Best Snowmobile Goggles for 2023: Updated List for Your Winter Fun!

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Tired of using low-quality, below-average goggles for snowmobiling?

I got you! This article is going to tell you about various different types of goggles that excel in different categories. 

Choose from the category you find the best for you and there you have it, your ideal snowmobile goggles!

Our Team’s Best Snowmobile Goggles Picks

Best Overall Snowmobile Goggles – 509 Sinister X6 Goggles

Best Budget Snowmobile Goggles – 100% Racecraft 2 Snowmobile Goggles

Best Heated Snowmobile Goggles – 509 Aviator 2.0 Ignited Goggles

Best OTG Goggles – Akaso OTG Snow Goggles

Best Goggles For Snowmobiling

Best Overall Snowmobile Goggles

509 Sinister X6 Goggles

best overall snowmobile goggles

The 509 Sinister X6 goggles are a premium choice for snowmobile and snow bike enthusiasts, offering a flock of features that better your overall snow sports experience. They are crafted with a durable polycarbonate frame and can withstand any condition of the environment. The wide field of that helps you to have an extensive view of the nearby slopes.

A feature that you’d be drooling for is the triple-treated Anti-Fog technology, ensuring clear vision even in the most challenging weather conditions. Its reduced lens distortion and minimized glare further ensure an unobstructed view. Additionally, for the people who have to wear vision correction glasses, the goggles are designed to be OTG-ready.

The 509 Sinister X6 goggles prioritize optical clarity and contrast, enhancing the vibrant colors of the winter landscape. Their abrasion-resistant properties ensure long-lasting performance. While lacking Night Vision technology, these goggles remain a reliable and trustworthy choice for snow sports enthusiasts seeking top-notch performance, protection, and comfort. 


1. Expansive field of view. 

2. Triple-treated, anti-fog technology.

3. OTG-appropriate (Over-the-glass)

4. Enhances optical clarity and contrast.

5. Affordable and budget-friendly, accessible to a large audience.


1. No Night Vision technology.

2. Possible fit issues for people with small faces.

Best Budget Snowmobile Goggles

100% Racecraft 2 Snowmobile Goggles

Top snowmobile goggles

The 100% Racecraft 2 snowmobile goggles have a robust construction with a Polycarbonate (PC) frame and Polycarbonate lenses, ensuring durability and impact resistance to withstand the harsh conditions of snowmobiling. The goggles are equipped with Anti-Fog Coating, which prevents fogging and ensures clear vision even in the most challenging weather conditions, providing an uninterrupted view of the snowy landscape.

One notable feature is the Interchangeable Lenses, allowing users to adapt their goggles to various light conditions by swapping lenses effortlessly. This versatility ensures that the goggles perform optimally regardless of the weather, making them suitable for a wide range of snowmobiling environments.

For extra protection, the Racecraft 2 goggles come with a unique Removable Nose Guard. This ensures that the goggles remain securely in place during extensive snowmobile rides.

This feature is to die for. The Insulating Face Foam features an impenetrable layer, keeping the rider’s face warm and shielded from icy winds and freezing temperatures. The oversized foam also provides a comfortable fit, preventing cold air from seeping into the goggles’ interior.

The features of the Racecraft 2 goggles are never-ending. They also have the Vented Dual Pane Lens. The strategically placed upper vents facilitate air circulation, forcing fresh air in and channeling moisture out. This intelligent ventilation system significantly reduces fogging. The huge plus point of these goggles is that you’ll never be worried about the goggles getting fogged up. 


1. Cheap, costs a little more than $70.

2. Anti-Fog Coating prevents fogging.

3. Interchangeable Lenses provide versatility, allowing users to adapt to different light conditions without investing in multiple goggles.

4. Removable Nose Guard enhances stability.

5. Insulating Face Foam keeps the face warm.


1. Limited lens tint options.

2. Bulkier design might not suit everyone’s face shape or preferences.

3. May not accommodate prescription glasses wearers due to the design and fit.

Best Heated Snowmobile Goggles

509 Aviator 2.0 Ignited Goggles

the best snowmobile goggles

The Polycarbonate snowmobile goggles, equipped with Ignite Toric lenses, provide exceptional clarity and performance for snow sports enthusiasts. These goggles feature a Polycarbonate (PC) frame and lens. 

The toric lenses incorporate various different coatings which enhance the functionality of the goggles. Some of these are the anti-scratch, and oleophobic coatings, that enhance visual clarity and protect the lens from damage.

Coming to the feature that marks its incredibility, is the heated goggles. The ITO inner lens serves a crucial role in combating fogging issues by effectively warming the inner lens and driving off moisture. This feature ensures that the rider maintains clear vision, even in adverse weather conditions, resulting in a safer and more enjoyable experience on the slopes.

