath.

Now you have a nice view without distractions, and you can also see the snow clearly because you can use your prescription glasses while wearing the goggles.

These goggles can fit perfectly with 509 helmets while having different tints. These tints are used in various conditions. It can be cloudy, partly cloudy, or sunny, and there can be low light too.

However, despite the different goggle lens conditions, too bad there’s no night vision.

Klim Viper Snow Goggles

Klim is a famous brand that engages in winter sports products. Their Viper Snow Goggles were made with durable construction that increased the ventilation of the goggles from their previous models.

These snow goggles include the FOV+ Geometry feature, in which every dimension of the snow goggles has been engineered meticulously to deliver the most unobtrusive peripheral field of view.

Once you put these goggles on, every component of the Viper goggle surface disappears from your vision, including the frame and the foam system, including anti-microbial technology.

This feature means their intense engineering allows users to feel comfortable with what they see while having the most apparent field of view.

The Gemin-Eye Anti-Fog technology allows every rider to withstand extreme conditions, and Klim first offers this feature.

The entire inner lens is dipped into the GeminEYE formula to become a dual shield against fog up to 3X longer than the usual competitor lenses. 

The dual-pane lens is made with a scratch-resistant polycarbonate outer with a UV protection inner, protecting your eyes from harmful sun rays.

Although you can use these snowmobile goggles in different conditions, the sun glare may affect your clear vision on sunny days, depending on your tolerance. But no worries, you are protected from the UV rays.

FXR Pilot Goggles

If you want snowmobile goggles that you can wear without a nose piece, you should consider buying FXR Pilot Goggles.

It has a removable nose piece that you can detach anytime you want for your comfort, and it also has ridged outriggers and a soft frame that would make a perfect fit for your eyes with enough tension.

This one can be your go-to goggles for your year-round riding, either in the mud or snow.

These snowmobile goggles have 3D contoured triple-density face foam, which does not irritate the skin when worn, and is curved along with your shape.

The moisture-wicking face fabric contributes to these goggles’ breathability because your sweat won’t be much of a concern when you put the goggles on.

It also has a premium strap with an FXR silicone grip to fasten the goggles with the proper tightness and not fall off your face when you go snowmobiling.

The Clearidium technology is their anti-fog oversized, impact-resistant, and polycarbonate single lens to keep your vision clear while riding.

It also comes with a spare Clearidium dual-layer, with an anti-fog clear lens included.

The lens coatings include premium anti-scratch and UV protection to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.

Castle X Trace Snow G2 Goggles

The Castle X Trace G2 snow goggles are made with a flexible polyurethane frame with a custom oversized triple stage.

It also possesses a custom-molded rubberized nose guard that protects your nose area from excessive wind and debris that flies in the air while riding your snowmobile.

Worry less because replacements are also available for the nose guard – you can utilize them all you want.

These snow goggles have an anti-fog and anti-scratch feature, in which the dual-pane mirrored lenses are replaceable.

These features can provide clarity of view when worn, and expect no hindrance on what you see along the way you’re moving forward to.

These good snowmobile goggles highlight the silicone beaded strap, which ensures enough grip and proper strap placement on the face.

This way, you can ensure your goggles are enclosed properly without compressing your skin, and no irritation will occur after use.

Since the lens needs proper handing of care, manufacturers included a microfiber carry bag, in which the microfiber provides subtle and smooth touch on the lens that does not harshly clean them.

The microfiber provides vision clarity after usage and does not damage the lens.

Despite good characteristics, these snowmobile goggles may be hectic to wear on sunny days.

Things to Consider when Buying Goggles for Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is fun, especially if you have the proper gear worn on your body.

Sledders consider the quality of the equipment they have, and maybe you are still new from being a meticulous buyer of gear.

Don’t worry because we will tell you the factors to consider when buying goggles for snowmobiling.

Once you grasp this section, you will get the gist of the goggles you’re looking for.


The goggles’ strap may be underrated for some, but to be honest, this is one of the most crucial parts of buying snowmobile goggles.

What holds the goggles’ frame on and lens on your face is through the strap. When you choose snowmobile goggles, ensure that the strap has a durable quality.

A good strap for snowmobiling is the one that provides grip when worn, and it doesn’t matter if it has silicone or not.

So long as the strap doesn’t loosen up after prolonged use, it is good to go, and you might want to consider buying it.


When we talk about functionality, we are talking about the capability of each snow goggle and what they can offer their users.

Mind you that not all goggles are heated. It is unnecessary to buy heated snowmobile goggles, but these goggles can benefit you in feeling comfortable when you wear them.

Different goggles have different functionalities, and here comes the choice of which goggles you want to purchase.

Just ensure they have the basic needs goggles should have for snowmobiling, the anti-fog feature.

Since you are riding during winter, sledders should avoid fog and mist from your view to ensure you can see where you’re going.

If goggles don’t have an anti-fog feature, you might as well remove them from your list of choices.

top snowmobile goggle review

Nose Guard

Nose guards might be a small matter, but they play a significant role in giving you comfort during snowmobile rides.

Ensure that the nose guard is not too small or too big. It should be within your nose size because those that do not fit your size might cause disturbance of breathing or might as well fog your lenses.

If the snowmobile goggles you have include ventilation, you should consider buying them to keep you protected while being cozy during your rides.

Final Words

Now that you have read and absorbed our quick reviews about the different snowmobile goggles you can use, it’s now time to choose which one fits your preference the most.

We have chosen the best snowmobile goggles available in the market to narrow down your choices.

You should consider each factor carefully so your investment will be worth the price and the enjoyable memories you will create.

Snowmobile goggles have different purposes, and it’s always up to you on which one you will purchase.

You would not regret your choice if you knew the factors that affect the function of the goggles.

Hopefully, this article helped you visualize your choice for wintertime usage.

Good luck in finding your favorite snowmobile goggles!

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