Best Lashes For Asian Eyes

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Not everyone is blessed with thick, long, and voluminous natural eyelashes. This is especially true for Asians. Asians generally have short and sparse natural eyelashes.

But it doesn’t mean they don’t have the option of using false lashes to accentuate their eyes. However, as you can see there are various types of lash extensions available in the market. In this article, we have enlisted a list of various false eyelashes to perfectly suit Asian/monolid eyes.

What Are Asian/Monolid Eyes 

Monolid eyes are those eyes that don’t have the natural arc-shaped crease on the eyelids, between the eyelashes and eyebrows. Monolid eyes are also commonly called ‘Asian’ eyes by Caucasians because it is usually found in Asians, well usually Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans generally. Researchers have estimated that about 50% of Asians have monolid eyes.

Monolids decrease the opening between the upper and lower lids and it gives the eyes a smaller appearance. Hence, they have a distinct appearance of their own.

How To Choose the Right Lashes For Your Eye Shape 

Eyelash extensions are a good thing for accentuating the eyes. This is even more true for those people who don’t have long luscious natural eyelashes. There are different types of falsies available in the market nowadays.

But, not all the eyelash extensions available out there suit every eye type. And finding the right lashes for your particular eye type is quite a tough job. The first step to finding suitable lashes is first knowing your eye type. 

People have different eye shapes like almond eyes, round eyes, upturned eyes, downturned eyes, protruding eyes, etc. Apart from eye shapes, people also have different types of eyelids like monolids, double lids, and also hooded eyes. While choosing the lashes for you, you need to take your eye shape as well as eyelid shape into consideration so that the lashes you choose accentuate your eyes the best.

Best Lashes for Monolid Eyes 

  1. MAC Cosmetics – Lash 31 

Monolid eyes usually look heavy. On top of it, people with monolid eyes don’t have thick long natural eyelashes. For such eyes, MAC 31 Lash is the best choice for a natural and comfy everyday look. They are not very thick long lashes, so they merge nicely with your natural lashes giving the right volume to them and an overall natural look.

  1. Sweed X By Terry Tête à Tête 

The Sweed X By Terry Tête à Tête is the best false eyelash for Asian eyes if you have almond-shaped eyes. Also, this pair of falsies is the best choice for going out on a date or a night out when you are wearing delicate makeup. These lashes naturally merge with your lashes and give your lashes a fuller and denser look.

  1. Unicorn 3D Faux Mink Lashes – Majestic AF 

This pair of Majestic AF Unicorn Faux Mink Lashes are suitable for monolid eyes. These falsies can be your go-to if you want some extra drama in your eyes. They are perfect for attending a wedding and will give a fluttery and flattering look to your eyes. They are also very light-weighted and have great quality.

  1.  Ardell False Lashes – 110 Black 

This pair of Ardell 110 Black False lashes is a great option for people with short and meager lashes. It gives an extremely natural yet slightly more prominent volume and density. These lashes are very delicate and fine and would merge perfectly with your lashes.

  1. Kiss Natural Lashes – Iconic 

A pair of Kiss Iconic Natural lashes are one of the best lashes for Asian eyes and are best suited for monolid and hooded eyes. They are very comfortable and easy to apply and don’t feel heavy on the eyes. They are very natural-looking and great everyday lashes at a great price. They are also perfect for accentuating and brightening up your small eyes.

  1.  Peaches and Cream – No. 1 

No.01 Eyelashes are a perfect pair of lashes for small Asian eyes. They are very soft, lightweight, easy to apply, and comfortable to wear. As for occasions, you can choose this pair of eyelashes when you are wearing delicate elaborate makeup, perfect for brides. It is slightly voluminous toward the outer corners and creates an eye-cat effect that looks extremely flattering.

  1. Petite Cosmetics – Pom Pom 

Pom lashes from Petite Cosmetics are the perfect pair of full volumed multi-layered lashes. They are one of the best suitable falsies for monolid eyes. You can put these lashes on when you are looking for a sassy glamorous look. Just put on bold makeup and these lashes while going to a party or club 

  1. Lavie Lash – Au Naturel (Heather)

This pair of false eyelashes are perfectly suitable for people with monolid eyes. However, they are not exactly the best choice for everyday looks nor the full-on bold glamorous look, they are perfect for somewhere in between. Being very soft to the touch and exceptionally lightweight, they give the ‘oomph’ to your natural lashes perfect for night dates or a party.

  1. Red Cherry False Eyelashes – #DW (Demi Wispy)

The Red Cherry Demi Wispy false eyelashes can be your everyday choice. You can wear these lashes to your work or just while going to the market too. They are very lightweight and natural looking and brighten up your heavy monolid eyes. They are very comfortable and easy to apply.

  1. House of Lashes- Noir Fairy Mini 

The Noir Fairy Mini lashes from House of Lashes are multi-layered thick false lashes for Asian eyes. They are very dense and give an illusion of pretty enchanting eyes. This is especially true if you have almond eyes. They also suit the monolid eyes perfectly. You can wear these lashes while attending a wedding or a special occasion to look glamorous and enchanting.

Final Words 

Despite there being so many options for falsies in the market, you should know which style suits you best. Just like you, your eyes are also unique in their way, so there can be times when our suggestions might not turn out to be fruitful for you. In such cases, go for those lashes which you feel like wearing.

Comfort should be your priority while looking for falsies and they should look like a burden to your eyes. Makeup and extensions should bring out the ease and comfort with which you carry yourself, and putting them on should also be as effortless as your makeup looks.

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