There’s a remarkable and thoughtful update in the design, which is the relocation of the Ignite S1 battery pack to the left side, easily accessible to the brake hand. This adjustment allows for convenient control and access. The Auto mode and ON mode provide flexibility in managing battery life, offering users more control over their goggles’ functionality and ensuring optimal performance during extended use.

Wanna hear more details? Because the features don’t end just here! The goggles offer versatility with easily replaceable lenses, catering to various preferences and light conditions. Users can choose from a broad assortment of lens tints, including polarized, photochromatic, ignite, or Fuzion lenses, allowing for customization to match specific riding environments.


  1. Very Durable  
  2. Outstanding as heated goggles for snowmobiling
  3. Best anti-fogging features
  4. Convenient battery pack placement
  5. Versatile, easily replaceable lenses


  1. Very very high price, costing above $300. Which leads to limited accessibility for budget-conscious buyers
  2. Higher maintenance costs. 

Best OTG Goggles

Akaso OTG Snow Goggles

what are the best snowmobile sunglasses?

The people who have vision correction glasses, are you surprised? Well, this is a gift for you! The AKASO OTG goggles offer an innovative and convenient design, making them an excellent choice for those who wear prescription glasses. With a rimless frame made of durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material, these goggles are not only strong and flexible but also lightweight, ensuring a comfortable fit during extended wear on the slopes.

One of the standout features of the AKASO OTG goggles is their innovative interchangeable lens system. The extra-large spherical lens is securely held in place. This unique design not only provides a panoramic view but also allows for easily switching lenses when needed.

Snowboarders and skiers who wear prescription glasses will appreciate the excellent helmet compatibility of these goggles as well. The curved and optimized frame is specifically designed to ensure a seamless fit with various helmet styles. This feature enables the goggles to stay securely in place even during high-speed rides down the slopes.

Moreover, the AKASO OTG goggles excel in providing crisp and clear vision on the slopes. The double-layer lens design, combined with a high-performance hydrophilic coating on the inner side, minimizes the chances of fogging, even in varying weather conditions. Venting windows located at the top and bottom of the goggles ensure efficient air circulation, further enhancing fog-free vision and clarity.

The large size of the goggles offers ample space for prescription glasses to fit comfortably inside, making them highly compatible for those who require corrective eyewear. 


  1. Innovative interchangeable lens design
  2. Incredibly cheap in cost considering all the wonderful features it is providing. A pair will cost you less than $50!
  3. Anti-fog double-layer lens


  1. Large sizes may be incompatible with smaller faces.
  2. The lens-switching system might be complex for some people

Other Great Snowmobile Goggles

Oakley Flight Deck Goggles 

which are the best snowmobile goggles

The Oakley Flight Deck snowmobile goggles are a top-of-the-line choice for snow sports enthusiasts that have an unmatchable performance and sharp design. These goggles are crafted with precision and attention to detail. It’s Oakley, after all!

The Flight Deck goggles feature a frameless design, offering a wide and unobstructed field of view. This is a cherry on top for better peripheral vision and a truly immersive snowmobiling experience. The rimless construction allows for smooth fittings with helmets, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit during high-speed rides on the slopes.

One of the standout features of the Oakley Flight Deck goggles has a very innovative lens technology. Oakley’s very own Prizm lens enhances contrast and clarity, optimizing visibility in various light conditions. Whether it’s bright sunny days or overcast weather, the Prizm lenses adapt within themselves to provide optimal vision and accurate color perception, helping users read the terrain with precision.

The goggles also boast excellent anti-fog capabilities, thanks to Oakley’s advanced venting system. The discreetly placed vents at the top of the lens facilitate efficient air circulation, reducing the chances of fogging and maintaining clear vision throughout your riding hours. 

It has a three-layer foam padding that provides a plush and snug fit, effectively flicking away moisture and ensuring comfort during extended wear. 


  1. Wide field of view
  2. Prizm lens technology compatible with all weather conditions
  3. A unique anti-fog venting system


  1. High price. A pair is priced at around $180.
  2. Potential fit issues for smaller faces

Klim Edge Frameless Snow Goggles

what are the best snowmobile goggles?

The Klim Edge Frame goggles are designed to provide snow sports enthusiasts with an exceptional visual experience. With a rimless frame type, these goggles allow users to fully immerse themselves in their winter adventures. The frameless design also reduces snow buildup and ensures a clear view even during heavy snowfall.

One of the standout features of the Klim Edge Frame goggles is the quick-release magnetic slide lock Lens retention system. It ensures effortless and secure lens changes, enabling users to adapt to changing light conditions quickly. The impact-rated cylindrical lens incorporates an anti-scratch quick-release feature, ensuring durability and clear vision, even in strong environments.

