B Curl Lashes: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have straight natural eyelashes that point upwards or straight? Do you want to get natural-looking eyelash extensions? 

Yes? Then B curl lashes are the right type for you. But do you have so many questions about B curl lashes? 

Don’t worry! We have answered the frequently asked questions about B curl lashes.

So scroll down and keep reading!

What Are B Curl Lashes? 

B curl lashes are the type of extensions that have a bit more curl than J curl. They are the second most natural-looking lash extensions.

They give your natural lashes that extra length and volume. They have a subtle curl and don’t look completely fake as well. 

B curl lashes give the appearance of a naturally curled lash. They come with a straight base but have a natural lift at the tip of the lash. This prevents a very dramatic look that might look too artificial if you have straight or upward-pointing natural lashes. 

B curl lashes extensions are sometimes used in the inner corners where some might have a less natural curl. Doing this looks more natural when there is less of a heavy curl at that point. 

What Are B Curl Lashes

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Who Can Go For B Curl Lashes? 

B curl lashes look best on naturally straight lashes. If your lashes point upward or straight then you can go for B curl lash extensions.

It should be avoided if you have downward-pointing lashes. This is because they will make your eyelids heavier and your eyes might look smaller. You don’t want these, right? 

Heaviness can cause discomfort too! So choose B curl lashes only if your natural lashes point straight or upward as mentioned above. 

2. B Curl Vs. J Curl- What Is The Difference?

So you might have seen how J curl lashes are the most natural-looking and B curl is the second most natural-looking lash extension. Are you wondering what difference it makes? 

While J curl lashes have an angle of 30° at the curve, B curl lashes have a 45° curve. 

Yes! B curl lashes are slightly more curved than the J curl and less curved than the C curl lashes. B curl lashes look like natural eyelashes that have been curved with an eyelash curler. They provide a gentle uplift that subtly opens up the eye.

If you curl your eyelashes daily, choose B curl lashes for a natural look that will match the shape you’re used to. If you want to just add volume to your lashes without any curves, then go for J curl lashes. 

how to use B Curl Lashes

3. Which Should You Use – B Curl Or C Curl

This is a common question that is being debated among lash artists. Well, the answer depends on the type of look you desire. 

B curl lashes should be used for a classic wispy appearance. Since the base of B curl lashes is pretty straight and they have a slight lift at the end, they can be used for an effortlessly natural look. 

B curl lashes add length and volume but not much curl. So if you want a nondramatic look yet with long lashes, then you should use B curl extensions. 

C curl lashes on the other hand have a short and straight base with a natural ring at the end of the base. And these lashes compliment every eye shape! 

From almond eyes to downturned eyes, C curl lashes can never go wrong with any type of application. No wonder it is the most popular curl type of lash extension!

4. Why Should You Use B Curl Lashes?

The greatest advantage of having a B curl lash extension is that they look natural because there is less of a heavy curl at the tips. They are also lightweight and give you natural-looking lashes along with the comfort of not being too heavy. 

If you are not a great fan of the dramatic and extreme looks, and if you are looking for extensions that don’t have too much of a curl, you should get B curl lashes. 

They give a mild lift and open up your eyes. You can get nice long lashes without having to use an eyelash curler.  Isn’t that a great relief? Because eyelash curlers are intimidating. B curl lashes give the appearance of curled natural lashes.

why to use B Curl Lashes

5. What Are Some Good Brands Of B Curl Lashes?

Ardell Extension FX Lash—B-Curl lashes with silky-sift, fine, tapered fibers. 

BL Lashes –  This is a South Korean brand and we all know how South Korea is well known for its beauty products!! They are made of fine-quality PBT materials and come in different diameters and lengths.

Aesthetic Image Eyelash Extensions – They are made of quality PBT materials and have a soft feel with a satin finish. 

Lankiz Individual Eyelashes Extension – They are made of silk and are lightweight, suitable for use at both salons and at home.

6. What Are the Drawbacks of B Curl Lashes? 

B curl lashes do not give a great dramatic look. If you want your lash extensions to stand out as unique, you should go for more curled extensions.

Also if you have down-turned eyes or eyelashes that point downwards then this curl type might not be suitable for you as it might be heavier and pull down your lashes even further. 


So having seen the details about B curl lashes, you can decide based on the look you wish to achieve and the shape of your eyes. Go for the right curl type based on your natural lashes and get that glow with a classy look!