Additionally, the Klim Edge Frame goggles feature a debossed nose area, providing a secure and comfortable fit without restricting your breathing. The goggles seal effectively against the face, preventing cold air from entering and reducing fogging.

Moreover, the goggles are equipped with a scratch-resistant coating, enhancing their overall durability and longevity. The Klim Edge Frame goggles prove to be a reliable option for snow sports enthusiasts seeking an enhanced and enjoyable winter experience.


  1. Triple Layer Face Foam that ensures ultimate comfort.
  2. OTG compatible
  3. Magnetic lens changing system.


  1. Limited frame color options.
  2. Not suitable for small face sizes.
  3. Expensive compared to basic goggles.

Fly Racing Zone Pro Snow Goggles

snowmobile goggles the best ones

The Fly Racing Zone Pro Snow Goggles are a great choice for snow sports enthusiasts. The full-rim frame, constructed with Polyurethane (PU) and Polycarbonate (PC), ensures durability and impact resistance to withstand rigorous winter activities.

These goggles come with a dual-pane polycarbonate snow lens that has premium anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings. This lens technology guarantees clear vision, even in challenging weather conditions, providing a safe and enjoyable snowmobiling experience.

Comfort is a priority for the Fly Racing Zone Pro Snow Goggles. The adjustable double buckle strap allows for easy goggle tension adjustment, ensuring a secure fit for different head sizes. The premium multilayer face foam enhances moisture management and creates a tight seal, preventing cold air from seeping in and reducing fogging.


  1.  Affordable costing below $100. 
  2.  Adjustable double buckle strap
  3.  Multilayer face foam for comfort


  1.  May not be suitable for prescription glasses wearers
  2.  May not fit smaller face sizes

Choose from the category you find the best for you and there you have it, your ideal snowmobile goggles!

Features To Look Out For While Buying Good-Quality Snowmobile Goggles

Snowmobile Goggles

Fishing out the right snowmobile goggles can be one difficult task. Especially when you’re not just randomly buying but need to inspect all the features before you buy them. And that is necessary because your safety is put at stake. Don’t you think snowmobiling is a risky sport? Thus, here are some key features to keep in mind while shopping for snowmobile goggles:

Lens Technology

This need not be told, this is common sense. The goggles should have advanced lens technology that offers clear vision, anti-fog properties, and UV protection. If it has an anti-fog coating, then it’s better than the rest. Because you need as much protection from fog as possible. 


This is a very very significant feature of snowmobile goggles. It is not a snowmobile goggle if it doesn’t have a good ventilation system. It is crucial to prevent fogging, especially during intense riding sessions. Check for free airflow in the goggles before buying them.

Foam Padding

If, by any chance, your trip down the hills, who do you think would save you? Actually, what do you think is going to save you? A high-quality, multi-layered foam padding. It will save your head from getting hurt, striking out the risks of memory loss or brain hemorrhage. The foam padding helps create a comfortable seal around your face while absorbing moisture and sweat.

Frame Material

The material of the frame determines the durability of the goggles. Choose a frame material that emits both flexibility and strength. Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate are two materials that are very strong materials for the frame.

Lens Tint

I have mentioned in one of my other articles what colored lenses you need with respect to the condition you’re riding in. Different lens tints work better in specific light conditions, so make sure that you buy lenses of only that type that are compatible with the environment you’re snowmobiling in. There are goggles that come with interchangeable lenses to adapt to changing conditions so you don’t have to halt your activities when the weather changes.

Compatibility with Helmet

If your goggles are larger than your helmet, then what’s the use of even buying them? Since you need to wear the goggles inside the helmet, make sure that the goggles are neither very small nor very big. 

Now that we know all the necessary features that we need in snowmobile goggles.

Final Thoughts

All the products mentioned in this article are of superb quality and are the best goggles that are used in snowmobiling. Be it any type of weather, if you choose the right lens type, you’re great to go! They are bound to be extremely pleasing, and honestly, you won’t regret buying any of them. 

I tried my best to list out as many categories as possible which people generally tend to look out for, and also some categories which are not addressed by everyone but are there. If you ask me which one I liked the most, then I’d name the Oakley Flight Deck and the Klim Edge. You can almost see through my biases for rimless design, and I can’t do anything about it. 

Features-wise, they’re just chef’s kisses! This really doesn’t mean that the other goggles fall back when on a race with them, but Oakley Flight and Klim Edge stood out the most for me. Even though they’re quite the pocket pinch and I might have to resort to 100% Racecraft 2 Goggles at the end, I would try to save some money and I would try for the Oakley babies! 

So, we are done here with the article. As I promised, I know you have your ideal pair in mind by now. Good luck shopping!

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